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  1. Thanks for the gif! Really made my day! The way he look at her! and the smile PMY had after KJW's swooning eye contact!! Such simple gesture can make my heart flutter! KJW yaaaa.
  2. More fanart of our Labit couple!  The wrist kiss... Gosh can't get enough of KJW sexiness..
  3. Annyeong everyone! Have been lurking around here but decided to jump out after watching ep 10.. Its safe to say that ep 10 is currently my favourite. Hehe. I can't stop smiling throughout this whole episode.. so many kissing and intimate moments! They really adore each other so much ya! The chemistry between them is perfect.. It's difficult not to ship them. heheh I like the part where DM can't keep her eyes of RG during the meeting, it's like she is fangirling over RG! Our DM has shifted her love for SA to RG Sorry to cut your post but I absolutely agree with you about the wrist kiss! Simple action yet so heart fluttering and sexy.. Who knew wrist kiss can be this sexy? What have you done to us KJW/RG?? IMO the best subtle kiss scene so far.. Been repeating the gif numerous times already. heheh Apart from this, i wish they would release the lion doll that DM omma made for RG. Would love to adopt this cute lion and carry it by my side. (p.s im actually searching for some cute lion keychains online )
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