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  1. Hello everyone! I've been silently following our thread and honestly couldn't keep up because of my super busy schedule - it's the peak season for people working in the retail industry. I'm already behind updates about our couple but I'm glad that both are busy with new projects and events. They are continually being blessed. Thank you everyone for keeping this thread thriving. I may not be as active as I was before but I will never unfollow and unlove our RyoTao. I'll try to be more visible again and communicate with you more often. Happy New Year, everyone!
  2. @setokaoniiThank you for sharing about Ryota’s interview where he mentioned Tao and Anikoma. It’s nice to know that he met with and consulted Tao (and Chiba) about his new project. Regardless of the time they met, I know that he considers Tao as someone he can get inspiration and encouragement from. It would have been really nice if they really met on or before Tao’s special day. I would like to believe that @ryotatao9495 is right about the timeline. Regarding POL, I have seen some of the scenes of Ryota posted by his fans. His role is very much the opposite of Onii and you are all right about him being the male version on Setoka. Maybe this is also another reason why he consulted Tao. I saw this post and I was a bit surprised. Don’t you think it’s too early for them to kiss?
  3. Thank you everyone for the continuous updates and posts. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep up too often. @Transition Thanks for your concern. Yes, we were hit by a super typhoon and my province was badly affected but thankfully, there were no casualties. We just lost electricity for 2-3 days. But everything is back to normal. I also finished watching Cheer Dan but episode 10 hasn’t been subbed yet so I watched it without subs. It’s a bittersweet ending. I feel like there should be more episodes than just 10. Hope to see Tao in more dramas soon. @ryotatao9495 Thanks for sharing about the ratings of Cheer dan. Glad it got good audience share since it’s really a good series. I enjoyed watching their dance performances. Aside from Wakaba, Shiori, Class rep and Maki, I really like Taro sensei. (This is off-topic but I got to admire Joe Odagiri because of this. I already watched one of his movies and he is really good.) Anyway, I hope episode 10 will be subbed soon so I can fully understand it. @setokaonii I appreciate the blog you shared with the translations of Ryota’s interview as well as the blow-by-blow review of UJ. I read the full interview and Ryota is indeed consistent with his answers from his past interviews and there were also new revelations. Like all of you, I’m happy that he never forgets to acknowledge Anikoma’s impact on his career (and love life ). @Nguyễn Thanh Thư welcome! Welcome! Happy to know our growing family here. Let’s share all our love for RyoTao.
  4. Thank you for the translation of Yamamoto Maika’s latest IG post. Tao is indeed very thoughtful of everyone and genuinely kind to her co-artists. Reminds me of Tao’s ideal girl. Anyway, I’m kinda disappointed because the subbed episodes of Cheer Dan hasn’t been updated since episode 6. It’s already 9. I’m getting a bit frustrated because I couldn’t follow the story anymore. I’ve been checking updates almost everyday. It makes me sad to find none each time.
  5. @Transition @setokaonii @ryotatao9495 Thank you for all your posts and updates. I love checking them although I didn’t have much time to leave comments. Anyway, I agree with you that Ryota’s flowerboy role in POL is not my cup of tea. Like all of you, him as Onii is still the best (no bias). Not mention that we first loved him for that role. Also, we are all concerned with how skinny he is these days. I’m not sure if he has gotten feedback from other fans when the special MV with him doing the ballet came out. I mean I understand that because of his growing popularity he needs to be conscious with his health but we’ve known him to be a clever guy and he sure knows what good if not better for him and his health. I’m sure he’ll work around that once he gets more time for himself. Kasane’s out. I hope it does well and I hope the movie watchers will appreciate how talented Tao and Kyoko are. I’m also hoping that the movie available for us too very soon. I really enjoyed watching the show @setokaonii shared where Tao’s character was analyzed. She indeed is a princess and RyoTao fans are raving about it. She’s so shy when she learned that she is indeed the “Princess-type.” Our Prince really matches with our princess. @Transition I agree with you when you wrote about Tao’s dance performance. She indeed has a different persona when she dances. It’s far from the sweet Tao we have come to love. She becomes an artist with such an intense passion. When I first watched her in Sia’s I’m Alive MV, I didn’t recognize her and I couldn’t believe it was her. She super talented that she can create different personas in every craft she gets herself into. One of the many reasons why I love her. @ryotatao9495 thank you for finding that video clip of Tao getting shy and hiding behind Ryota. I love watching that clip over and over. They look so naturally comfortable with each other. Also the photo where Tao did the same pose as Ryota’s standee. It’s too cute. And I’m sure that she remembered when she did that pose with Kyoko. Can I just admire Tao’s shoulders here.
  6. @ryotatao9495 He really is Prince-like in the MV. I’m just a bit worried because he looks so thin in that upper body exposure scene. He looks thinner there compared to when he first exposed that in Anikoma. He will look better (and healthier) if he puts on some weight too. Anyway, he looks good the way he is. I’m excited to know what you’ll gather from his Chinese fans regarding the flowers. We look forward to that. Thanks in advance.
  7. Special Trailer for Team 奏. Aside from singing the song in this video, Ryota once again exposed his upper body here
  8. Ryota’s latest IG post. This warms my heart. I hope next time we’ll see more of them together. Look how happy they both are. Tao hasn’t liked the post although she is also online. But for sure she’ll do soon.
  9. @setokaonii Thank you for sharing Ryota’s whereabouts the past week. He indeed has done a lot and has gone to several places on his birthday week. He is getting busier. We sure know that he worked hard during those days but we hope that he was able to squeeze in some quality me time as he deserved it. It was his birthday week after all. He can’t blame his fans for worrying about him. We look forward to his and Gene’s upcoming activities. @Transition Oh I also hope that they can have a belated birthday celebration now that he’s back home before they become busier with their individual activities. Do you think Tao has a gift for Ryota? Did Ryota buy any souvenirs for Tao?
  10. @Transition I’ll also be in the lookout if Tao will be wearing any rose gold bracelet soon. Or maybe she already has one but doesn’t wear it in public. I’m trying to remember if I read something before about a rumor that Ryota likes older women. If that indeed is true then the answer to the last question makes sense. But of course, we know that Tao fits in almost all of his criteria of his ideal girlfriend and their personalities are compatible. I also agree with you that in the end Ryota will lead the relationship because of his personality and the wisdom he exudes. Tao will indeed be very considerate but I know that she also has the maturity of someone who can lead a relationship. Bottomline: they are meant for each other.
  11. Thank you for sharing the full version of Kasane’s themesong @Transition. Tao is really like a different person in the movie and I was really confused who’s the real Nina and Kasane there making me anxious to see the movie. Anyway, is it just me who imagined Tao while reading all the answers Ryota had for those questions? As expected, Ryota is a straightforward kind of guy. All his answers are simply expressed but very sincere. I like his answers with accessory and how to make up after a fight with his girlfriend. The answers are so fitting for Tao since they both love collecting amulets and of course eating. I just didn’t expect his answer to the last question. His personality is quite strong that I thought he wants to lead in his relationship. But answering that he wants to be led gives another light to his character as a partner. Hmm, I’m just wondering how Tao can lead Ryota in their relationship.
  12. Thank you @Transition for the translation. That’s really sweet. I mean Gene members are really like brothers. I really like their bond and relationship. One of the many reasons why I support them. I also saw that in IG about Ryota’s Chinese fans and their donations in his name. Wow! They’re so dedicated. By the way, the magazine photos of Tao that you shared are so good. She’s so beautiful in the second (solo) photo. And she really looks s happy at the event she attended earlier. Maybe it’s because she’s in his hometown? Oh, I hope they were able to communicate today. I’m sure Tao didn’t forget his birthday. Besides, he did something for her birthday this year so I’m pretty sure she will reciprocate. I just miss them together so I’m having a lot of thoughts and hopes about them.
  13. Happy birthday to our Ryota. His 23rd had been really fruitful and we are all happy for him. He worked hard for all of those. We pray that he may achieve more success and happiness in his career and more importantly his private life. Is this legit? If it is, then it’s really touching! Also, of all the posts of other Gene members, I especially liked Yuta’s. His caption mentioned something like Anikoma. “いつどんな時も王子過ぎて困ってます.” I’m not really sure what it meant but I sense the connection. Our Tsuchiya Taro never fails to link those two and I really love it.
  14. Welcome back @setokaonii! Thank you for sharing the highlights of Cheer Dan last night. There’s so much RyoTao vibe in that episode from what you shared and I’m so excited to see it. I wonder if Tao remember Ryota while filming those scenes? Unfortunately, just like what @Transition mentioned, we need to wait for the subbed episodes to be uploaded. And it’s taking so long for episode 6 to be available. I’ve been checking it everyday. Regarding, Tao’s new hairdo, I think she looks good. And she did mention Anikoma in that post and I’m glad. Whenever she posts photos with long captions, I really wish I can read and understand Japanese because Google Translate doesn’t really do a great job. By the way, is Ryota really in NYC? He hasn’t updated his IG and I haven’t seen any posts from fans confirming this as well. Anyway, wherever he is, I hope he’s having a great time.
  15. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing Ryota’s recent promotional activities. I also saw the posts from fans regarding his 1-day photobook promotion in Taipei. He indeed looks more dashing in those posts. I hope his photobook will also sell well in other Asian countries that it will be released. Regarding Gene’s appearance at the A-nation event, I saw most of their song numbers and I also noticed Ryota’s voice. He seemed like he struggled in some of the numbers. I really noticed it when they performed “Stupid.” I think because of his hectic schedules the past weeks because of his photobook and POL promotions, he isn’t able to take quality rest. I hope he’ll be able to take some time off to fully recover especially because he will become busier in the coming days. @Transition Tao looks really pretty in her recent posts as well as the posts her fans uploaded. She looks really refreshing and happy. Her costar in Kasane is also pretty and I love seeing them together. They are so alike. Like you, I’m glad to see Ryota and Tao still liking each others posts. I just hope that they can also have conversations/comment exchanges like how Ryota and Takuya did in their recent posts. I like how Takuya still call Ryota ‘Onii.’ Ryota commented that they should get together again soon. I hope he meant ‘all of them’ and not just the ikemens.
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