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  1. Me while watching episode 15: And suddenly I'm a fan of Sun Kyul omma. And still not a fan AT ALL of grandpa who is not able to admit his mistakes and apologize.
  2. @thoattm Maybe @stroppyse isn't to busy to translate it. Would you mind translating it, please?
  3. The pain. Even though it's just for the role. I wonder if they finished filming already though?
  4. @ktcjdrama kkk I've been hoping for him to be in a romance since Coffee Prince.
  5. I haven't been able to watch the recent episodes because RL is in the way as always. But I can already say: I'm not a fan of the truck of doom plot. Like I wanted this drama to be fluffy and have minor issues to deal with, even though the issue is the grandpa. But I wanted the writer to solve the conflict differently. And here we're. Stuck in this cliche early 2000s plot. *sigh* They better don't give us a weird open ending or standing opposite each other with the sun behind them ending scene. BUT I can say this: we can say a lot about this drama but when it comes to Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang, they're acting their behinds off in this drama. Kudos to them! They became Oh Sol and Sun Kyul to me.
  6. So much going on! I haven't had the time to watch any of these week's episodes. Only will be able to catch up this weekend. But there seem to be some twists coming up. And I'm not sure what to think about. But I will only judge after I watched. Can't wait!
  7. @faithinme lara It's looks it's from an older episode. Also because it's cold in South Korea right now and none of the cast would walk around in only a sweater without a jacket and scarf.
  8. My heart is breaking... I just can't take the pain before the happy ending. OMG! Please let us not suffer too long.
  9. Well Oh Sol isn't coming from a chaebol family. I think the drama does a good job not letting her walk around in fancy looking clothes because she is coming from a normal family. That aside, actually the clothes that KYJ is wearing as Oh Sol are not cheap either. I think her sweaters cost around 100 bucks, if not more. So just because it doesn't look as expensive, doesn't mean she is walking around in a cheap wardrobe. Plus as someone mentioned already: it's really cold in South Korea right now. So I appreciate none of the actors are walking around half naked, just to be fasionable. The only one who wears skirts is Secretary Gwon aka actress Yoo Sun. And even she is wearing tights if I remember correctly.
  10. @0ly40 Please remember to check drama directory and drama schedule first BEFORE creating a new thread. - Jillia
  11. @triplem Going to check it out this weekend. Will have an X-File day tomorrow with a friend and afterwards I will watch the first episode.
  12. If the drama isn't a Netflix original it won't be dubbed. There are only the subtitles available for any Asian drama. But since Kingdom is a Netflix drama they will most likely dub the whole drama. But original with German subtitles will be available as well.
  13. Just opened Netflix and they showed me the trailer with the German dub. I had a good chuckle over that one.
  14. You can say a lot about this drama. It may not be innovative or following the webtoon very closely. But it feels real and nice to have a couple which naturally grows as a couple. Who actually talk and communicate instead of letting misunderstandings come between them. I think this drama isn't about Sun Kyul healing or Oh Sol becoming tidier. They - without many problems - moved towards each other and met in the middle. And both make an effort to accept each other and their flaws because they're actually perfect for each other despite all that. That's what a relationship needs to be like. If you have to change for the partner to accept you, well then you need to think if it's the right relationship. Of course next episode will show if Oh Sol and Sun Kyul will keep communicating despite all the conflicts ahead of them.
  15. All the demands though in the comments. "Give us the making of for the kissing scene!" or "Where is the making of for the kissing scene?". International and Korean viewers did really enjoy it.
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