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  1. in the trailers... the one scene where I think it's showing a flashback or perhaps Tanya is having some kind of dream flashback. Young Tagon is shown with a flower crown and face paint similar to that of the Wahan tribe during their festival... He was at a gathering with a group of others also dressed that same way... I think those were the Igutus that previously survived in Arthdal... I think there was likely an underground association of Igutus living in Arthdal and they all knew Tagon was one of them. Connect that with the flashback scene we saw with Tagon and Sanung Niruha... he begged and said he'd do anything to stay in Arthdal, he said he'd take care of it. I think he wiped out the Igutus because he had to protect his secret (although he let Taealha live knowing it... so he loves her more than himself). One by killing everyone who might out him, and two by killing the rest of the Igutus, none of the people of Arthdal would dare to suspect that he is one of them. Also we have to remember that the mythology that we're being introduced to from the aspect of Arthdalians can all be propaganda. We see already that Asa Sakan tells Mubaek one thing that seems to say Tagon is the savior while we know that Tagon is supposed to be a villain/antagonist here. So the whole myth of Asa Sin and Risan leaving Arthdal and going to Iark and then Aramun Haesulla who is still a complete mystery to me his role in all this, it's all definitely more complex than what we're presented with...
  2. I don't think Tagon taking the Igutu infant (Eunsom's hyung) has to do with him wanting to pit Eunsom and his brother against each other. When Tagon took the infant, he had no idea that there was another Igutu baby. Perhaps Tagon took the child in because he felt guilty about wiping out all other Igutus (If we believe he's not a one-dimensional villain) Or Tagon knew that Igutu's have superior abilities due to their Neanthal blood and thus if he raised one to be absolutely loyal to him, then the child would be an invincible guard for him in the future. And also perhaps there's more to the story that we don't know. There's likely some more Igutu mythology that exists in this world that we don't know about at all. I wonder if Aramun Haesulla in the legend, was an Igutu, and that's why Tagon took the infant, thinking that she could be of use to him in the future. We know that Neanthal-Saram hybrids existed in this world already prior to the story starting. That's why Tagon had to wipe them out (referenced by one of the Arthdal soldiers in Ep 1). So if the races were already mixing, why did they start to segregate? Interestingly, the first 2 eps demonstrate how 2 people of the same "fate/origin" can grow up so differently because of their surroundings. I think the prophecy about Tanya and Eunsom were essentially the same myth/prophecy. The Wahan people of Iark actually originated from Arth, since Tanya said that their originator, the Great mother White Wolf, was someone who crossed the cliff but did not go back. So it would make sense that Wahan and Arthdalians have the same mythology. This is even more hinted in the previews. We see parts of the Hwinsan tribe ritual dances (when they show scenes of people dressed in white performing a dance), the Hwinsan tribe ritual dance looks like the same dance that Tanya is trying to learn in ep2. Ultimately, the Wahan interpret the prophecy in a way that Tanya was believed to be an "anointed" one who will bring change (although we don't know if good or bad says Choseol), while those of Arth interpret that same prophecy in a different way in that Asa Hon believed Eunsom was to be the "cursed" one. Also, it seems like Tagon doesn't exactly love all the warring and killing.... When Taeallha goes to him in Ep 1 and tells him that his dad will be sending him to settle another war dispute, he seems like he's over it and wanted to go home.
  3. I actually really enjoyed the first 2 episodes. Not sure where all the criticism is coming from. Feel like perhaps it's because the kdrama audience is not really accustomed to fantasy genre. But to me the cinematography is quite beautiful. A lot of the lush landscapes and locations were really eye catching. I mean compared to Hollywood productions like 10,000BC, this is much better made. I feel like the people bashing are just bashing to be netizens. There is a bit cognitive dissonance for me watching SJK and KJW as they are so memorable from their DOTS characters, but I think I'll get over it. Their acting itself is fine. The plot is interesting and I like that the story telling is very different from traditional kdramas. Also ppl who keep trying to compare it to GOT must not have watched GOT at all... GOT (at least the TV show) takes a lot of its roots from medieval history. Its main themes include revenge, female empowerment, moral ambiguity, climate change. I feel like Arthdal is more of these korean writers and producers want to talk more about the dangers of modernization (technological advances vs agrarian society), colonialism + slavery (ppl of Arth essentially taking over IARK and enslaving its people to do its low-level work) and racism (SARAM vs NEANTHAL, and then Eunsom is discriminated against because he's not considered of the same as the SARAM). Specifically, Colonialism & slavery is such an intrinsic part of the post-WW Korean psyche, that it's not surprising at all that it's incorporated into this drama.
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