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  1. @NRGchick You're very welcome :wub::wub: They were both very comfortable & excited & happy when arriving at Incheon airport yesterday. I've noticed all the pictures taken from fans, if they were aware, they would be smiling brightly at the camera, like 2 little kids :P If you haven't seen all, I would look for some pics of CP & his bodyguard again & put in spoiler :wub:

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  2. 2 hours ago, NRGchick said:

    Ooooh.... that's lovely. I am preparing myself to rewatch the whole drama again. ^^


    Awww the pic is too lovely, isn't it? The background looks so pretty :wub::wub: And you started rewatching already! I am looking forward to more of your favourite scenes/moments :wub:


    And can we keep the discussion related to Gurumi, please? I went to bed last night after reading comments about Bogum being like this being like that & I still see it after I woke up (???!!!!)


    And I am just being random here but please don't read on Allkpop if you guys want accurate news :D


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  3. 23 minutes ago, stroppyse said:


    Yes, it's amazing that he's so thin and enjoys his food so much. It must be because he's always so busy that he just burns it off. I know that rock climbers and other people who do strenuous activities/athletics will sometimes eat 5000 calories or more a day just to replace what they burn that day. I was always amazed at thinking of how much food that is. 

    But, I have to say that his hearty appetite is part of his boyish charm as well. If he were a picky eater, it would definitely not be as cute. 

    More food memories from MDBC. The initial "date" when they didn't know each other, they went to a soup-rice place run by a foul-mouthed elderly where Lee Yeong couldn't eat the food, but RO was digging in. That soup-rice looked gooood. I totally understood RO's dismay at being pulled away from her meal. Again, I think after the scene was cut, PBG went back and finished all the food. 

    It seemed a tiny bit of theme in this drama where Yeong would for some reason refuse food, but then as soon as the cameras were off, he would eat everything in sight.

    Why does that just seem soooo cute to me?



    Hahahaha you're right! Yeong seems a bit picky (or he may just wants to let RO have it :wub:) but Bo Gum is totally opposite! 

    I think Bogum is not too thin, hmmmmmmm maybe he's just fit (or less than fit a bit TT^TT)? I always enjoy watching Bogum eat. It just makes me feel happy. That's one thing that makes him stand out too :wub:

    I was looking for a compilation video for you. Here Bogum Mukbang :w00t:


    @stroppyse Hahaaaaaa you're totally right. As soon as the cameras were off, he would eat everything in sight *video above XD* So adorable when he picked up the food he dropped & quickly ate it XD



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  4. 28 minutes ago, stroppyse said:


    Thanks for the gifs. Watching PBG eating so enthusiastically, I remember that in one of the BTS, I think KYJ mentioned that the staff had made all this food for the scene where RO offers Yeong the chicken leg, so after the scene ended, the three of them KYJ, PBG, and KDY ended up eating it all as a late night snack. It's so lovely to hear that they were able to have a good time. 

    And, thinking of food, it also reminds me of the scene in MDBC where Yeong orders a lot of food up, has RO "taste" his food, then decide that he wasn't hungry after all so that RO could eat all the food. I think it was in a BTS where KYJ revealed that actually PBG ate all the food after the scene was shot.

    PBG is such a busy man, he must burn so many calories a day just doing all he does. He probably needs to be constantly eating right now. As it is, he definitely lost weight from the beginning of the drama to the end of the drama, as did others in the cast.

    Speaking of getting along well, though, I think it's so sweet of them to hang out watching each other's scenes. It shows how much they care about each other as well as the drama to want to see so many of the scenes being shot.

    I still have all these memories that keep percolating up, and then I have to share it on this thread since no one else gets my lingering affection and reminiscences of this drama. :)



    Thank you for your post :wub:

    Bogum is known to have a big appetite :D Bogum is like 'If you give me a spoon, I will eat the whole world' ahaha

    And nooo I get your lingering affection :( I totally do :tears:!!  


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  5. Another new photo of Bo Gum & Dong Yeon captured by fans at the airport this morning :wub:

    They look like two school boys going on a school trip :D So cute :P


    And more Bogummy here :wub:



    Credit as tagged on pic <3

    I have seen photos where fans followed Bogum & the casts etc. I can understand though I hope they wouldn't follow them too closely & disturb their privacy so they could have time for themselves :tears:. I have also read a comment somewhere yesterday regarding something like Bogum is lucky to get to enjoy 2 vacations. I think he deserves it & he needs to get some rest after all those hectic filming schedules :rolleyes:

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