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  1. I think when Oh Sol and Sun Kyul come together in the end, they will hopefully have found their own path. Sun Kyul will leave the company and maybe build his own. I don't see him join AG Group. Or at least I hope so.


    As for Oh Sol, yes she was happy with Sun Kyul but she needs to find her own happiness as well, jobwise and so on. I think she is able to. 


    And when they meet, no matter how long it takes, they will find happiness in each other again. :D 

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  2. I haven't been able to watch the recent episodes because RL is in the way as always.


    But I can already say: I'm not a fan of the truck of doom plot. Like I wanted this drama to be fluffy and have minor issues to deal with, even though the issue is the grandpa. But I wanted the writer to solve the conflict differently. 


    And here we're. Stuck in this cliche early 2000s plot. *sigh* They better don't give us a weird open ending or standing opposite each other with the sun behind them ending scene.


    BUT I can say this: we can say a lot about this drama but when it comes to Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang, they're acting their behinds off in this drama. Kudos to them! They became Oh Sol and Sun Kyul to me. :D 

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  3. 15 hours ago, thehappiesthapa said:

    Hello! First time posting here. I absolutely love SolKyol. Has anyone else been struggling with the costume designer's choices for the characters? 


    I love that Sol Kyul's clothes have evolved as he's gotten more comfortable with Oh Sol. Less suits, more casual wear. I even wondered if earlier they had him in layered suits with stripes to show how uptight he was. However, I don't understand why they keep putting him in these huge, long bulky cardigans. Am I the only one who thinks it's strange?


    Also - Is Oh Sol purposefully dressed a little tomboy-ish? Her character is adorable, but I don't understand why she is also in big bulky sweaters. I'm used to Kdrama leads being in very stylish clothes, so Oh Sol is different.


    Not trying to fan the flames. Just really confused on the clothing choices. 

    Well Oh Sol isn't coming from a chaebol family. I think the drama does a good job not letting her walk around in fancy looking clothes because she is coming from a normal family.


    That aside, actually the clothes that KYJ is wearing as Oh Sol are not cheap either. I think her sweaters cost around 100 bucks, if not more. :) So just because it doesn't look as expensive, doesn't mean she is walking around in a cheap wardrobe.


    Plus as someone mentioned already: it's really cold in South Korea right now. So I appreciate none of the actors are walking around half naked, just to be fasionable. The only one who wears skirts is Secretary Gwon aka actress Yoo Sun. And even she is wearing tights if I remember correctly. :)

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  4. 2 minutes ago, triplem said:

    Would the actual drama be dubbed ? It won’t be so nice to watch ...


    Yes, it is . Just 6 episodes!  Hwaiting. 

    If the drama isn't a Netflix original it won't be dubbed. There are only the subtitles available for any Asian drama. :) But since Kingdom is a Netflix drama they will most likely dub the whole drama. But original with German subtitles will be available as well. :D 

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