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  1. Indonesian StarAngels had so much fun with Shinhye at yesterday's Mamonde launching
  2. Coming to Jakarta, Park Shin Hye greets fans at Central Park Hestianingsih - wolipop Friday, 11 Oct 2019 19:45 WIB Jakarta - The day awaited by Park Shin Hye's fans in Indonesia finally arrived. On Friday (11/10/2019), the South Korean actress was present at Central Park, Central Jakarta, to greet her fans.Park Shin Hye appeared beautiful clad in a floral motif maroon dress. While her face was painted natural makeup with fresh red lipstick adorning her lips."Hello everyone! Thank you for the very lively welcome," said the star of the series 'Memories of the Alhambra'. Park Shin Hye's beautiful appearance while in Jakarta Photo: Hestianingsih / Wolipop The 30-minute fan meeting was filled with photos with 10 lucky fans and beauty influencers, hi-five and post-card autographs signed by Park Shin Hye. The fan meeting was closed with a photo session with all the fans present at the Mamonde latest product launch event held at Laguna Atrium Central Park. In addition to meeting fans, Park Shin Hye also launched the Mamonde serum product, Red Energy Recovery Serum. This treatment product is specifically for anti-aging with the function of revitalizing tired skin and making it smoother. Regarding her visit to Jakarta, Park Shin Hye said she was happy with the rousing reception . Seeing the high enthusiasm of visitors, this 29-year-old woman also wants to return to Indonesia to meet her fans longer."Hopefully I can come here again for a fan meeting. I want to chat more with you guys," she said. Before returning to the backstage and preparing to fly again to South Korea, Park Shin Hye also gave a speech that made fans scream hysterically."Thank you!" she said in Indonesian. https://wolipop.detik.com/entertainment-news/d-4742972/datang-ke-jakarta-park-shin-hye-sapa-para-penggemar-di-central-park
  3. And this time...everything seems normal again...like how often we used to see Shinhye and her precious smile We're starting the weekend on a bright mood sistahs
  4. Our weekend couldn't be more satisfying isnt it @gets0meair ?? 1M views y'all and were part of it. Cheers!!! Oh yes! we are proud of replaying it to our hearts content the reason why The Swoon hasnt release the most wanted "pictorial bts"as much as they want to is becoz they are afraid Hyunshinners will die of too much kilig (giddiness)
  5. Annyeong chingus! can't help but missed our home. I hope everyone are doing great despite the circumstances from 1 celebration to another... Fond memories that warms our heart & soul... Happy 10th yr to You're Beautiful Team and 6th yr to Team Heirs thank you for the laughs & tears Shinhye ah. You charmed me as Go Minam/ Minyu and Cha Eunsang ------------------------------------------ “I’m going to keep telling you, so listen good every day. I love you.” “At eighteen, we fell for each other, we loved, we cried, we ran, we knelt, and we turned our backs on each other countless times.” “But despite that, at eighteen, we ran toward each other, held hands, and held each other with all our strength. We might stumble again, or kneel again. Despite that…” “We go forward.”
  6. from the looks of it, Jenga vid will hit it's 1M mark within this week yes, in our sweet dreams...we'll get MoA S2 and their behind the scene photoshoot somebody is impatient
  7. hello lisa030795!! we've talked to each other already. I'm carebers btw i like your acct too you know i'm not a believer of zodiac signs per se but it's interesting to know Binnie & Shinhye's compatability.
  8. Love will always be as it always has been...SILENT...MYSTERIOUS...and deeply PROFOUND...like our Hyunshin couple.
  9. hello everyone! thank you dearie @gets0meair and @syahirannsyakirann for always taking care of our thread catching up right there. I see you missed Alhambra couple stick around with @gets0meair & @syahirannsyakirann and your delulu skills will improve in no time there are cases where celebrities are revealed to have broken up after years. All i know is I wished SH would end up with a gentleman same thoughts my dear heol! uri delightful couple will hit a million Jenga views before Oct ends. The Swoon will finally release the BTS vid Isn't that obvious? Welcome to Alhambra couple / Hyunshin's thread you are the_sweetest.things? I love that IG acct. the latest post was so lovely and on point delurking is the best thing here in soompi lol You get to share, interact and discuss many things with our friends @gets0meair @syahirannsyakirann @Jalhanda @lduc @nistymaj10 @9tails a throwback of our fave couple (we've memorized the eng caption by now )
  10. 2019.09.29] Mojo.S.Phine fansign event. I never knew how much i missed our lovely Angel 'til her recent public interaction. Still lovely as ever
  11. 2019.09.29] Mojo.S.Phine fansign event. I never knew how much i missed our lovely Angel 'til her recent public interaction. Still lovely as ever
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