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  1. 7 hours ago, peace said:

    Maybe an unpopular opinion but I think Salt actually handled this very well. But I am not a PR expert and I stand corrected. 


    When there is no right action seen at the moment, don't do anything, give it time and wait until the correct action arises. The best offense is sometimes a good defense. 


    By not saying anything, the only thing other people can talk about is whatever A said and damage control is only needed at that part. 


    The delay could really have been KSH trying to reach A to talk and resolve things and try to understand where is A coming from and address her pain points before they release any statement. Unfortunately they can't reach her. And his apology statement remains clear of any explanation, which, judging from the public anger, an explanation can just be taken as another excuse from his part. The lesser is said, the lesser there is to be torn apart. 


    And if they have faith in KSH's character, people will come out to defend him. Actual third party testimonies have greater credibility than Salt, who technically, should be and will always be on KSH's side. 


    And they are more active in issuing statements now (as an offense) as public anger has started cooling down (especially with that youtuber admitted A distorted some truth). 


    Not sure if it is because they mainly manages only female artist, but they really gauge this right and took the least damaging route in my opinion and I hope KSH renews his contract with them after his contract expires. 

    Very well said.


    SALT's short but sweet ment hits me harder “We will be staying with [Kim Seon Ho] until the end."


    With SALT and fan's unwavering full support to Seonho, he will bounce back better and stronger.


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  2. @sanghyuk @irilight 


    SALT is often described as 'PSH's agency' and that she's prolly have shares in it so i heard from fellow fans...but i haven't come across a statement disclosing that she's an official one. I recalled she renewed her contract with them years ago and maybe she invested in it eventually. It makes sense but not 100% certain. :blink:


    With regards to malicious comments toward Seonho, im sure SALT will  take necessary action as below.


    Park Shin Hye’s Agency Officially Takes Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters



    I'm sharing this link/ article in case you haven't read yet. :)


    Park Shin-hye, Kim Sun-ho, Kim Joo-heon, Salt Family'Leap Forward' in 2020


  3. @levine1244 1M viewers!!! That's insane :crazy: I hope with this influence and market, our good boy will land with lots of cf and endorsements. So he can buy whatever he and his family wants and lots of delicious food for him and his 2D1N buddies :P


    47 minutes ago, levine1244 said:

    Thank you! Somehow your post calms me down. I guess we need to trust him and his choices. 

    You're welcome.

    Over thingking leads to problems that doesn't even exist in the first place. Instead of worrying, let's count the blessings :)

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  4. 7 hours ago, irilight said:

    Thank you for all that you offered.   I hope SALT presents Mr. Dimples with a terrific project. Because to  be honest - I am not crazy about either of the projects we heard about.  I think Seon-Ho can do better than either one of them

    Tbh, i'm not thrilled with rumored dramas too. But if SALT confirms, it is as much as Seonho's choice as well. 

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  5. On 1/14/2021 at 1:54 PM, jelly said:

    But at the same time, his eyes look exhausted. His recent pic at his play, his eye bags were very puffy/tired. To think he did this while doing a variety show, Start Up, & etc. I don't know how he does it, but that gives me a headache. Again, too much over exposure/hype can turn people off fyi.


    It saddens me to see him exhausted too. However, it's inevitable at times, just like his growing popularity, with his challenging timetable. I'm just thankful to God for the sustaining strength he provides Seonho.


    Proving his energy amidst overwhelming schedule, i'd say he deserved that food supplement cf deal.


    Seonho will get to a point where he is well established. It would be our turn to nag at him and SALT for any project. :blink:



    On 1/15/2021 at 5:13 AM, jelly said:

    SALT lost a few of their big stars, Seo Hyun Jin use to be with them before departing for SOOP


    Seo HyunJin was never been under SALT Ent.


    Their former artists were Park Seyoung, Kim Kanghyun, Choi Sungeun and another actor.

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  6. Hello guys :)


    I hope everyone give some credit to SALT Ent. I've been a long time fan of Shinhye and though most of her fans dislikes SALT Ent., I've put my trust in Shinhye. Loyalty aside, she's wise to make decision to stay with a low key but strong SALT Ent. I believed that Shinhye had reached her success not just on her own but a collaborative effort of her and her management. 


    SALT artist are booked and busy. No matter how excellent actors they are, if their agency is not professional, no production company would deal with them. 


    I have the same faith in Seonho. He is smart to know if SALT Ent is good or not for him. If before SU, he was troubled over the state of his career, this time he's physically tired but alive and happy with all the blessing in his life. Shookt but nothing worth having comes easy.


    Im happy for Seonho's success rn. It took him 3yrs of hardwork before the world get to really look at him. His theater works, previous dramas and variety show had laid down the foundation. Delays from our perspective are simply set up for his greater recognition as an artist.


    I understand that SALT promotes Seonho so much these days. They are responding to the overflowing love and support that fans have shown to Seonho. They are establishing a closer and deeper connection with his fans.


    While i wonder which drama and subsequent project Seonho will commit to after ICE, i don't worry too much. I trust him in picking good script. Who knows he already decided to appear in a film after his rumored drama. Im sure he has a lot of scripts to choose from the number of production love calls he is getting. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, irilight said:

    And I also plan to watch "Beautiful Days" -an earlier Drama too.


    oh come on sweetie! Magnetic Lee Minchul is a must watch :wub: Shin Minah's debut drama 19yrs ago...I'm sure she has come a longggg way. It seems i'll be able to catch up with her through Mr. Hong 

    P.S. be sure to have lots of tissue when you watch this classic :D


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  8. 18 minutes ago, levine1244 said:

    Btw, just curious. If "Mr Handy, Mr Hong" is confirmed, then we can safely assume that he turns down the offer for Link? Or is it possible that he will play in 2 drama in 1 year?

    It depends upon the premiere of both dramas, LINK is slated on Aug 2021. The bomb Mr. Handy, Mr. Hong has no specific month yet. 

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  9. 41 minutes ago, ixxdhx81 said:

    LOL. He's really on demand! We even haven't gotten the confirmation for LINK drama. Now, another rumour about his upcoming drama. Or, dang! The people in the industry just using his name for attention!


    Drama remake from 2004 movie, "Mr Handy, Mr Hong". It's tvn drama. The writer will be Shin Ha Eun who wrote"The Crowned Clown".




    source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003078962




    P.S. I still say the news as rumour, unless it's coming from Salt.ent for the confirmation.

    Yup, this is so out of the blue :w00t: 

    Now we have 3 rumored dramas :blink:It's not an understatement that there are productions who want to use Seonho to generate buzz early on. 

    The best way is to wait for SALT's official confirmation though it would take alot of patience.


    I trust Kim Seonho in choosing his next project. He is smart enough to distinguish the best role he wants to immerse himself in. :)


    Soompi can't help but make it obvious how whipped they are of Seonho. :D write ups keep coming day by day.

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  10. 5 hours ago, levine1244 said:

    Sorry to burst the bubble @rori0711 @irilight but according to the official chart, KSH won't be participating in the drama. You can check the official chart here


    4 hours ago, ixxdhx81 said:

    Thank you for informing us, that's why I didn't talk about it because the previous relation chart was from June 2020. From the latest RC they changed the actor who'll play the ex-bf. As I know this drama got affected by the Covid situation in SK and the filming schedule got postponed as well.


    thanks for the update ladies! It seemed Seonho supposedly cameo in RUN ON didn't worked out in the end. It's ok, I'm not really keen on this one.   

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  11. 3 hours ago, ixxdhx81 said:

    I believe the opportunity will come to him someday. Let's wait and see.


    One thing for sure, in one of the interviews after SU.. Seonho said, he started from theater so he thought he'll also finished his acting career there. Theater is his beginning and end.


    For me it shows how passionate he's in acting and as an actor.

    I can see Seonho following footsteps of Jo Jungsuk, Jo Seungwoo, Hwang Jungmin and other theater actors who found success in mainstream but still performs in theater until now. Oh! How they love theater so much :wub:

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  12. 24 minutes ago, sanghyuk said:

    I think the cast for this new one has pretty much confirmed - Lee Byunghun, Han Ji Min, Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Min A. 
    think he might have to quit 2D1N if he is in such a big production! 

    This drama is titled 'HERE' by writer No Heekyung not by Kim Eunsook ;)



    I hope Seonho will star in a film for his next project. Looking forward to a collaboration with any of the ff: Kim Raewon, Ha Jiwon, Sun Dongil, Jeon Jongseo.

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  13. 9 minutes ago, ixxdhx81 said:

    @jelly @rori0711 wait.. I think you all misunderstood with the word "kick him out" the director told him to go to SALT so he could be managed by better agency. SYEnt is just a small agency Seon Ho stayed there for long time, but because he debuted on tv he needed better management so it's better to let him go.

    thanks for clearing up! Awww...Park Shinhye was 'kicked out' too by Dream Factory, her very first label becoz it's more of a music based. I'm glad that these 2 actors are reaping their hardwork, stayed humble and we hear nothing but good words from PDs and fellow artist. :tears: 

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  14. 9 hours ago, ixxdhx81 said:

    Hmm. This will be difficult. Seon Ho is a loyal man. If it wasn't because the director of SYEnt "kicked" him out from the company, he wouldn't be under SALT now. I think SALT is good enough for him. In 2D1N he said he loved his agency so much. Just wait, I think the offer will come to him someday.

    Seriously, how could they let go of this gem? Good thing Seonho is in SALT now. They are small company but they put value on healthy management by a well balanced artistic profession and personal lives.  




    In 2020, SALT family #ParkShinHye #KimSeonHo #KimJooHeon showed off the most notable performances on the screen.

    ParkShinHye with Alive and Call

    KimSeonHoo with 1N2D season 4 and Start Up

    KimJooHeon with Dr. Romantic 2, It's Okay to Not Be Okay and DoDoSolSolLaLaSol.


    SALT also signed an exclusive contract with Kim Jiwon, earlier this year. An ent source said, the characteristic of Salt actors is that they have been recognized for their acting skills first and gained star quality. They were caught in the water with a quietly strong agency.





    Music to our ears :please:




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  15. 7 hours ago, sanghyuk said:

    I do hope he and his agency will now be more selective in choosing projects. His acting is now solidly recognized through SU, and he has learned how much his body can handle between 2D1N and drama shooting schedules. He can be choosy and should know how to prioritize.


    I really hope he will be on the hospital playlist. We won’t know until the show is aired. The director always make it a secret, and he also leads a healthy shooting schedules.

    To me, as long as KSH takes care of his health and has fun with whatever h is doing, that’s all the matter!

    Well said @sanghyuk


    5 hours ago, jelly said:

    I do agree that he wants to be an actor, but you know, agencies like to create stars, and I can tell by putting in 2D1N/hosting/other stuff, that they see potential in him as a Hallyu star. Which I feel doesn't suit KSH's personality. I don't know if he can handle the invasive/toxicity of being a star entails. He's a sensitive guy, so I do worry a bit since he said after he heard bad reviews during his play, he got depressed and started walking 5 hours by himself :( 

    I can feel that Kim Seonho is borderline Hallyu already :D He's all over the media, thanks to Netflix, the drama had reached a lot of countries compared before. It's a matter of few more projects before he dives into full blown Hallyu status. He cannot avoid it even if he concentrates into acting. People will only get more into him growing in numbers day by day. The most his agency can do to push him as Hallyu, is held online FMs due to CoVID. 


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  16. 14 hours ago, jelly said:

    As a fan, I am curious about one thing is where does he want to end up? I know he said he's doesn't dwell on the future. But does he want to be a star or an actor? Someone said he wanted to be a serious actor, but somewhere within Catch the Ghost time, he changed his mind? Or his agency pushed him to become one/join 2D1N? I know that he loves being on the show, but I wonder does he want to become the new Lee Seung-gi or is this a launching pad or sandbox for him until he gets to a place where he doesn't need to be on a variety show to promote himself? He's a hard worker no doubt, but between doing a play, variety, hosting, press, and etc. I worry about his mental/body stamina. Kang Ha Neul said that he needed to take a break after working a lot, because he needed time to reflect and re-asses himself. I worry that for KSH, he's just working into something w/o taking the time to properly rest, and he's going to get burnt out soon.

    hi @jelly :)


    An actor shining brilliantly as a star.

    At his newfound popularity, cfs are coming in automatically. Hosting/MCing too. His star power is climbing new heights. Most of all, lovecalls for drama and film projects. :wub:


    Joining 2D1N was a smart move by Seonho and his label. I guess, the variety offer was unexpected yet challenging on his part. It was an avenue where he can show more of his real self. Viewers as much as himself are enjoying the show plus he gained supportive friends.


    Recently, Seonho made the record straight re: his commitment in 2D1N. 


    “Thank you to everyone who sent support after I cried on the show. I actually cried again as I read your comments. There are a lot of you who are asking me not to leave,” the actor said. “I will be here longer than these people. I will endure it to the end and stay here.”



    It seems there's no rest period for Seonho. He's prolly started rehearsals now for his play, 'ICE', which will run on Jan-Mar, while 'Link' was reportedly aired in 1st half of 2021. 


    At the moment, no official confirmation yet for 'LINK' so i guess we have to worry about his condition when that time comes ;) It really depends on him if he wants to do it. SALT will support him all the way.


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