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  1. On Saturday, December 24, 2016 at 5:46 AM, KERROPPIE said:


    Wah so it's not Mishil said that? hahaha but there's someone said that?? That Deokman is too much pretty being a boy??


    That was said twice. In the first few episodes of the adult segment when doekman walked past a couple of the other drunk hwarang who said she was prettier than the girl in his arms and wanted to undress her to make sure she was a guy. It was said in passing by some other chracters then the last time was by Mishil brother who said he always thought she was just a bery pretty boy.

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  2. I remember there was a scene that Mishi hugged Doekman and was doinf her usual sugar coated evil speech. Doekman hand started shaking and then Bidam came and saw it was still shaking so he grabbed her hand and asked her why. It was the scene at the palace pond. Doekman met Mishi in the hallways before that.


    Now want to watch LYW cuts of QSD again.


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  3. 17 hours ago, vaiduakhu said:


    LOL... you are really in girl love mood, affected by Night light :lol:
    Btw, where did u watch School 2? it's a super old drama, and LYW's role is minor there? 

    I just realised, so far, besides Mishil in QSD, LYW hasn't been in same drama with any A list (superb) actresses. In her recent projects, I mean, I don't know the old ones. With the mood of girl on fire in Night Light, I hope she cooperates with an A list actress in her next project. A list actors can step aside... 

    My friend has the DVD so I copied from her, no subtitles. I watched way back at her house when it was still on VHS, she's Korean. I liked them from back then because I found Ha Ji Won really cool an then Lee Yo Won came on the scene and melted her tough exterior. Been shipping girl love since then. 

    Did you forget Sugeon Bong Dal Hee and Bad Love? Lee Bum Soo and Kwan Sang Woo are both A listers.

    Do you guys buy endorsed products as well? I thought I was the only one. Only I don't use any make up so I give it away to my siblings.

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  4. Helloo everyone...haven't been to this thread in over a year I think...or was it two years?! Last time I checked back was when she gave birth to her 3rd child I think.

    Just dropping by to say hi and like some comments. I only recently watched Ms Temper nd Nam Jung Gi, just before Night Light came out actually, since I like to watch Lee Yo Won's works in chronical order to appreciate her evolution.

    I really did like Ms Temper but it still doesn't beat my all time favorite drama of hers, School 2. Since it has my ultimate girl love pairing And two of my favorite actress Lee Yo Won and Ha Ji Won, in a perfect world someone would have put them back together in a movie and let them make out.

    With Goblin have two A lister actors I hope one day LYW and HJW will also have a drama together. 

    Glad to see  some familiar faces, you guys are way more dedicated then I am.

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  5. No one can beat Lee Seo Jin in my heart, I've been shipping them for years, Young Master will always be the best! :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:

    I finally caught the 2 episodes, without subs for now, have every intention to rewatch with subs on the weekend, away from work.

    I love HJW unnie's Hana so much, she's so precious, I want to hug her and tell her it's all ok then lock her and LJW in a room together until they make babies, 2 episodes in and I'm shipping so hard.

    I still however prefer the original lead You Qing to Hana, for all her btchiness she was still awesome. Probably because I identify with You Qing more.


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  6. Oh hello everyone, finally able to get back on Soompi, my does it look different.

    Finally the days are coming to closer for HJW's film to make its grand entrance. As much as I loved the original Taiwanese version, (having watched almost as much as I watched Damo and Hwang Jin Yi), everything with Ha Ji Won in it is guaranteed to be good. Even if the narrative goes down the drain, I know HJW would make it a fun ride down.

    I am so pumped for this. The original has a host of songs that were just wonderful, I hope the this version would have good songs too. Tip Toe Love was my favorite from the original, so poetic and meaningful, it was song for the female lead so I hope they have something similar for HJW's character.

    I am still sore over Empress Ki not having a song dedicated to Seung Nyang.


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  7. For young HJW I would really really like Kim Ji Won to take the role. I've always felt they were similar in style. (I have nothing agaisnt idols, I would just really like Kim Ji Won to be in the same scene as HJW.)

    I don't want HJW to play the young role, I know she can pull it off but I think that's pushing it too far.

    Since they upped the age, she will likely be 35 in the drama, the original series was 30, since its a big change for females and males alike, the next 'big' age is 35.

    Since he's been in love with her for 20ish years, it will start from the start of high school, she'll be 15. He's likely going to fall in love with her at first sight on the first day of high school. LDR, the gentle young boy and CYQ the proud know it all.

    I really like this style on her...so fierce but not so professional...

    Or this...

  8. lexurite said:
    HJW's job in the drama will depend on the sponsors. If they get a major sponsorship from a bag company, she'll be a bag designer, it's all up to sponsors. I also just want her to do something related to fashion: shoes, bag, jewelry, heck even just stylist. I want this drama to look like a crossover between Prosecutor Princess and Style career-wise. As for the male lead's job, I think they'll change it for something more glamorous as well like architect. I can't wait to see HJW working that chic working-girl role, so far she's only had unglamourous careers with unstylish clothes. Some people think HJW is a miscast and I get why they think that. They probably only saw her in Secret Garden and TK2H and picture her as a strong unnie but I think she can perfectly pull it off, it's just she's never played this kind of role (which is weird when I think about it because most K-actresses played one day chic rich girl roles). 

  9. diana_123 said: I know the rumors about this drama from LJS thread previously and now it's already reveal HJW is the leading lady.. When I saw her and LJS asics cf shoes and interview I think both of them can be a good couple in the drama since both acting skills super amazing and during the entertainment weekly interview also HJW say if both of them act together he want LJS character as her bf ...for the age difference it doesn't matter coz HJW look ageless for her age.

  10. I don't think they are going to get HJW and her costar to play out the high school to college era. Since the age has been upped to mid to late 30's now, they will most definitely cast a young cast.

    1. You don't need to suspend belief that they are in high school, (I think Ha Ji Won looks very young for her age but not to that point)
    2. A young cast (likely idols) will attract more attention and also give some youngsters a chance at the spotlight. (Being in a vehicle with Ha Ji Won does wonders for their career. Look at Baek Jin Hee, she went straight to Leading Lady status after Empress Ki.)

    Look wise, I think Kang Dong Won has the gentleness that Li Da Ren requires, So Ji Sub would be my other pick but he looks too manly for me.

    The original series Cheng You Qing is a shoe designer, she had beautiful clothes and room. I would love to see Ha Ji Won deck out in glamours clothes. She's always played the pauper.

  11. OH my I've been away for a few days sick and great news comes out.

    Ha Ji Won as Cheng You Ching?

    Excuse me for a moment...


    I love it to bits. My favorite actress starring in my all time favorite Taiwanese film. I am so happy I don't even know what to say.

    I was very very against this remake before, but if its Ha Ji Won. YES PLEASE!

    Kang Dong Won would really fit the character of Li Da Ren...maybe she can entice him back. I would love to give this pairing another try to make up to the sad ending of Duelist.

    mylastwishes said: Such exciting news! So happy over all the positive comments. I too am not usually fond of remakes but HA JI WON? YES PLEASE!
    My personal picks for male lead are Gong Yoo or Jin Yi Han (will never get over TalNyang). I just hope they don't cast some young 20+ actor.

  12. After many hours of laboriously formatting the subs to be almost perfect...my project file got corrupted so I lost all my work. =((

    So finally I gave up and did it the lazy way.

    Alice InJiWonderland requested I subbed this from the Vietnamese translation which I have got pre-approval from the nice people at JiWonderland. It's my first solo sub video project so it's a bit off.
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