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  1. Choi Jin Hyuk nailed the car scene so much. Pretending to be fine while giving MY a ride to Gun's house, in order for her to have confirmation on Gun's feelings [revealed by his lawyer who had made a record of his statement regarding the divorce]. Yet the instant she gets out of the car, his smile faded, his eyes started brimming with tears and he looked at her leave longingly, yet aware that his feelings would not be returned. Good job, sir!

    A bit more about the preview

    While Gun's at the press con, delivering his speech while bowing with tears, MY interrupts him and he looks at her, surprised. She then joins him onstage and he almost can not believe his eyes, all before the reporters who must be enjoying the show. 

    :D And then more talking, plus the snail couple hugging.

  2. Possible MBC's reasoning for broadcasting less than 4 mn of our fave couple:
    - viewers's interest still has been strongest towards Kwanghee and Sunhwa who therefore gets the most of the airing time;
    - with the rumor of Yeon Seo dating co-worker Jang Woo the ratings of their drama's latest episode aired afterwards has spiked up => the WGM PDs may have concluded that their show would gain more interest as well if Yeon Seo's pairing with MBLAQ's Lee Joon was given more importance;
    - the Kangyoon/Se Ah couple has been marketed to please older audience who may be in a minority and no longer willing to watch the other couples.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. @mguemon Have you checked the reactions for the past two days on the Joonseo thread? The news of "Haetnim" dating her co-star Lee Jang Woo in real life has caused many uproars and most of all a feeling of betrayal amongst the viewers. Fans felt like they were cheated upon with her actions as if she REALLY had been interested in Lee Joon. When I first watched this show on its first season I too was confused over reality/entertainment, especially with the lettuce couple. As one gets acquainted with the ways of Korean industry, illusions start to shed and our eyes are no longer fooled by what things seem to be. :)

  4. @tam: just to clear things up a little about Se Ah's lovelife, I wish to quote the Korea Portal article :

    Before the meeting between Yoon Se Ah and her "husband" Julien Kang, an interview was held. The staff asks her why she didn't get married yet to which she replies, "Because I'm not capable?" drawing much laughter.

    She continues, "It is hard to maintain work and love. So I thought that maybe from this year I would have to empty my heart and live by myself."

    Please pay attention to the last sentence. Implicitly she admits that her heart was not empty so far and that she was not living by herself. :) Hence my conclusion that she had shared the same roof with another man but eventually she had to let go of him and be single. :) And you're very welcome because my memory tends to get blurry as one grows old and I like to be as accurate as possible in my quotes. ;)

    I am a Christian and thus do not give any credit to astrology. Whenever asked for my sign, I usually say that I was born under the sign of the Lamb or the Lion of Judah. ;)

    As for ignorance, you have a point there about disappointment. Yet I prefer truth though not necessarily the whole truth. ;)

  5. @tam
    After a little bit of research I did find the article about Se Ah's lovelife but I may have misunderstood or read too much between the line. It was not a soompi news but rather a Korea portal article which had been shared on A Gentleman's Dignity thread back in the days. You'll tell me. ;)

    I agree with you on their complementarity. They seem to balance each other rather well with Julien somehow pushing Se Ah out of her comfort zone. In real life it could be rather interesting and I do not think that their different cultural background would be too much of a problem, seeing Se Ah's open-mindedness and their willingness to talk things thru.
    By the way I wish to say that Julien's culture is a tad more "complicated" than just being a North American foreigner. He has grown up in his younger years in France before moving to Canada with his French mother, Korean dad and siblings. For instance, whatever the language he speaks, he has an accent and he does not REALLY have a Native tongue/culture.
    I have noticed that he is rather perceptive of others which explains why he manages to adjust in whatever situation he gets to be. Plus he is well-aware when he does cross some lines but because he is a foreigner he is somehow forgiven by Korean viewers. I can't help but think that he does use it to his advantage sometimes, lol.

    As for what may be going on behind the scenes, either for this couple and others, we would be very surprised and probably disappointed. Is ignorance a bliss?

  6. Before starting this show, it was stated on the soompi news that Se Ah had had plans to getting married in 2012 but eventually the relationship did not work and they broke up. This sweet lady obviously wishes to settle down. Julien is much younger and does not seem to be in the same mindset at all. I tend to think of him as "un jeune chien fou", which litterally means a crazy young dog but not in a negative way. He is bold, competitive and although he is caring and protective of Se Ah, he knows the line between acting and reality. Remember his chat with Kwangee and Lee Joon in one of their early episodes together, when they ate that icecream as Kwangee brought up the topic of kissing? I thought it were rather telling. If one pays attention to small details, then one notices that this show, like every other k-shows, is scripted and it should be kept in mind in order to avoid bitter disillusions. Remember that this show's participants have a lot to gain: sympathy from the public eye, exposure and restoring/transforming their image.
    This is for our enjoyment not for real. ;)

  7. These days, when I need a good laugh, I tend to watch the various appearances of Shinhwa and MBLAQ. They never fail to bring a huge grin on my face and a "stomachache" :D . I find their interactions so endearing, sweet and hilarious. They are definitely the kind of friends I wish I could be around.

    Thus thank you for the gif and the various links, especially with English subs. :x





    Do you know what actually "killed me" in "I do I do"? It was the BTS scenes of their 1st kiss in her shoe closet. Because at one point, Lee Jang Woo chased Kim Sun Ah saying "Popo" with a playful smile. Oh. My. Goodness. She in turn pretended to be Medusa and slap him. Then just a while later, she nonchalantly laid down in the chair and he pretended to be "diving into her" which elicited her to burst into laughter. Now that was so cute and endearing! :x


  9. First of all, thank you "Justin tv" for giving me the opportunity to experience my 1st live Korean drama. It was an unforgettable moment, shared with dear Tarits, filled with worries, scream, tears and at last bright smiles.

    The ending could not have been any better. It was perfect although the transition from Jin Pyo-YS's bonding to the coffee scene was rushed. Like clockwatcher described it previously and many other ones, this drama was never meant to be a Rom-Com.

    Hurray for the most cliffhanging drama of the year - at least!!

  10. This drama is NOT a Rom-Com and whoever has been waiting for several cute MinMin scenes in this last episode will be disappointed. It's the wrap-up and their story is rather a subplot. Of course many female fans wish they could be in Kim Nana's shoes, hence the the high expectations and ratings, but after episode 19's shock with the terrible death of our beloved prosecutor, anything bad and sad can happen.

    Lastly, I wish to thank the person who provided this link yesterday, because usually my computer (running on GNU/linux) does not "compute" live streaming. Although it was a bit lagging, I was able to watch it live and I was/am grateful. Hopefully it will also work fine very shortly. If not I'll stalk this thread like a few hundred other fans, right?

    Happy viewing everyone! Let's hope for a satisfying ending!






















    I had read good reviews for the 1st episodes and decided to give a try to the last ones. I gotta say that the manny character is almost perfect and the actor does an awesome job. His interaction with the boy feel natural and genuine. His advice and behavior are well-pondered, whether it be with the children or the adults. I am referring to "ahjumma" here who is the complete opposite. Her character is lousy, she nas no charm at all, and she has no "maternal sense". Seriously. She is the mother but we barely get to see her interact with the kids, with whom she obviouly is so uncomfortable. Seriously it was painful to watch as well as her lack of chemistry with the actor. Had I been in her shoes ... *sigh*




















    The supporting cast was nice, but overall it feels like a waste. Too bad. With a better cating and more defined characters, that drama would have been a hit.



    Kim Seong-oh has been quite busy .lol ..he was also quite a pyscho in the movie Ahjushi





    It just hit me!!!! Thank you, shirley for pointing that out. I hadn't recognized him and man, he did scare me in that movie!!





    "Someone" (:phew:) mentionned on her blog a very sweet scene with Jung Kyu Woon on ep 17, thus I was lurking to find the link. Guess I'll have to fastforward this ep, so as not to spoil the whole show - I'll start watching it when it's done airing.  ^^


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