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  1. I guess my brother wanted to look manly too that's why he smoked.. :) He did stop a long time ago but was recently diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer and is going through chemotherapy and radiation.. I also had an aunt who passed away due to lung cancer even though she never smoked.. I do hope you understand where I'm coming from.. and yes @jalila78, I do hope Leeteuk would do what Heechul did..  :)>-
    Anyway, I can't wait to see Sora on the red carpet, or whatever color the carpet may be, this coming Korean Drama Awards.. We'll see if she can throw some V signs then.. :)>- Will there be any live streaming like the last time? :-?

  2. Regarding Leeteuk's latest airport photos.. Unfortunately, it did look that he was holding a pack of cigarettes unless someone will prove otherwise.. :( If that is his (well, why would he hold on to it in the 1st place.. for everyone to see), when and why did he pick up the habit?.. Honestly, it made me sad.. I hope he'll be able to kick the habit out of his system.. Can someone.. Anyone tell him please.. :-S

  3. Hi fellow FD's.. I was watching the All the Kpop episode with Leeteuk and Shindong. Jisu of Tahiti was one of the guests but was wearing a mask and Boom asked Leeteuk to guess who she is. I read that Leeteuk mentioned her as someone whom he wants to see before going to the army). Anyway, she did their Tonight dance moves as a hint. Leeteuk roughly copied the dance (@8:14) and when he did it the 2nd time, he made a V sign(@8:24) which is clearly not a part of the choreography. The video was broadcasted before he went to the army but still it made me giddy and happy seeing it.. Plus Leeteuk was fast to clear that she is Boom's ideal girl and not his. Hehe.. Just posting out of the blue.. =) Have a nice day everyone!

  4. Regarding Leeteuk's My friend radio broadcast 130612.. I wasn't really paying attention (because i don't understand korean :D) and was just waiting for the part when he played Marry U.. but then I heard him mention/sang (tried to sing) Reality.. I felt giddy.. heheh.. If you recall, Reality is one of the songs in Sunny, Sora's movie.. I wonder what he was talking about when he mentioned it, maybe something about Brooke Sheilds.. Also when he said yeobo and wife.. I think that was before he played Marry U.. It reminded me of WGM.. Sigh..

  5. Hi everyone! This is my first time to post but I've been a "lurker" for sometime now.. And what can i say but I so looooove our Teukso/Dimple Couple.. I've watched and re-watched their episodes so many times but I just can't get enough of them... I saw some SUJU performances where Teukie did the V sign.. In their particular performance in Music Bank 120831

    , he did it twice.. one @ 1:22 and the other @ 3:11.. I just love the fact that he made it a point to smile everytime he made the V sign (where as the other Suju members had a serious look on their faces) .. Just like what he did in Music Core 120811 and in Inkigayo 120819.. Sorry if someone posted about this before..

    Anyway, have a good day everyone! FD's fighting! ;)
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