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  1. Such a pity that The Banker has to compete against Doctor Prisoner and they both had the same theme. They are both equally intriguing. I cannot read President Kang either. In the Japanese version, the characters are easy to understand. So, did President siphon any money? There was no audit trial to prove his corruption actually. VP Lee is like a typical emperor. Like Joseon Lee Bang Won or any founder of Chinese dynasty (Liu Bang or Zhao Guangyin). VP Lee prefers to wipe out all contenders for power. VP Han reminded me of Ming Dynasty's Wu Sangui. For betraying the previous emperor, she has become a Wu Sangui. If she doesn't quit, she remains a threat to the new emperor and she might end up like Han Feizi, betrayed. Noh is Han Dynasty's Han Xin. He was one of the pillars who brought VP Lee to power. I question his wisdom to stay with the bank.
  2. Daehan conglomerate is reminding me of Daewoo. To chew up a chaebol, the government has to join in the attack. President Kang shows us he is not the head of a bank by chance. He is a power player. He is a survivor. He has the charisma to make enemies work with him. He doesn't get emotional with his decisions. I like to think VP Han is more like him and better suited as President than VP Lee. Pretty difficult to understand some of the dynamics.
  3. Can someone tell the writers to the sequel to keep all the minor characters like my favourite mobsters( now, diarrhoea will always be associated with fireworks and 1812 Overture), Thai immigrant, fancy dress cult leader and his sassy underling, Russian club owner, steel-head detective. Ohhhm , pls bring in more multi-talented nuns and priests.
  4. 1. During one the their drinking dates, the priest told the prosecutor it was so heavy carrying so much money to the prosecutor's office and the prosecutor replied they had a hard time counting so much money. 2. Probably not. Because the Pope's bear hug was an endorsement that all is forgiven. I almost give this drama a miss. I thought the premise was so tragic and I wondered if my patience will wear out waiting 3-4mths for just one murder to be solved. Then, I caught one episode ....and I got hooked. Now I am watching it 2nd time round.....it's still very enjoyable. I can't find a favourite scene because I love them all. Apart from that, i wonder if it is the writer's attempt to draw a parody when he/she named the nightclub, "Rising Moon" . It certainly reminds me of a burning sun!
  5. ......all the characters @#$%^? Gosh....even DoomsDay Hollywood movies leaves a few survivors. This is really one such ending..... The drama started off well and I like the two main ghostbusters but my interest fizzled out halfway and I waited for the concluding episode.
  6. Something fishy about the firefighter. The camera always draw our attention to his scarred hand. why? At one point, he was injured and someone put a stamp on him. I thought his scar disappeared... ...
  7. @Lmangla - loved that drama, "Five Children".....esp. when the couple worked together in the same office.
  8. I think the Korean President Kang nails the intended demeanour of the character. Awesome. Kim Sang Joong played that kind of character previously with great charisma but it wasn't difficult to guess his intentions then. They should call this drama, The Fox and the Weasel. maybe the ratings will go up. "The Banker" sounds so sleepy.
  9. oops.....i wish I had read your post earlier. I regretted diving into the Japanese version.....I couldn't stomach the first episode because the atmosphere was too much like Shiroi Kyoto.It also spoils the fun of watching the Korean version.
  10. who was that gum-chewing woman with the pendant?
  11. Her new post is a line function in the company hierarchy which equates to power+influence. His new post is a staff function in the company hierarchy which equates to power with no influence(he doesn't bring in $$$$) + hatred from all line managers + no lunch pals+no drinking pals. I guess this is why he is so hesitant. I do not understand the Korean language. But I am curious why Auditor Noh speaks in such a weird rhythm/tone. He sounded like he is from a different era. Since this is a MBC drama, can someone drop a note on their drama twitter ----Stop making him wear that trenchcoat, it's not Odoru Daisōsasen!
  12. If that is exactly how Kim Jong Min says it, he is certainly no fool.It is one of the wisest comments made. I read it as his disdain and wariness towards the media.He will not say anything which the media could use to wreak more damage. I wonder how CTH explains to his children and how his children cope with such scrutiny in school... ...It's really a double-edged sword when celebrities expose their children to the public.
  13. ...watching this because of Kim Sang Joong. I missed his windsor knots, oxford shirts and italian suits. I am sure he will do a better job than Oda Yuji.
  14. It's getting to look like Avengers. Superheroes don't die. They just need the stamp.
  15. ....can I just add to your list the face powder case that makes people invisible the ink stamp that heals another bracelet (seems there are two? the gold one belonging to the old couple and the beaded one from the painter) another album (seems there are two? the one held by the old lady, another by the orphanage children) the hand torch ...the fun of watching the last 10 minutes of Ep14. I think all the items are meant to be mementoes from the ones who perished in the fire to their loved ones who survived. I wondered who is the one with the yellow cap.
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