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  1. I understand that Lee Da Hae has no bad intentions for what she has said and done but then we cannot blame Filipinos for hating her. Though she gave all her apologies, the damage has already been done. I know she has learned from her mistake and I hope this could be a lesson not only for her but also to other people out there. Maybe a good thing to remember is that we should be careful enough with every word we say or with every action we do. Do not be careless. Always remember that there are a lot of eyes on you especially you are a celebrity...:D












    it started with Hua Ze Lei, then to Rui Hanazawa and now Yoon Ji Hoo... I just fell in love with the character....




    now, BOF is now popular here in the philippines, a lot of fans are requesting that the whole casts visit here...




    like what happened with MG.. they've been here.. the JVKV with Barbie and her sister.
















    ;) hey there, JKapamilya_dos...




    thanks for the last week epis. link of SW in the Phil..




    i much love the ending.. so romantic.. atleast...




    i just felt sad for jeric's dad death..




    i love this last installment than the past three...




    love arianne and chris..




















    weeh. .can't remember if i already posted here.. but i indeed love this kdrama... i watched this ages ago... i think... well then i really love the whole series.. together with our local themesong that is used.. that adds up more... the song is "How Could You Say You Love Me by Sarah Geronimo".. weehh... together with some excerpt from the drama along with this song... the best... gosh...




    Kim Eugene as Sandy




    Ji Sung as Adrian









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