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  1. @triplem i also can understand the language but i need to pick up abit hhaha already forgot most of them. thanks!! yes , i wish to see ye Saem in more romance drama as well heheh
  2. thanks for all the post and updates.. LJH looks good in the press con , i still see some Dr Ye's feel from the style and color tone he was wearing today haha . Yea , i think more ppl started to know him .. hopefully this drama will get more audience to know as well ... he should do some interview show , so that we can know him more. After watching the vlive, i find that he is really humble person and know not to steal limelight from the main lead , when the team talked about many comments about him , he keeps pushing back the topic to Namshin , and keep giving compliment to SKJ / Namshin . He never talked about himself much in the vlive. this is what is observed, think he really don't want to be highlighted other than during work .. haha
  3. Thank you @Nodame ! i sometimes will come by here and see if there is any new updates too hahaha
  4. Oh , he is good friend to Nam Shin , so he is to protect Nam Shin. Saw some news about " Along with the Gods 2" which will start promoting on Aug 2018 ( not sure if it is showing this period) so we will continue to see him on small n big screen , no wonder he said he work very hard for the past one year.. this is the results that ppl will remember his face . Mar 2018 - May 2018 ( Dr Ye ) , June 2018 - Aug 2018 ( Ji Young Hoon ) , then AUg 2018 ( Along with the gods 2 ? ) haha Yes , he has chemistry with the female lead in "Naked Fireman" , the character set up there is so pure n funny ..
  5. @triplem the first one is from the short movie " The peach tree" which was directed by actress Goo Hye Sun . He was a cameo there i think , participated as a friend with GHS . the second one was from the drama " Birth of Bride" ( base on the style ) . i also find his acting in " Naked fireman" is hilarious heartbreaking scene in " My Spring days"
  6. i think he knows of many good actors and actresses as he worked in many good projects eg City Hunter, City Hall , Man from the Equator , House of Bluebird , and his recent works like " Along with the God " " Stranger/ Secret Forest " etc He was also in one of the variety show with Im Jae Bum ( Carried By the Wind ) which they filmed in US . It is hard to look for more information about him other than his work and his interview regarding his projects. Only after APAD that we got to know that he likes to eat and his favourite seems like is pizza . I would think that he wants to protect his privacy as well . I hope he would join some of the variety show Just browsed previous comment and found this interesting interview with Rain & KCM .. he really likes pizza & nachos haha ( there is translation below on LJH's part ) https://cloudusa.blog/2012/09/16/audio-clip-rain-and-kcms-질주본능speeding-instinct-military-radio-show-916/
  7. i went to search on his agency , and found a few interesting info, his current agency merge with Signal Entertainment Group only on 2016 , then from there he got many projects either lead or second lead , and also he gotten chance in acting on blockbuster movie Along with Gods . " Secret Forest/ Stranger" was also co-produced by the agency which he had chance to get a role there . So i hope sooner his effort and talent would be recognized to be as male lead. If you are interested to know more can go to this link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_Entertainment_Group However , he seems a quiet and have low profile personality , so he might be also choose character/ script base on his interest but not only want to become lead ? ( just my speculation ) Who would not like Dr Ye in APAD ? A person who is warmth , mature , humble and considerate yet he has great achievement in his caree r and being respected by many peers in same field. Frankly speaking i don't know who is Lee Yu Bi untill APAD, and i realized she was also in "Gu's Family Book" , which i was impressed with her acting before in this drama. I think she is talented and she presented WBY very well , maybe there is some shadow of herself and WBY , thats why she can relate the character so well. Does TVN also have awards in year end ? i wish to see them together hahah , even as award presenter also good enough Initially , i won't want to watch "Are you human too" but now i know that LJH is in there, i will put in my " to watch list" . and this year i will definitely watch Along with Gods 2
  8. @triplem that was from " Birth of the bride" , he looks cute and funny there with the spectacle . The synopsis for his character in "Are you human too " seems he is not a antagonist , but i got the feeling like he is the kind person "still water run deep' ? hhaha not sure where is this from, probably while filming APAD This scene really laugh die me .. here is the making film for Bazaar magazine http://www.vlive.tv/video/64780
  9. wow @triplem Zzang!! Actually i noticed of LJH since three brothers many years ago , i know of he was in city hunter (but i didnt watch that drama) , recently i saw him in Along with Gods, i am impressed again with his acting , and i am sort of happy to see him still actively having projects. I came to watch APAD was because of him, his charisma captured my eye from episode , though he came out just a short while . I really rooting for him to be the main lead ( not always he is in main lead drama) , i got to know that he was the lead in Naked fireman ,so while waiting for new episodes of APAD , i marathon this drama ( only 4 episodes) and i totally love it, he presented different vibe for different characters.. Seriously , i don;t hate him even he was a "bad guy" in Along with Gods , i didnt watch Secret Forest , i saw many commented that he was a corrupted prosecutor , but they actually cant hate him much., some even said he looks great even he is a bad guy .. haha As what i can see , Dr Ye is the most successful character that ppl can remember who he is , and once mentioned Dr Ye , then the line : May i give u an advice" trademark came in my mind . If i am not wrong he is also appeared in Along with gods 2 this year ( i think they completed filming) , he really worked very hard this 2 years , as we can keep seeing his projects coming out within this 2 years. With the coming "Are you human too" i hope it is another good drama that he chose, i hope he is not the villain, but i got the feeling his character might be a person that has 2 faces , may be he might struggling with the power and friendship with the main lead. It's barely can find news about him , and he hardly got any interviews. i hope he can excel in his career , not going to be second lead anymore Good to see chingus here from APAD thread hehehe .. , i like APAD even more while watching it second time Yes , i think he looks cute there , but not sub .. i am also curious of his full vlive sub to be out .. so far only the portion where he talks about food that had subbed
  10. thanks @triplem ! I wonder if there is still sub for rest of his v live .. haha @40somethingahjumma i like how you explained of the drama , very logical. Probably the story is too normal and "logical" that ppl didnt find it is interesting to watch as an entertainment. However, i am glad that writer go for the logical way . I repeat the whole drama again , and i found that the flow was actually fine if watch continuously ( as i was following live weekly ) , just realized that Dr Ye couldn't remember the name of the intern or care about others personal business, he actually from the start that remembered the compliment card was from BY , he was actually care about BY when BY seems not having eye contact with him or tried to avoid him and also remembered what BY said about the Dubai chaebol , she likes walking etc .. hhaa that shows that he has already noticed BY and started to like her day by day when he gets to know her more ..
  11. Thanks @triplem , yea i will put this in to watch drama list( for LJH) , i can't see Dr Ye shadow here in this drama ( so far from the trailer), he really bring on the character for his role in each drama he did . Its an interesting story line , with good actors and actresses .. hope this will be a good one !
  12. I am kind of picky with kdrama , and i am happy to watch this ( even follow live ) . Thanks @triplem for providing so many info for APAD . I am waiting for LJH's next drama but i think i will observe first coz i still can't get rid of Dr ye character from him ( hope he is not villain in new drama). If i am not wrong , JDY also filming Law of Jungle , i am glad they are having new projects, hope there are more to come
  13. Personally felt that the writer is still lacking in making a firm decision on which line / ship to be end game ( 3 writers for one drama ?) , during the conference LJH was first to go up as male actor with LYB on stage , so i thought he might be the main lead for this drama, however, drama started with MH BY stories and Dr Ye less screening time , make me confused that who is the lead .But then writer created Yeline ship, and it seems garnered lots of supporters , may be then they decided on Yeline end game. I felt that writers not even have the complete plot when they started to film .. However, let cheer and support the actors n actresses and all the crews that work hard to bring out this meaningful drama ( at least the poem and the warmth hearted story still win my heart). I prefer a story that both male n female lead like each other from the begining till the end, no switching partner etc.. unless this drama has 50 episodes to go. In such a short time ( only 2 months old stories) , the female lead can fall in love with one then switch to another one .. unless they use a time jump which they didnt't.. One message from this drama is life goes on , and timing is very important. Everyone moves on with their lives after MH & NW left , only BY & Dr Ye have a new chapter in their life. LJH said that there isn't much romantic scene in this drama , which i agreed. BY & Dr Ye lovey dovey scene didn't have much compare to other rom com drama. The drama wanted to put in so much stories but its too little time to talk about . Epi 14 is a waste as they should make the MT scene for whole episode, but from that we also know tht Dr Ye will cherish BY even more after MH confronted him. Hope that JDY will get a better script next time , he has the potential here. I also hope that LJH will get offer on lead role more than as second lead .. . I am not sure how much similarity of LYB and WBY , LYB make WBY character alive .. i like her very much in this drama. wish everyone here all well , i am still trying to withdraw from this drama..
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