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  1. I think for most of us, we've followed Kpop since we were teens. Depending on age, anywhere from the Seo Taiji/Turbo era, the HOT/Jekki era, or the DBSK era.. how do you feel about it now? Does Kpop still interest you? What do you think of the direction its going in? For me at least, I'm glad it's grown so big and popular. I think the quality of the vocalists, dance, etc has improved a lot. Before, there was only really one good vocalist in a group. Now you have two or three. It's also more diverse (relatively speaking), with Thais, Chinese, etc On the other hand, the music and look of the music and artists these days all seem the same to me. (maybe it was true back then and I'm just getting old).
  2. post all recommendation and recommendation requests here!In order to stream line this section to make both the main section clear of recommendation threads and be helpful towards those new to anime/manga/manhwa, please post recommendation and recommendation requests here!
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