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  1. No results with Eternal Love. Maybe it's because I'm in France and not North America?
  2. Is it me or has the drama disappeared from Netflix? I can't find it. I tried searching for it and then following links from other webpages but it's just not there for me
  3. If I recall correctly, Jin Mi was unconscious for 6 months after she killed Xu Feng. Her finding out about his innocence and then tyring to resurrect him probably took a few weeks, a few months at most. Although in the book I think they say it took something like 3 years before Xu Feng came back to life. The drama doesn't seem to have followed suit on that timeline. Or at least if it did, it didn't come across that way. Then the timeline starts to get iffy and confusing. When Run Yu locks Jin Mi up so that she can recover from her wounds, it is implied that quite a bit of time has passed because how else would there be a book recounting Xu Feng's many achievements ? All his feats would have to have taken place over at least a year, if not more. Then the drama lost me and I have no idea how much time is supposed to have passed. It certainly never feels like years have passed so the drama really failed to convey the passage of time during the Demon Realm portion (the same can be said of the time Jin Mi spends as Xu Feng's reading assistant at the beginning of the drama too. It certainly doesn't feel as if a full century has passed). So I just went with the flow and tried not to be bothered by the vagueness of the timeline.
  4. Yes, he does mean that he has lost his heart to her and that he will only take the feather back if Jin Mi doesn't accept or return his feelings. Of course, Jin Mi thinks that he's talking about all the spiritual energy she mooched off him and thus doesn't want to give the hairpin back. So Xu Feng believes she knows about his feelings and is willing to give her heart in return. He spends 2/3 of the drama believing she's in love with him and it's one of the reasons he pushes for their romance so much. Finding out she never loved him (although the viewer knows she did actually fall in love with him in the mortal realm, before Run Yu repaired the pill) hurts him more than her actually killing him. He admits to this in the Demon Realm when he gives her petal back to her.
  5. That's very open to interpretation and depends on the viewer's sensibilities. My personal take on it is that he just didn't have enough time to fully process everything. It literally just happened overnight, which is the blink of an eye for immortals. So I agree that his feelings were all mixed together. The only clear thought he had was his undying love for her. The rest (rage etc...) that you mention is still very much present. Loving disagreeing and discussing with you This drama is so rich and open to interpretation. It's a pleasure to read all the different takes and thoughts on it.
  6. But that's the beauty of the character: he's imperfect and does make mistakes, even tragic ones which led to his endless regrets during the time she was lost to him. Remember that he's actually super awkward at romantic love and basically knew nothing of it before meeting Jin Mi. I don't think he believed that Jin Mi didn't need to hear those words. I read it as him being so paralyzed by the guilt (after finding out all that she had secretly done for him) and shock (the stone test and bride reveal left him stunned and almost bereft) he was feeling that he just couldn't express himself out loud to another person. I mean, we're talking about a proud man who loves a woman so deeply that he's actually ready to forgive her for killing him in the most back-handed way. It's one thing to realize nothing will ever stop you from wanting and loving her and quite another to articulate those thoughts on the spot. Between his clear realization, his guilt and shame and the fraught situation, it's no wonder bird boy didn't handle things as well as he could have. Both Jin Mi and Xu Feng are guilty of doing wrong by the other and both also have justification for their grudges and/or wishes. By this point their relationship is so messed up and stained by mistakes and sacrifices that it would take much more than a simple conversation to make everything right. Jin Mi's death "spared" them the decades or centuries it would have taken for them to let go of everything and fully enjoy their wedded bliss. Death has that funny way of cutting through all the b*#lsh#t and going straight to the bare bones of a matter. Only then are you able to realize that the only thing that really matters is the love you have for each other. Could they have suffered less had they made other decisions ? Yes. Could they actually have made those other decisions, considering their characters? Not so certain. I think it's a bit like what happened in the cave: he knew that he still desired her before that scene but seeing the material manifestation of the depth of his affection (through the phoenix feather) in spite of everything she had done really shocked him and brought him out of passive-aggressive stance when it came to her visits to the Demon Realm. He's a man after all. He needs to be knocked over the head (figuratively for once) to be able to get a move on and decide on a course of action. In this case his course of action was to abandon ship and desperately try to sever all ties with her. He spent years trying to cut her out of his heart but the stone proved to him how futile all his efforts were. Once again, the stone acted as an external manifestation of his true feelings. It's as if he's so afraid of and disgusted by what he truly wishes for that he needs a physical proof of the depth of his love to feel free to act. Plus, let's face it, boy was already caving in the moment he heard Jin Mi had run away from her wedding, although he didn't dare to believe it. So by the time the wedding came about, he was rabid about the idea that the heavens truly meant for them to be together. The stone and heaven's will gave him gave him the agency he needed to get out of his misery and grab onto this happiness. Still a valid reason. She did kill him. It's just that this is a xianxia drama and almost every character gets a convenient "cheat death" card. The important thing here is that when Jin Mi chose to act, she didn't mean to kill him only to revive him later. The death was intended to be permanent and she got lucky that she was able to bring him back to life after she realized her mistake. Yes. He did waver when his uncle came to see him and he would eventually have acted on his doubts but Liu Ying sped up the process considerably. She's an ally whose judgment he trusts. By this point he needs an impartial character to make him feel he has the right to pursue those doubts. Because, as you mentioned, he does not trust himself. He hates himself for loving Jin Mi in spite of her actions and he doesn't trust his own judgment. He's afraid of falling for her lies once again (as he sees it) and of giving her another weapon to kill him with a second time. I believe he would have done so eventually, after his uncle came to see him. The force of a blow to make her lose consciousness would have to have been much stronger than the blows he actually used and would have resulted in even more internal damage. She viciously stabbed him in the back and pulled the knife out of his chest. What he did to her was nothing compared to that. Was is right? No, not as us viewers see things. But we're all-knowing. As a character, Xu Feng was justified in his actions, in my opinion. It's also based on the fact that Xu Feng does have a pretty brilliant brain when it's not all confused by torturing emotions. He also knows Run Yu pretty well. Once it was proven that Jin Mi was ready to sacrifice her life to correct her mistake, he had no reason to keep disbelieving her when it came to the rest of her story. Xu Feng is an all-in kind of guy. He doesn't deal in half-trust. So if Jin Mi was saying the truth about why she killed him, Xu Feng had to know someone had messed up the evidence in order to trick her. Yes, absolutely. It's so touching when he says that he engraved in his heart the words she said to him "I never loved you" and that he never dared to forget them, that it became a guideline for all his subsequent actions. Because he would have been ready to forgive everything and anything if she had really loved him. Yes but, once again, we're not talking about a slight betrayal here. We're talking about her actually killing him of her own accord. Sometimes saying "I'm sorry" just isn't enough. Jin Mi knows it and it's actually killing her. She's on a kind of hopeless quest, expecting nothing in return. Xu Feng can and does get over it but it's a monumental task and can't happen overnight. We can't be too hard on him. It's already a miracle that he did forgive her before she died. Probably on some level. But he's also the Demon Lord who is responsible for the lives of millions of people. He would not have let his personal wishes get in the way of the safety of his realm. The fact that his feelings aligned with what the situation required was a bonus but I don't believe they were a deciding factor.He is not like Run Yu who literally doesn't care how many of his soldiers will die if it means he can get Jin Mi back. And let's not forget that Xu Feng has gone down on record for saying that he fights wars only to bring peace to the world. He does not go to war just for the sake of war and certainly does not provoke them. Yes let's Different points of views are always fine. I think Xu Feng had no real agency in this war thing. It came to its door while he wasn't in a good position to fight and he had to make the best out of a very bad situation. I don't see what else he could have done. Provoking Run Yu was reckless and a gamble but a drawn out battle would have meant a complete defeat for the Demon Realm. What could he have done? Run Yu was beyond reason at this point and he well knew it. He was less than tactful in the way he handled things with Jin Mi but that is part of his flawed character. He's not the perfect prince of stories. He definitely should have informed Jin Mi of his intentions. But I chose to take it as him being used to playing the undisputed leader on the battlefield, no one has ever questioned him or his orders. He does have a proud, arrogant streak to him as the god of war. He's go a "I know best attitude" which completely ignored the fact that Jin Mi might not be on the same page.
  7. Actually, Xu Feng does say that since Jin Mi is in the Demon Realm of her own accord, there is no need or justification for a war and Run Yu should just desist and go back to the Heavenly Realm. So he did try to avoid the war although he knew that his words would fall on deaf ears. She was indeed a pawn in the grand scheme of things but she did act of her own agency (even Run Yu had no way of knowing she would actually go as far as killing Xu Feng. As she said in the revelation scene, he was a gambler and he gambled big), which cripples her with guilt later on. She stabs Xu Feng in the back in the most literal sense of the term and there was no room for doubts on that part. It was impossible for Xu Feng to give her the benefit of the doubt before being told of the other facts. Only then could he start to see the big picture with Run Yu as the sole mastermind behind his murder. And even then, the fact remained that she was capable of bringing herself to kill a person who had only shown only protection and affection to her. The only moment when he could have given her the benefit of the doubt was when she told him that Sui He had killed her father with glass fire. And he did give her that benefit, albeit most unwillingly. But he was so hell-bent on his own salvation by that point that he couldn't afford to explore those doubts until a third party (his uncle) laid the same facts before him. So true! We were lucky to have Deng Lun play Xu Feng. With another actor playing Xu Feng, Run Yu and his charisma + massive character development would have steamrolled all over the character.
  8. Well, I've kind of resigned myself that, in a Chinese drama, no child will ever really turn against his parents, no matter how evil they are. In Ashes it was already pretty extraordinary that Xu Feng opposed his mother so strongly regarding the position of Crown Prince and his marriage to Sui He. Also, he did strongly attack her when she was trying to kill Jin Mi. But that's the extent of his opposition and he was willfully blind to many of his parents' faults. As for trusting Sui He, I thought I would hate that part of the drama before watching but I actually didn't. I think it was more about survival than anything else. He felt so destroyed by Jin Mi's betrayal and her alliance with Run Yu that he had no choice but trusting in someone who had seemingly abandoned everything for him. Although one could argue that after being betrayed to such an extent, he should have been in paranoid mode, not trusting any one ever again. But that was never his personality and the fact that he was so alone and dependent on others made it impossible not to rely on the few people supporting him.. After he realized how much he still loved and desired Jin Mi in spite of everything, he resolved to sever all ties with her at all costs and once he started down that road, he had no choice but to trust Sui He. But it's clear he was tortured all along and was afraid that he'd chosen to trust the wrong person. He had also just been expelled from the ranks of the immortals, which cast him adrift from everything he had ever known. Sui He was similarly alone in the world and he could relate to that. The moment a third party (the uncle) started to say the same things as Jin Mi did, he started to waver and be suspicious. Now the question is, Would he have acted on his doubts and suspicions had he not seen Sui He's scar? I want to believe he would have investigated things before going ahead and marrying her but that's just pure speculation.
  9. I agree. It's not that he objectified her on purpose though. In his mind he was doing the only thing he could have done to win against Run Yu, defend the Demon realm and keep Jin Mi with him, safe. His clueless bird brain just doesn't understand that Jin Mi could be offended or shamed by his words. Silly man. Exactly. Xu Feng is the god of War and he's very good at it but he does *not* like it. It was made very clear in the mortal realm arc that he was fighting only to bring ultimate peace to the people. With the current state of the demon army, there was no way he would have willingly gone to war against the Heavenly Realm.
  10. I read these scenes a bit differently. For me, Xu Feng utterly gave up on lying to himself and fully embraced the fact that he loved Jin Mi too much to let her go right after the wedding. He forgave her, only he didn't tell her in so many words because he still had his pride to consider. Hence Jin Mi's words as she's dying: "Idiot. You finally admit it" --> ie you should have told me last night. The loving words he said during the wedding were his true thoughts but he only felt free to say them because he knew that they would help with his plan of pushing Sui He to her limits. As mentioned by another poster above, from the moment Xu Feng sees the stone change color and discovers it was Jin Mi under the veil, he considers himself truly and irrevocably married to her. But it must have hurt both his pride and his heart to discover that Jin Mi wasn't acting of her own volition and even revealed it to the whole room. The fact that she took off her wedding dress didn't help matters either. He's pretty vulnerable in the post-wedding scene, a bit like a wounded beast. His emotions must be all over the place and he plays it a bit hot and cold. He's finally learned all that Jin Mi sacrificed for him and he feels incredibly guilty. He finally acknowledged the fact that he was still in love with her and forever would be not matter what she did but the fact that she did kill him is still a raw wound. He almost can't believe his dearest wish of being married to her has been granted and feels vulnerable when he thinks he's the only one wishing for a true marriage. He knows everything that has happened in the past is too messed up and entangled but he's willing to grasp onto the chance he's being given of starting again, as equals. And that's when he repeats his words from the wedding, if only in his head. He has no audience to play to and he frees himself by saying them once again. As mentioned above, Xu Feng is a straightforward guy. He doesn't lie. Well except when he was desperately trying to sever all ties with her as a matter of survival but that's another story. I believe he needed more time to fully process everything in order to have a better conversation and understanding with Jin Mi. But the war happened the very next morning. It can actually be seen as good thing too because there's nothing like seeing your loved one dying in your arms to cut through all the richard simmons. His pride, all that was left unsaid and all the misunderstandings became a moot point. It was the perfect reset. I think Xu Feng fully believes her when she says she had nothing to do with Run Yu's plans for war. And as he says: "It's not you I don't trust, it's Run Yu". Now that he's in possession of all the facts, his brain functions at full power and he clearly knows that the Jin Mi of the past was too naive and inexperienced to have plotted anything with Run Yu and the Jin Mi of today has done too much for him to betray him again. As to why he takes her with him to the battlefield, I think he couldn't have done anything else. The safest place for her was probably next to him. The Flower Realm was under attack and anywhere else would have left her vulnerable to a kidnapping from Run Yu while he was stuck on the battlefield. And there's a logic to him provoking Run Yu. He knows full well that he's handicapped by both the pill backfiring and the fact that he gave up half his cultivation the night before. His only chance to win the battle is to make Run Yu so mad that he would act rashly and make a mistake. Also, he's proud (in the good sense of the word) that he managed to nab Jin Mi as his wife and he isn't ashamed of boasting about it. Plus it needed to be made clear that Run Yu was not attacking for rightful motives so as to preserve the reputation of the Demon Realm. Although I do agree that it was also sweet revenge on Run Yu. The fact that Jin Mi was going to marry Run Yu really grated on him and he reacted very strongly when he learned that Jin Mi Had run away (although he didn't dare believe it was true). So he was like a boastful teenager claiming "I got the girl". If Run Yu had backed down after learning that Jin Mi had married him, he wouldn't have attacked. He didn't want this war but he knew it was inevitable and did everything in his power to win it. Once started, the battle couldn't be stopped and there was no way he would let Run Yu take Jin Mi away now that she was finally lawfully his. But yes, he did lack the insight that Jin Mi would be likely to sacrifice herself to stop the war. It was outside of his comprehension. EDIT: talking about the drama , not the novel.
  11. That is a very good description of Xu Feng. I do agree 100%. I do not recommend that you read the book though or it will ruin the character for you. The drama did a great job with him (although they should have given him more screen time and more of a backstory) because the Xu Feng of the book was a forceful abuser with murderous tendencies. He's got stars in his eyes when he's in "love mode" but as soon as he sees Jin Mi paying attention to someone else, he becomes a real bastard, even coming close to killing her twice (right before the mutual cultivation too. Nice.). For the life of me, I don't understand the appeal of the novel and I think the drama is a much better piece of work.
  12. But the 63-episode version posted online doesn't have recap or commercials and the episodes still seem to be the same length as the ones in the 60-episode version. That's why I'm confused. I was expecting something around 40 minutes so as to add up to 3 more episodes but they all seem to be 44-45 minutes, like the dvd version.
  13. Apparently it's the same thing but with episodes cut a bit longer for the DVD. 63 episodes for TV and 60 for the DVD. I watched the 60-episode version. I'm a bit confused though because I briefly checked the TV version and the episodes seem to be the same length as the ones from the version I watched. Someone would need to confirm that the content is exactly the same and that there's no additional stuff in the 63-episode version. Jin Mi realized that she had wrongly accused Xu Feng and that he was innocent. So in a bid to make up for her mistake she did everything she could to revive him. She was told of an elixir that would work but needed the light from the Emperor's brother that everyone thought had died. Every step is clearly explained though so maybe you did miss an episode after all ? And, yes, Sui He was the real murderer. Don't worry, the matter does come up again later in the drama.
  14. It is now fully subbed, yes The DVD version is available on 4udrama and the TV version on Kissasian. Happy viewing!
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