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  1. I have been kinda been addicted to Sabrina Carpenter's Please Please Please.  The tune just won't leave my mind. I also love TWICE's I GOT YOU. I play it randomly. I love it so much!  And I am so excited for their Japanese Comeback this coming July 17, 2024!

  2. There it is.. I am finally dropping my thoughts about Sica leaving/ taking her step to the fashion industry. What I can say is that, it's a good step to really fulfilling something as a woman or as a career woman esp that she had established her name well in the show business industry so she can definitely have a good market if she goes to another step which is fashion. She can definitely use it. It's her edge which is on her advantage although as another snsd fan here there is really an emotional impact. If she left, if she was dropped I don't think it mattered as a fan. I am going to support Sica  and the rest of the girls as a group or as an individual. I love them so much I am still going to follow them no matter what whatever they decide to do. It's just that it's going to break my heart not being able to see Jessica up there on the stage/ or on videos since she won't be with the girls anymore. I will miss them being 9. Being 8 is still something good to look forward to which only means INFINITE and never ending. For me, my love is never going to end for the 9 girls. I love them so much! ;-) I love SNSD. and I love SNSD fans a lot. I'm still one with you guys ;-)

  3. Wow! It's a pleasant surprise indeed! =)

    I find it so cute especially the lil icons we can click on when we find something interesting and tag as awesome and insightful. I love that's easier to find out which is interesting about KPOP lately. I trying to find out more about it!

    It's now easier to know how many thread you've made. Autosave  for drafts is ♥

    but the HEART is gone...Only the Friend of Soompi label is left... awww.. the hearts were cute.. hmm hmm...but it's okay. hahah
































































































































































































































































































































































































    2 years from now. I hope to be in another country living independently hoping also that I can get a decent job along with my interests and start really living life on my own. And ofcourse sending money to my mother and mamane is a must :) I just wanna live like that :)












































































    I spend money more on Food and Magazines. My gosh! Yes Magazines, I noticed my love for collecting magazines just this year when I hit the mall then I bought a magazine after that I felt better as if I didn't have any problem at all. I mean, how's that? haha :crazy:














    I have deactivated my Facebook yesterday coz I felt sad and lonely. And tonight I thought, I think I did the right thing even though I am sad and lonely. I spend too much time on facebook and I don't think I have made my life relevant spending hours just checking what's going on about people that doesn't matter nor ever gave importance to me. SO now I am just on twitter :ph34r:














    I'm all about being hyped up tonight after knowing straight from my friend that she has this new textmate and he is vocalist. :rolleyes: But we couldn't chit chat about since she's gonna going to sleep already. So I have to wait until tomorrow or until we meet again which would take several days from now. :blink:



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