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  1. Just for people who want to watch the kiss part :) Dong Hua kyaaaaaaaaaa episode 35 for 60 second. I put into spoilers quote hm ...just....for prudence and for heart :heart:






    sorry for the quality, I got the 720p but dunno how I encode the gif, it's coming really weird...anyway hope you all appreciated. If I can I will cut all part and make all into gifs...but sadly it's late in night and I want to sleep awawaaaaa


    @angelangie oh yes we can't send link or upload any video :) that why people pm me if they want something 

    Oh btw I finish your serie you was so into it in netflix. A little thing called love :D cute serie. And I'm back because Pillow Book kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  2. 21 hours ago, angelangie said:

    this was the drama where XuKai cross dress as a girl right? :D 


    yep :w00t: Did you see his body in the water :phew::wub:

    Have you see some episode or you didn't like it @angelangie:wub: ? I was trying so hard, hard and hard to bring people in this tread and keep posting but sadly isn't popular like in China. People doesn't like it because it's weird to have a comedy in ancient Xianxia serie. But I really recommend it because it's make laughing a lot after a hard day at work. 


    Normaly  I won't post in Soompi because it's take so much a time to stay in a forum:sweatingbullets:. I remember sleeping before in the first Soompi before 2005 in Kim Sam Soon tread and then Soompi erase everyone and need to register back....I won't write something if isn't because I like it...feel old now LOL


    Anyway, recommend it Angie seriously :) if you have some time to spend inside.


    @Lunkera I know o.o I was so in shock when I finish the serie. I hope we will have a second season no joking. It's seem to be he wasn't complete so maybe ...it's will become like Ever Night. Second serie depend the audience from China and it's really popular in weibo, Bilibili....maybe they will be back into the novel. Did you complete the serie? Did you prefer in IQIYI or Netflix? I just dw in torrent and grab it. Prefer to have all my serie into my HD and watch it later...I reread the novel and now on chapter 16 and let's see how many different thing they have....


    Some beautiful picture from the serie...






    who said Sandrine wasn't beautiful, I find her ok :)


  3. I watch the drama, read the novel r18 :), read the manhua, next anime convention will cosplay in Wei Wuxian. In Toronto, they got 12 Wei Wuxian with one Lan Zhan :wub:, do we have some here? I was cosplay in another convention into Shen Qingjiu from Scum Villain's Seft -Saving System same novel from Mo Da Zu Shi author. 


    Anyway, the drama was well done, we got all vibe ''love'' between Lan Zhan x Wei Wuxian. I score 10/10 in all categorie. 

    So obsession, wanna go to Thailand to the fanmeeting but sadly  I went to Korea and then THEY HAVE A FANMEETING in Korea for Untamed but I came back and I was so mad crap. 

    If you all have finish to watch or rewatch Untamed, please read the novel :) it's was complete few month now in english. BUT it's really give a lot description when /"$/"%"$%" so please be careful. Mo Da Zu Shi novel was great but I was more into the Scum Villain Selft-saving system....

    Heavenly Blessing too will be great if it's become a cdrama version. Did you all know it's currently 50 BL cdrama mainland are coming out soon :w00t:. Now time to see if the drama will pass the China rules before to produce. :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:


    All Mo Da Zu Shi poster in any convention cannot sale it. Because the chinese licence so it's only trading ...:tears: I trade so many thing to grab all Mo Da Zu Shi poster...



  4. 14 hours ago, Dolly Dolly said:

    I love this series as well. If you like this series, you will like young detective agency (costume period cdrama). Quick witted smart protagonists. Sadly I dont think they will make season 2, a lot of cdrama ends like this lately. Potential of being continued but no continuation seem. But yea you can take it as an ending as well.


     I love this serie because after a stressing day at work, I don't want something that make me stressing like any palace drama. Better something light and fluffy :wub:. This serie make me laughing a lot and that why I like it. I did start because the anime serie was out in 2017 and after read the manhua. Cannot wait so long so went to read the novel. I'm currently reread again the whole novel because trying to find all different from the cdrama and the novel.


    Which serie you recommend me? Chinese name? Maybe already watch it hm...

    I'm wait for the 50 BL tv serie in production right now in Chinese Mainland so I was happy to see some BL wave inside this serie. Have you finish the all 37 episodes? Did you like how is conclude? Ever Night do have a season 2 with Dylan so maybe we will have a season 2. They cannot leave like that Hai Yunfan:tears: and the novel wasn't conclude like that. 


    I read so many comment about Sandrine is old, not asian......but in weibo and in chinese forum, people was glad about her acting. Half chinese and half french, she was really beautiful. Her acting for Wang Wu was good like the novel. Her character and how she is was perfect for Wang Wu description. She suppose to be 300 year old more than Wang Lu. 


    Xiao Lu'er was really perfect acting by Xu Kai. His expression and how he look like when filming he good so much fun.


    Did you know they have so much cut scene from the serie? Some scene here


    credit from Low KS , paxker paxker 


    How many scene they cut....all BL part...but Yuri part was there o.o

  5. So I'm update for this serie. I watch until episode 32 and dw it too. I did watch in IQIYI but I prefer to have it too. In Netflix, they have 16 episodes out today. It's seem like youtuber Marcus Sim, this serie have beat all other series for people use search and watch 



    Credit Marcus Sim


    In Mydramalist too is popular....but not for everyone. A lot people doesn't want to watch because it's weird or it's strange for a ancient serie to have so much joke and really modern joke inside. 


    Some persons have watch the whole 37 episodes already and they are so lucky. :tears:

    I'm currently reread the whole novel again just to see which different they have, they have so many -.-;; Also it's possible to have maybe a season 2 because the whole serie wasn't possible to be complete with Only 37 episodes. They cut so much, I saw in many chinese site a lot cut part. Probably this serie was like more than 45 episodes but they cut and massacre the whole serie for to make only 37 episodes :tears:


    Who watch this serie seriously, I feel alone in this tread to make people watch it sniff....sadly it's the only serie I currently wach and I think I will start to watch soon Joy of Life :wub:...



    IQIYI finally upload in Youtube too :heart: and choose in english to watch. Credit IQIYI


    EDIT: NEVERMIND OMG i can't wait and find until episode 37 omg omg and TWO KISS!!!! TWO HOT KISS....I'm happy but it's was rushing. I just fast forward until the end but now I will watch it slowly episode 33, 34,35,36 and 37...back later :)



    Please don't read if you didn't watch the whole serie...just my random thinking and spoilers


    hm...I don't like how they change Wang Lu isn't....wth they massacre the novel ...Ouyang Shang, Ouyang Shang...They change again my reincarnation novel

     Wasn't when Wang Lu when to the demon world and recuperate his past live memory but this change. Seem Ouyang Shang wasn't the complete soul here...

    screenwriter...what have you change my reincarnation plot...I feel lost now. I hope they will have a second season because that wasn't explain at all why Wang Lu wasn't Ouyang Shang 

    seriously Wang Lu you are jealous....both are the same person sigh


    First kiss, when Wang Wu run and kiss Wang Lu and call Ouyang Shang, Wang Lu face was so sad...poor little him :tears:. When he was call his shifu by the name ''Wang Wu'' and told her he was Wang Lu...his face :tears:....


    About my BL couple Wang Lu x Hai Yunfan

    :tears: my heart for Mo Da Zu Shi is extreme so I did love this couple a lot. The farewell from Hai Yunfan to Wang Lu was so sad. Hai Yunfan said that Wang Lu was for love but he was cultivate by hate and the BIG hug make me so sad. I really hope they have season 2 please...Isn't complete at all...

    totally different from the novel...they really change Hai Yunfan his whole personality =.=;;; still I do love totally this couple :w00t:


    Hai Yunfan be the demon king born...and Feng Ying give a new warning at the end....it's give like a open ending to a new season. Someone please help Hai Yunfan !!! 



    TENCENT please I request a season 2:tears: too much question no answer.

  6. Waiting for the new episode out but it's long so I'm posting here another insert song from this serie. But also it's do have many spoilers....It's about the 3 main couple in this story. If you have try to read the novel, you will find they doesn't have any romance from the first 350 chapters...The novel is end with 884 chapters. The serie isn't take 4/10 from the novel, they do have many characters that will never appear in the drama version. Yes it's kinda a parody and laughing for many ancient serie...I'm promise you will laugh until you cry :) and for the sad part...hm I didn't cry yet after 24 episodes...but some part was sad...specially about Wang Lu and his parent :tears:. I find Sandrine did a well good job for Wang Wu. If you find her acting was too much, it's because Wang Wu in the novel, manhua or anime she is like that. She was more extreme in the novel.

    Bravo Sandrine, nous sommes fiers de toi et bon retour dans les séries dramas:wub: . 

    Insert song 

    CREDIT  24h Relaxing


    MY BEST PART cut ....i love it so much Xu Kai and Sandrine acting there :heart:

    credit IQIYI episode 8 


    some image that I want to share with everyone






  7. Xu Kai in cosplay into girl version for Once upon a time in Lingjian Mountain and how he was from the begining transformation to become a girl :) and a interview how he is feeling and because the role he need to do...he done it.:phew:



    credit Bibibili:wub:


    also cut scene when ...Xu Kai ....was trying to kiss ..but was cut from the same serie  :) BL alert 


    credit Bilibili.

    sad sad that was cut....from the serie .....



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  8. For anyone who have NETFLIX Canada or USA, this serie is out today on NETFLIX in english subbed until episode 8. For anyone who want english sub until episode 16 is out on IQIYI. The serie is update until episode 24 now :). Currently watch it on TV :heart:

    The name from this serie is '' Once upon a time in Lingjian Mountain'' and was really end with 37 episodes :tears:. They change so much already from the novel version and was really short for cdrama. They got a lot problem with the bromance and the BL vibe, so sniff they cut all part with the BL part...wth....cry......

    OK in the novel they have BL vibe, yuri vibe ....the vibes was strong sometime....


    Also if someone want to know between IQIYI and NETFLIX english translation which one is better 


    NETFLIX english translation is better .....:phew:


    Opening Song by Wang Xiaokun - Breaking the Waves




    ENDING SONG by Dong Zhen and ( ?) - Once upon a Time

     CREDIT 吕小文


  9. Last new for this serie...isn't the one from Zhao Liying and the hamburger scandal? About she was angry because the story was change from the novel and they add a mini love story with a girl character with WangYibo...and give more screentime for 2 characters more than suppose to be from the novel? Isn't from Zhao Liying weibo...that my little sister told me...


    Zhao Liying is my goddess so for sure I will watch all her serie...only some modern serie exception hm....:sweatingbullets:


    I didn't read the novel yet, I have just too many novel to read in a same time....



  10. 22 hours ago, midnight_muse said:

    I'm wondering as well if they'll change the order of the story so it's chronological like TMOPB or follow the book...
    Personally I like where the book starts off and as the story progresses we learn more about all the things Fengjiu has done for Donghua
    But another part of me feels like it might not translate to the screen that well...
    I will trust the screenwriters! Hopefully they do a good job here!
    We'll have to wait and see...


    It's just I need to erase TMOPB cdrama in my head and just remember the book. I read also TMOPB ebook before to read Pillow Book. Remember Bai Qian talking about FengJiu have her own problem in her life so she concentrate with her own problem. Pillow Book drama, we need to stick on the novel version then or they will change something inside to make the part 3 with Mo Yuan x Shao Wan? If the author will finish the part 3 and 4....I don't think it's will happen sigh....plagiarism sigh....

    Yes I will trust too the screenwriters...and I hope we got our angst part!!!...my kleenex box will be there:tears:



    21 hours ago, jimmylyne said:

    Just forget everything you've seen in TMOPB drama regarding DongFeng couple.

    This Pillow Book's drama has nothing to do with TMOPB drama..I mean this upcoming drama is not a sequel of TMOPB drama.


    Actually Donghua never seen FJ in her human form when she was a maid bc of Zhihe ( Donghua adopted sister) jealously...Zhihe  purposely done everything she could to prevented FJ and DH from meeting each other for she's afraid DH would fall for beautiful maid namely FJ.

     FJ (in her original form as a scarlet baby fox) rescue DH when he trapped in Wicked Lotus Shpere and after that she was always in her baby fox form for she trades her fur with Demon Lord Nie Chuyin and lost her magical power for three years(contract she made with Nie Chuyin)she can't perform her human form...after that she live as a  Donghua's beloved pet up until the day she decided to leave DH as she heard DH is getting married.

    Donghua Dijun did not purposely forget or remember FJ...the fact is he didn't care about anything other than peace of the world.


    It's took me about third read or maybe on fourth read to really understand the flow of the story.

     If they follow the chronology of every each events it would be the best.


    oh!! I though they will make something between the TMOPB drama, novel and the part 3 with Mo Yuan x Shao Wan. So I need to forget everything from the drama version and stay on the novel then. I didn't read all the 107 pages here :sweatingbullets: and I didn't come from may here I think...just came back from Korea and restart to check all cdrama I missed. I have read the novel from TMOPB and Pillow Book too, it's just it's will more smooth from the introduction if they make something mixing from the drama version and novel. 


    Just my imagination but something like Dong Hua (from the drama version) meet with FengJiu (from the drama version). FengJiu will try to catch his attention and slowly mixing with the novel version when we saw FengJiu was always in white clothe and Siming was talking with the third Ye Hua uncle to explain him he know FengJiu when she always sticking in DongHua Dijun palace. Still it's will be weird about how come Liangsong (third uncle) will not know about FengJiu because in the drama he know her...

    Anyway...it's just the transition and how the screenwriter will introduce the characters, I hope it's will ok.


    From the preview, we can see they stick on the novel version...I hope is out soon!!!!:D no more cdrama to eat turn to novel until my hungry feeling be soothe....

  11. Just prepare myself in a a same fanclub, I rewatch (I think I watch just too many time) the whole Ten miles from Netflix, because too lazy to seach in all my HD and reread Pillow book my 4 times so if someone want any spoilers, just ask :)


    Still I dunno how it's will start it. I can't imagine Dong Hua forgot everything from FengJiu. He can't remember her in the begining of the novel and how FengJiu clothe well be. She suppose like in white clothe like a funeral everytime....because 'her' husband was part from her....


    Are they going to make like 2000 year later? She was the Queen like many many years later.....after Ten Miles.


  12. Long time I didn't come here omg!!! Only because I watch this serie until episode 22 in IQIYI program and I did watch the anime version, read the manhua version, read the novel version until chapter 720 ...I'm become crazy when the serie is out. A lot difference from the novel but still keep the story under the novel version. 


    Wang Lu is a person from our time who was reincarnated in this spirit mountain. So that why he is so modern when he talk about thing and truly his wisdom is really extreme. Intelligent and got the Void root, he is a same like Ouyang Shang for root who is also the senior and lover for Wang Wu. Yes its about a reincarnation so you will know they have a bit tension akward between the disciple and the teacher :heart:.


    Wang Wu was so pervert and kinda immoral in the novel when she talk about a sex or everything but she was still a innocent woman. The promise from Ouyang Shang for her to keep smile and for waiting his return make her become like a ...immoral woman in the heat in the novel. In the drama for sure they cut everything like that. 


    The story wasn't concentrate for romance in the novel but in the drama version after episode 19 its hinted they will start to have something between them. I'm waiting for Wang Lu got his past memory back and how he will become in front Wang Wu. They are master and disciple. 300 year separe them if I remember from the novel. 


    They will have a kiss and I find the video someone upload it.



    CREDIT Bilibili 


    Here is the ending song and kinda some spoilers from what going on after .....


    CREDIT Bilibili


    btw Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fan was soooooo :wub: They cut some video when we saw them really in BL scene but the cut scene was upload it ....LOL


    I just love it this satire funny comedy in this fantasy drama and I recommend it. I laughing so much each episode it's was so fun to watch after a stressing day at work 


    Some beautiful posters 







    Xu Kai in this serie, his expression is the top. He was really professional and see him in girl version when he was with his teacher to investigate something :wub:



    credit weibo and the user who cut from the serie this image :)




  13. Bit late for this serie, but I finally grab all 1080p version until the last episode out. Wow it's really true that all torrent seem disappear for all new cdrama:sweatingbullets: but I got it -_- before....

    All version appear to be 720p, sadly I only want the best quality. 


    Again I need to read the novel if I have more time. Too much in webnovel...:ph34r: also 


    credit Sina 


    Isn't this picture is beautiful? You can see everyone closing eye and seem to waiting for something, waiting for love, waiting for betraying, waiting for friend, waiting for a future, waiting for revenge, waiting for to die, waiting for any sense of life.....ah...let's waiting together everyone for this beautiful and tragic love story in this tread :wub:

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  14. I love a lot this serie and will thinking about rewatch it again. BTW, you don't need to watch the first part season with Zhao Liying (my favorite actress !!) not a lot connection between them...maybe a small connection.


    I love so much the ost from this serie and I love singing so if you want some pinyin here is come 


    credit YT 




    Fàng bù kāi yáo bùkě jí de wèilái
    wèi shéi děngdài wèi shéi xuéhuì rěnnài
    xiǎngbùkāi yòu ài yòu hèn de ānpái
    bù yuàn qù cāi bù gǎn yǒu qídài

    yīcì cì miàn duì shībài
    yǎnlèi yě liú de bùmíng bù bái
    zhōngyú háishì nǐ shuōfú wǒ dītóu shìhuái

    ràng bēishāng bǎ xīn yǎnmái ràng mèng liú bái
    shéi zàihū wǒ de cúnzài

    wú huǐ de ài yǒu wǒ miǎnhuái

    mìngyùn bǎ wǒ chūmài xīntiào hái zài
    nǐ yǒngyuǎn wúxū míngbái
    wǒ bù huì zài xǐng guòlái

    xiǎngbùkāi yòu ài yòu hèn de ānpái
    bù yuàn qù cāi bù gǎn yǒu qídài

    yīcì cì miàn duì shībài
    yǎnlèi yě liú de bùmíng bù bái
    zhōngyú háishì nǐ shuōfú wǒ dītóu shìhuái

    ràng bēishāng bǎ xīn yǎnmái ràng mèng liú bái
    shéi zàihū wǒ de cúnzài

    wú huǐ de ài yǒu wǒ miǎnhuái

    mìngyùn bǎ wǒ chūmài xīntiào hái zài
    nǐ yǒngyuǎn wúxū míngbái
    wǒ bù huì zài xǐng guòlái

    ràng bēishāng bǎ xīn yǎnmái ràng mèng liú bái
    shéi zàihū wǒ de cúnzài

    wú huǐ de ài yǒu wǒ miǎnhuái

    mìngyùn bǎ wǒ chūmài xīntiào hái zài
    nǐ yǒngyuǎn wúxū míngbái

    wǒ bù huì zài xǐng guòlái (3x)


    credit google.


    LITTLE HEART PAIN by NICOLA TSANG (That was the ending everyone seach @Themmy )


    Drama Lover


    STUDENT DO NOT LEAVE BY LEXI (one my favorite song in this serie!!)








    Měi dāng huíyì dǎkāi mèng de chuāng

    wǒ kànjiàn bīnglěng de yuèguāng

    yīduàn bēishāng rúhé yǐncáng

    gūdú yòu rúhé wèizhuāng


    měi dāng zòu qǐ shīqù de guòwǎng

    suì de xīn yòu zěnme shìfàng

    nǐ de nuòyán bùcéng yíwàng

    zhōngjiù háishì yào fàngxià


    lā lā lā lā lā lā lā lā la

    lā lā lā lā lā lā lā lā la


    yīshēng biélí gè zài tiānyá

    sīniàn gāi sòng wǎng héfāng


    měi dāng zòu qǐ shīqù de guòwǎng

    suì de xīn yòu zěnme shìfàng

    nǐ de nuòyán bùcéng yíwàng

    zhōngjiù háishì yào fàngxià


    lā lā lā lā lā lā lā lā la

    lā lā lā lā lā lā lā lā la


    yīshēng biélí gè zài tiānyá

    sīniàn gāi sòng wǎng héfāng


    lā lā lā lā lā lā lā lā la

    lā lā lā lā lā lā lā lā la


    yīshēng biélí gè zài tiānyá

    sīniàn gāi sòng wǎng héfāng [1-2]



    Some people was a bit traumatize about


    the brother fall in love with his sister

    ...they have a story :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets: I love Yu Yingnan x Yu Tingqi :wub:


    Oh yes I cut the lyrics myself for easy singing so well it's depends if it's easy for you to sing.:wub:

  15.  Just back home after work :ph34r: and really tired -_- 

    @lynne22 hm I didn't read the novel :sweatingbullets: but the whole novel is here http://www.luoxia.com/tingxuelou/


    credit SOHO.


    After few click on there...seem it's a tragic sad love. Well, the way they done is look alike Bloody Romance already..I mean the feel..


    Anyway, I would still watch it because it's a wuxia. :wub: Still prepare for some tissue....and maybe the production will change the ending, we never know.


    @caranita :wub: well I can upload it too if you want and you just need to dw it. All series I watch, I dw it just because I don't want streaming. Viki will take if they have a lot request. Same like ''The Legends', when people request...they will take in consideration .


    I know the picture was already upload here but this is a high pixel. For any background for computer :wub:



    credit Uploader



    credit Sina



    Credit Sina. 




    credit uploader

    this serie is airing serie now, can we change the title for this tread :wub:

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  16. 24 minutes ago, caranita said:

    Thank you for the info, especially that 10 episodes are already out on YT. I'm worried though that they will get taken down soon if they were not uploaded by the production or broadcast company :(. I already saw ep 1 at a glance, and I'm liking it! Cinematography looks great, decent choreography -- I hope we'll see more of the latter as episodes go. And please, please, be very VERY restricted with the slow-mos. HSDS suffered from it in the first few episodes, although thankfully they made it up later. 


    I don't remember about the little girl being in Princess Agents, but I understand she's from Yang Mi studio. I was thrilled to see Lu Fangsheng (Crystal Yuan's character's dad),


    Me too, at least based on the trailer. I wasn't sure about Crystal when I read about this drama for the first time, because I hated her character in Mystic 9. But Ever Night changed my perspective - I may not be Mo Shanshan's fan, but the girl can act! 


    You welcome :wub: 

    Hm, seem it's will start to take down soon in YT. Some episode seem disappear already :sweatingbullets: Anyway if you want i, I can send to you. I took from bt but sadly the version I got was 720p. So when I will find 1080p I will take again. 


    Oh you talking about the few episode in the begining from Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2019 about the slow motion? I was confuse also when I watch it. Imagine Jin Yong if he know his novel wuxia was in slow motion, he cannot rest in peace. Still I did like a lot this remake version. Well done and really great to watch it. :wub:


    I was soso with Crystal from Ever Night. I was team Sang Sang from the novel to the cdrama version. When she appear, I was like 'not touch Ning Que, he was receive to Sang Sang. Mo Shang Shang was annoying, more in the drama version than novel. But true Crystal can act!!!


    After, I watch the whole serie ''Royal Highness'' and was impress by her acting. Sadly this serie is another underated because the scandal from Jiang Jinfu. I did like a lot the serie.  



    credit uploader.



    have already a OL version game, please check it :) 




    credit bilibili 

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  17. Ok I dw the first 10 episodes. It's 56 episodes and I didn't watch yet 


    credit bilibili.


    I though I would have only 6-8 ep, but it's out 10 episodes 14 hour ago. But the quality is only 720p I will wait for the 1080p. 

    Episode 01 to 10 is up already on YT 

    credit YT



    the little girl...isn't the little girl from Princess Agents who was the child version from Chu Qiao?:w00t:

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  18. Ok I will take the first 8 episodes in few hour and will see it :D Another awaiting serie after I saw the preview few month ago. 


    Are you all interesting too after some wuxia cdrama? I love wuxia :wub: so what do you think about this video? The ending by Mickey He...I think he was the one who sing for Gong/palace serie with Yang Mi...if I remember his voice....


    Enjoy China 

    I like Crystal and Qin JinJue together..let's see about the chemistry.....Also, welcome back Jessica Hsuan, so long time I didn't saw you acting.:wub:


    CAST DANCING TIME (cannot embed it hm) Please watch it and laugh :D


    credit YT 



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  19. I don't have any problem with my under eye right now but if you want to minimise it, use a tea bag. Exemple, you drink your green tea bag and after that put your tea bag in the frozen frigo. Before you go sleep, put them on your eye for like 15 minute and sleep. Repeat in the morning before you work or your makeup. Do that for a week and you will see a result :) 


    Or use hm what you all call that...the roll jade. Before your makeup, just roll on your eye and then put for cream and primer after. BB cream and after some argile powder like TARTE brand. Don't put too much makeup under your eye too....


    Make some massage on your face with her finger before sleep too it's help a lot your blood. I don't want to lose my baby face so some massage on my face help :phew:


    Work also with cucumber juice. You press the cucumber juice and bit (really a bit) ginger juice and mixed them. Put a ice cub and froze it. Use it a same way on your eye....


    Hope it's will help you :wub: but the BEST thing is still sleep...sleep and sleep. It's will take naturally your under eye bags. I mean, you need to sleep more than 3 to 4 month. Also drink a lot lot and lot water and no cafe (sadly I need cafe for work....:phew:)

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  20. sigh I just don't want to come in few tread like this one because scared to become addict. The more popular tread, more you can become addict and sadly my life is really busy :wacko:. Still First at all, yes I did watch the whole season 1 and LOVE it so much and that why I read in webnovel and keep comment it. I think I'm in chapter 600 something now hm....


    I remember I was so addict to the drama so when it's out in vip chinese section, I dw immediatly and watch it. When I hear they change Arthur to Dylan....yes I complaint it. Because I was so in love how Arthur was acting for Ning Que....and how the chemistry Sangsang x Ning Que was so lovely.:wub: Isn't because I don't like Dylan, but because in my imagination when I read the novel, it's was still Arthur...

    After I saw some video and picture from Dylan, he seem really give his 110% to acting in the upcoming part 2. I saw he was really put his heart in his acting...I know, he probably got the whole planet agaisnt him, that why he work so hard to change our idea....

    Let's see, I feel they also change Arthur isn't because of his acting or school in USA...but in the novel, we know they have a lot skinship between Sangsang and Ning Que *yes they have*....Maybe because of that, Arthur who is only 18 year old...cannot lose his first kiss in the streaming. Dylan is probably more confortable to kiss Yiren later.....:wub:

    How many episodes or how they will concentrate the whole part two novel, let's see.....Ning Que was really a playfull man with all girl....:sweatingbullets: but he love only Sangsang who is his life and water.


    I will wait to see the second part of this serie later...until then :) let's meet later. 

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  21. Ok after a long search chinese forum, I finally grab the torrent version 55 episode 4K aka 2160p :sweatingbullets: Currently download it. 81.2 GB I will finish in some hour. 


    @Miky88 Finally found the version which viki use it. It's the version [招摇 2019][全55集][国语中字][WEB-MP4][2160P][HQC] but I dunno if it's a cut version too or not. The viki version seem also cut, each episode got different lenght. 


    @usagi1997 Yes I know :) they was licenced from March if I remember but wasn't start until today or yesteday. Just trying to find the most complete version for this serie.




    God they are so lovely :heart:

    Credit YT 
    Khải Lộc VNFC 


    I'm so love this couple, hope also they are together!! The chemistry is the best :wub:


    btw did someone like how it's ending? It's seem different from the novel version that everyone said...I didn't finish yet the novel....

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  22. Oh finally it's coming :wub: I saw many video from the cosplay version and they do have the audio version too. In my waiting list then. Rumor said it's Leo Lu (who was the Night Immortal second male lead in Ashes of Love) and the girl....is Chen Yu Qi (who was also in Ashes of Love and the super rating Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slayer 2019 Zhao Min) rumor is always rumor....until we have more information here the cosplay version found in YT. 


    credit YT 

    Mạc Quân Công Tử


    another dramatic story.....

  23. @Miky88 I also dw the srt in pack until ep 55. But I think it's from Youtube version. My version I dw in chinese torrent was 56 ep. The only one timer was ep 55 srt with my ep 56 :sweatingbullets:. I will check again if they have a new batch dvd version because nothing work with any srt. I need to retime again all but sadly I'm busy this month....well keep update later. If you want my version I did upload in my uptobox account.


    @bluehibiscus I will update later when more less busy :) That is one my top favorite serie this year because it's from my MOST favorite author novel ever. Sure I want the best quality and the best uncut version. 


    I can also send to you the BT site, you will see in all chinese site it's 56 episodes and that also the one I got it. Just PM me. I don't think I can post here :sweatingbullets:



    Hear about rumor said Xu Kai and Bai Lu was dating before to filming this serie :wub: that why the chemisty is so intense. 

    Some video from bilibili but was up in YT so credit YT and bilibili



    If you all complete the serie well check how they filming the INTENSE kiss when Zhao Yao drunk kissing Mo Qing :wub::wub::wub: How Bai Lu was playful and Xu Kai cannot do anything :phew:



    Xuyen Nguyen

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  24. hehe :wub: @angelangie

    If you also like Ren Jia Lun....here a video of him :) did you recognize him :wub: it's a bit hard to see him in casual clothe and be in ancient serie lol

    I become hard fan for him after Destiny of the white snake and also his voice singing. He married his long time girlfriend and become a daddy last year. Happy for him :D


    Nhậm Gia Luân VNFC


    I can't wait this upcoming serie...seem to be a lot bickering between the main couple. ^_^

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