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  1. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you for all the news of CFY. It's great that he is gaining recognition with some awards. May he continues to get better and better as an actor. Am feeling proud of him. Well, I was browsing for some dramas and I came upon EN2 so I came here immediately to confirm. I don't have any ill feelings towards Dylan (I have not watched any of his dramas thus I have no comment. I'm sure he worked hard!) but I am having mixed feelings about watching it. This is largely due to the fact that, just like most of you, in my heart, CFY as NQ is irreplaceable. Ah.... there goes my weak heart thinking about not seeing CFY as NQ in EN2.
  2. I really like this photo shoot.Its very unique. He looks better in casual and sporty clothes (my own personal opinion).
  3. Thank you all for all the updates! Great to know he won the award :)
  4. Thanks for sharing the news! YAY!!!!! So glad to know that!
  5. Oh, its their own fans! I am disappointed that the fans would do that. Their fans should be protecting and respecting them as individuals instead of causing harm and pain. Even if they might not like them being together, they should have refrain from bringing up stuff or sprouting negative news that would affect their work / personal life. They have no regards for others' feelings. May both CFY and OYNN focus on what matters to them (family, study, career, joy & peace) and grow in maturity and strength Thank you! I really like this fashion brand that he endorsed. This clothing brand's clothes really looks good on him!
  6. So sorry... as most of you know, my level of mandarin is very very very very basic. My hope is the same as you that there will be someone who will do a translation Oh...more than three years ago? This was my first time reading about this issue regarding the three of them. Being in the Entertainment industry, there is no escape from gossips, negative news as well as bullying. They are still young and I hope the media, fans and everyone will be more supportive and encouraging. I am really quite puzzled as to why ppl are more drawn to gossips and negative news than positive news (aren't our lives already full of challenges and stress?!) Well, I am proud of both CFY and OYNN, though young (not even 20 yet, and if this news started 3 years ago, there were both barely 16 at that time) but mature beyond their age to not let negative news affect them. I mean, who wouldn't be upset to read negative news or comments about themselves but that they still strive to do their best and not give up on their career and studies. Wishing everyone has a good week ahead!
  7. Video of CFY in Tokyo attending the China Film Festival. I really like the simplicity of his styling and fashion. China Film Festival in Tokyo Cr. Astage
  8. Finally its here...... Behind the scenes My People My Country Cr. China Vision
  9. Sharing some stuff from IG. Have a good day everyone! My People My Country BTS will be aired on Youku - Cr. official_chenfeiyu CFY's name was mentioned in one of CKG's program - Cr. official_chenfeiyu - this is quite funny, especially CFY's reply on weibo Brand Ambassador for Izzue Cr. imiguao_secretfruit Izzue & Izzue Cr. official_chenfeiyu I feel the Izzue's type of rugged style really suit him. China Film festival in Tokyo Cr. official_chenfeiyu - I like this hairstyle. It's growing longer now!!!
  10. So sorry! This is so much tougher to understand :(
  11. A short discussion on MBS 最好的我们 - Movie Talk (Cr.CCTV6 CHINA MOVIE OFFICIAL CHANNEL)
  12. Not sure if this has been shared in this thread before. Below video has some behind-the-scenes of MBS BTS - MBS - Cr. CCTV6 CHINA MOVIE OFFICIAL CHANNEL
  13. Thank you all for all the 'goodies' of CFY. I found some very short videos from YT which were not shown in the Mango TV interview (where CFY and HLD promote 'My Best Summer'). Thought to share them with you all here! Vid 1 Vid 2 - This is really cute and funny. The host asked if there is any character that they both wanted to try. CFY mentioned 'villain character' and to play a character from Beijing. I think its because the way a Beijing person speaks is different, and he went on to demonstrate to the host. But the most interesting part was, here we can see CFY's interaction with HLD. he was really comfortable with her. The way he teased her was so different from all those promotional vids I have seen. Vid 3 - HLD explained about her name, but I don't understand. Anyone can help? Vid 4 - They talked about what preparations they did before filming MBS. SoCosmo Interview - Cr. Arthur Chen Fans
  14. Yeah... it was difficult to hear his voice. I think the part where he mentioned ......'the movie is about my best friend and I, the girl whom I fall in love with.....' OK.... those who have super sharp ears/listening skills, do correct me if I'm wrong! Have a blessed day everyone!
  15. My Best Summer is being shown in South Korea. Below is another vid of CFY speaking in English to promote the movie! My Best Summer Promotional Vid (Cr. @official_chenfeiyu)
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