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  1. 18 minutes ago, phikyl said:

    I’ve noticed in the adult scenes that TK and DS do not wear wedding rings. The wedding ring typically symbolizes a lifetime commitment in a standard relationship but TK and DS do not have a “standard” k-drama relationship so they don’t have the standard props either. [Instead of flowers and candy, TK gives DS mittens and a trophy vase] Instead they have items that are unique to them and therefore more meaningful] Could this be the writer purposely doing the opposite of what the audience expects to show that just because a relationship goes a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s the “right” way or “right” relationship? Sort of poking fun at the audience for being so caught up in the JH/DS loveline just because it's standard k-drama tropes? The lack of a ring can’t be explained away by Baduk because a wedding band is typically worn on the left hand while TK plays Baduk with his right.

    There might be a more practical explanation for this...

    The practice of wearing standard wedding rings is a relatively recent and eurocentric/anglo-american social construct. While the tradition has roots in medieval grimmel and poesy rings, the "double ring ceremony" thing didn't become accepted popular practice until the late 19th century, as part of the department store revolution to sell more rings and thus romanticize the ritual significance of marriage. 

    As far as I know, East Asian societies don't traditionally require rings for marriage. If people in Korea wear them now, it is a recent adoption, borrowed from fashionable "western" practices (like Christmas). Back in the 90s, wearing wedding rings wasn't all that common (dear Korean soompiers, please correct me if I'm wrong!!!)... so you'd have to be pretty hip and westernized to wear a band everyday. All the older Asian couples I know don't wear rings. 

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  2. On 1/19/2016 at 0:14 PM, mellinadear said:

    So I visited the MT and I saw some of us still trying to defend TK. Why waste your time? Its cool tryna defend and all but if some people are not willing to see other POVs, why bother? I see no sense in it. It just further brings unwarranted insults. 

    yeah most of those salty comments made me stare at the screen like this:


    but TBH, eventually it becomes a matter of this:


    and this:




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  3. Color theory explained, part 293587194875489

    So as we've learned from team JH's obsession with raddishes, yellow-red-green are the colors of LYFE.


    team JH assumed, for 80% of the show, that green = JH, yellow = DS, and red = taek

    when in fact all three colors are for Taek LOL. two of these ssangmun-dong kiddos will become his family (yay mr.stalker and deoksunnie <3)

    Also, his birthday hat:


    See how the fringe around his head is GREEN? You know what this means?

    the anointed one


    the CHOSEN ONE


    baby I can see your [green] halo, halo. Thanks for choosing him (UFO abduction notwithstanding). Thank you, pd shin. Bless. 

    :phew::phew::phew::phew::phew: I had too much sugar this morning. Forgive me roommates... <3

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  4. 2 minutes ago, nearsea said:

    OMG,where did you read this? Please share the link with us =]].This could be the best remedy for getting over the withdrawal lol.

    I also want to stay on the same ship.Maybe we could create a new thread..co-linking to this one =/.



    Here's the article. According to PD Shin,

    "After 1988, I think 1974 is another important year in contemporary history. There were many big and revolutionary events such as shooting of Yook Young Soo, opening Seoul subway, first Choco Pies, Water Gate incident, carnation, and etc. I want to make a drama that feels like looking at dusty and old photos. Simple but beautiful old days, I want to portray the youth of 386 generation. We're considering it as the next project."
    Article says 'Reply 1974' will start to shoot in this year's summer at the earliest.


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  5. 2 hours ago, nicola_nikka said:

    I guess I'll see you all in Reply 1974 LOL 

    omg, PD shin said filming might begin as early as this summer. Hopefully there won't be a husband hunt ... but if they throw us another one ... 

    I need to sign a blood oath and pledge to be on the same ship as everyone here, LOL. That's how emotionally attached I am. I love every one of you girls as much as I love suntaek. It'd be a Sartrean nightmare if I end up in the same ship as some of those hardcore JH shippers [shivering intensifies].

    BTW @13infamyss WELCOME BACK!! omg I missed you. I've always looked forward to your insightful posts. <3

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  6. On 12/10/2015 at 2:15 AM, chickfactor said:

    It just seems so clear to me that Taek is the endgame. I can't offer detailed analysis, it's more of a gut feeling? I do love watching JH's puppy love developing, and I would love to see DS's reaction to it, now that she's getting a clue about how he feels.

    There will be flirtations, there will be heartache. It will be a blast to watch.

    And Taek will emerge the winner of the husband jackpot in the end! And just like at his baduk tournaments, he will be a graceful winner.

    Everyone buy me dduk-boki at the final episode, because I will be right about this! Muahahaha. (me, not a graceful winner)


    @chickfactor also wrote THIS in the main thread back on 12/2/15 (and LOL her post was totally ignored ... it got 3 'likes'. I added one to boost it today haha.)


    Just want to jump in and chime in my love for this show. I've been trying to break away from K-dramas for a while, but some amazing series always get me back into it again! (Damn you, K-dramas for entertaining me!)

    I cannot get over Duk-Seon doing that goofy dance in front of the TV. Someone needs to make a gif of that. It is the best scene ever.

    Also, I'm gonna vote for TAEK. I love Jung-Hwan, but I'm calling it right now, it is TAEK. Sorry JH shippers.

    When the finale airs, and Taek wins, everyone can treat me to a bowl of ramen. Ha ha.


    GUYS did we ever officially do this? Because we need to do this. I apologize for the #foodp0rn ahead:




    And don't forget yellow and red kimchi radishes (with a generous addition of GREEN onions lmao)



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  7. omg, thank you @mangachickava @melissala @Yesin Lee @kilaalaa Mell, neasea, and EVERYONE for holding the fort.

    I'm busy with work and a few write ups I'm supposed to do for the 'master baduk project' (lol)... but thank god y'all are still here. It's like a healing balm for my heart, because I am not ready to move out of Taek's room. This thread is richard simmons precious to me.

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  8. 3 hours ago, amareally said:

    Hi... I've rooted for JH from ep 2, and tonight I'm lying on the bottom of the ocean with my ship that sank just 3 hours ago... 

    Trying to make sense of how I was 'led on' the whole time but got bamboozled at the end won't 'heal' me or give me answers either. But your post and when you mentioned what the shaman said about JH being "...someone who will do fine on his own" gave me MY closure. Like JH tonight with your post, I have said my 'confession' and I placed my 'ring' on the table.. I'm saying goodbye to my first love. Good night 

    Much :heart:. I'm so sorry you're going through what you're going through. Seeing Ssangmun-dong wrecked (even for a few seconds on screen) has been my scar this week. All we can do is stay strong and weave our own closures. Time and distance heals all scars. :cold_sweat: .. though like that last scene, a piece of my heart will always stay in Taek's room.

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  9. 25 minutes ago, Yesin Lee said:

    Daebak! after 1 week my status is now "FAN LEVEL: HOOKED" hahaha. Really I'm now hooked! for spending all my time on soompi LMAO:D

    Girl, not gonna lie. Our thread mushroomed quite a bit after you hopped onboard, lololol. much love. 

    24 minutes ago, melissala said:

    Whoa so even Hyeri confirmed it with the hello/goodbye.  Can't believe there is still a debate going on. 

    Wait wait what? I'm behind on the news. Help a sista out. Hyeri actually confirmed what?

    OOPS. SORRY I SAW. oh dearrr poor shippers .. maybe they think she's helping PD shin play troll ? lol 

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  10. 4 hours ago, hafunohane said:

    In ep 6, Sungdaddy had a convo with Papabear about trading TK for his very own children. "How about a three for one exchange?" We know how badly Sungdaddy wants TK to be his son in law. LOL.

    LOL three for one

    .. brb ... *laughs up a hemorrhoid* 

    thank you THANK YOU hafu. Brilliant post and oh-so-funny. Hafufufufufufufu [drifts off into laughter] God I love you guys, my sexy dangerous roommates. 

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