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  1. When I first read about Jung JoonYoung's chatroom, I hoped that JongHyun's name wouldn't get dragged (somehow I felt he would be)... Like every one of you, I am deeply disappointed and heartbroken upon reading that JongHyun engaged in inappropriate conversations in a manner degrading to women, much more, engaged in sexual activity. The image I had of him came crashing down... In full force... So, it is good that he is embarrassed/ashamed as he should be, as per the reports, and knows what he did was wrong... I pray he will truly reflect and change his ways (if he hadn't already)... In all honesty, though, I still am a fan at heart... Learning he has left that chatroom a long time ago is a relief and another consolation is that he is not involved in the other chatroom case involving Burning Sun and others. It's bad as it is!... I can't imagine the repercussions it will bring to his career and life if he engaged in that one... I hope for him to be strong amidst the criticisms, backlash and hardships brought by this events. He said he'll accept them... I just pray he'll be strong enough to withstand them as it can get pretty nasty... The same prayer goes out for his family as well... I hope he chooses his friends wisely... And to our dear SeungYeon, I pray you are doing ok. I am not sure how much of a relationship you have with JongHyun (just so you know I'm a hardcore Brownie), but I pray you and your family is at peace amidst this appalling situation... I quote @Aileen4ever: Brownie hugs to each of you!
  2. @GongLee Global, that photobook is so beautiful and special... I hope they have kept their copies well and have looked and will look at it from time to time... I hope it will remind them of the joy they have given to many during their stint in WGM that survives up to now and that we are here to continue to support them as a couple and/or as individual artists striving to excel in their craft...
  3. Hello everyone! Thank you for all your hard work for keeping our beehive alive and thank you @GongLee Global for starting our 2nd thread.. All for the love of JH and SY..
  4. A Merry and Blessed Christmas to all brownies!! Hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends..
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