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  1. hello lovelies! good morning @Nathania Sun! I'm awake yep, can't sleep that long on Shinhye & on you sistahs. Can't miss the fun in here The charming Dr. Hong Jihong once said that when you love a person, you do crazy things for her. I know I'm a Park Shin Hye fan when I daily check Park Shinhye updates thru Twitter, Soompi, IG, Youtube, others social medias and rewatching Park Shinhye videos instead of current dramas/films of other actors
  2. [20190619 IG Update] Shinhye filmed RYO cf and all prepared for her Malaysia Mamonde fanmeet
  3. Objection overrule. Sweetheart my direction above is clear. I will make everyone confused if I contradict it. You & me, we're just hardworking & energetic ones Besides, @ash011 is too weak (due to hydration) to make a table
  4. Reminders to our dear friends who are planning to see Shinhye in Malaysia Mark your calendars! ctto
  5. yah..Dalpo yah, let darling Inha finish her line and I can't say NO either below caption
  6. Anyone here who can translate / enlighten us what are they talking about? I love that fierce "Andweeee". the fan delivered it with so much gusto. And look at how ease and close Shinhye is with her fans The best part though...Kim Youngkwang being obviously clueless
  7. good job! ahahaha...it's difficult rght? i feel you Doctors <333 that's pretty much a giveaway Omo! you've watched Hayate the Combat Butler! I haven't yet. Aside from Seoul 1945, it's the only drama that i haven't check out yet. Which of the 2 Hearstrings btw? Do you mean Stairway to Heaven? Awww...you don't like sappy Tree of Heaven?
  8. So 3 days ago, Shinnie was at the gym and now she renewed her ad contracts We sorely missed this angel. Well, everyone's talking about it in twitterverse ahahahah the longevity muse, Ms. PSH Tbh, I wished she end her contract with Ryo in the past. I thought Ryo prevent her from cutting her hair short. I felt like it limits her in terms of projecting various characters with different image (hair) transformation. For example her last 3 dramas, she has no significant change in her hair ahahaha sorry if i sound petty here. It's just that physical transformation impresses me. Good thing her characterizations and acting had made the hair thingy irrelevant Now that she cut her hair and Ryo still want her is all good. My question is...when will Watson Phils cater Mamonde?
  9. Here's the mechanics chingus. Rearrange the list with most favorite at the top, down to least favorite Shinhye kdrama. I only include her key dramas, excluding cameos. For drama specials, we can have a separate poll. My most of my faves happened to be her last 4 productions in reversed order, followed by melos (her earliest pieces, then romcoms (in her 19th - 23rd ages) and the least were both from 2007. I choose the last 2 dramas because i didn't quite get their story, Shinhye did an outstanding job in KRC though. I hope Shinhye could tackle a Shin Saeryung role with so much attitude & effectiveness next time. Here's my ranking: 2018 2019 Memories of the Alhambra 2016 Doctors 2014 2015 Pinocchio 2013 The Heirs 2006 Tree of Heaven 2003 Stairway to Heaven 2009 You're Beautiful 2011 Heartstrings 2013 Flower Boy Next Door 2007 Kimcheed Radish Cubes 2007 Prince Hours Note: You can rank the (11) dramas by copy/ paste one by one even if not in the box, what matters is the year & drama name
  10. Annyeong lovelies! Any idea what Shinhye is doing right now? ----------------------------------- ♪♫Oh every time i see you When i see your eyes My heart keeps fluttering♫♪ ♫♪When you look at me When you look at me and smile It feels like my heart will stop♪♫
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