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  1. I just love when Sun Kyul is testing out how he can touch Oh Sol without freaking out. They're just naturally made for each other. Credit: I made this gif Also, do you all remember Oh Sol's chocolate for Sun Kyul? He notices how ugly they're but in the end he tastes them and finds them delicious. It's just like when he met Oh Sol, he thought she was dirty and gross but in the end he can't get enough of her.
  2. OMG! I could I ever forget this beautiful umbrella scene. Uri Soft Couple! Credit: I made these gifs
  3. Yeah I have a lot time on my hands. But these two are to CUTE! OMG! Credit: I made these gifs
  4. We will have an episode on Monday but due to Lunar holidays they will preempt the episode on Tuesday. So only one episode this upcoming week.
  5. Everyone protecting Ha Seon are my favs, @triplem! Eunuch Cho, Lee Kyu and Moo Young (he is torn but he swore loyality to Ha Seon, also he is so handsome ).
  6. This drama is coming to an end and only just now did I find a proper name for these two. They're my soft couple. My soft babies who form a perfect soft couple. They live in their own world full of love and fluffiness.
  7. @rittoo @lu09 Personally I think they need to finally resolve the whole issue with So Woon and Ha Seon because she must feel like she is stuck in twilight zone with the King changing personalities within hours. Let's hope the writer does have a good idea for this plot.
  8. @rittoo I'm unsure about that because Moo Young was crying when Lee Kyu told him he will bring the king but I'm sure when he doesn't he will know. I hope we get a resolution of that scene in the next episode.
  9. We will just keep rewatching the 3 minute makeout scene to heal our wounds.
  10. It's a restaurant. The cake looks like a goodbye cake for the last day of filming.
  11. His character descriptions was pretty clear about his role in the drama. It said that Choi Daniel will be helpful friend who will support Oh Sol no matter what. I actually like that they didn't drag the plot to a love triangle and that it's more of way to joke around a bit, e.g. Oh Dol telling Choi Daniel that he is on Team Choi Goon basically. Anyways, I adore the BTS videos. It's so much fun to watch Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang having fun filming this drama. I think this drama met many obstacles with the preemptions and the subsequent decrease of the ratings. But to me it's such a feel good drama despite the angst in the last episode. And I'm not blaming either, Oh Sol nor Sun Kyul, for dealing with the conflicts the way they did. In South Korea, you have respect for your parents. Oh Sol's father, rightfully so, hates Sun Kyul's grandfather and considers it a insult. It's a emotional reaction on his part to the news that Oh Sol is dating someone from the family who is responsible for his wife's death. I think we can all agree that if we would find out something like that we would react emotional as well. And Oh Sol follows her father's wish and breaks up with Sun Kyul but her father also witnesses her unhappiness afterwards. Oh Sol is stuck between the love she feels for Sun Kyul and the love and respect she has for her father. So again, I don't blame her! Also, it does have something good. They part ways and will find their own way of healing and dealing with their problems. Oh Sol can finally find a job she loves and Sun Kyul can heal in his own way without having to depend solely on Oh Sol. And when they meet they're equal in their relationship and can be each other's happiness again. Just my take on the last couple episodes and upcoming ending.
  12. I don't see Ha Seon and Lee Hun as brothers. There are many theories out there that everyone has a twin or at least someone who looks similar somewhere in the world. So I think it's just a coincidence that Ha Seon and Lee Hun crossed each other's paths. And if Lee Kyu wouldn't have been in the gisaeng house and Ha Seon wouldn't have been there, they probably would've never met. Personally I only just now became convinced of Ha Seon's feelings for So Woon. When he said "there is someone I cherish in the palace" he had me. But I mostly adore Eunuch Cho who in such a short time just naturally calls Ha Seon "your majesty" and cares and cries for him only a loyal eunuch would. And Moo Young who felt betrayed first, struggled so much. Because he has been loyal to Lee Hun for so long but he swore his oath to Ha Seon. I knew he wouldn't let him die. I cried with Lee Kyu, Eunuch Cho and Moo Young who remained loyal to Lee Hun, knowing he is lost and knowing that he can never change the world as Lee Kyu and maybe even Lee Hun wanted at first. Back then loyality meant loyality. To betray that even for the good cause it's still painful for them and makes them human. I even believed Lee Hun when he said he wants to change the world. He was imprisoned in his insanity which made him the terrible person he is but was also here and there showing the person who was once perfect to be a good king. I'm honestly not sure if I like that they killed him off. It's such a easy way out. On the other hand this drama is halfway through, so they needed to escalate the plot further, so it can enter the last last episodes to resolve the court issues. Looking forward to the next episodes.
  13. A lot of takes it must've taken. Me speaking like Yoda because it's way too early for me.
  14. @stroppyse Thank you for your translation! I thought you were busy hence why I didn't want to PM you about this small text. Thanks for taking your time!
  15. "After parting ways, Sun Kyul and Oh Sol try to forget eachother but it's still difficult for them. Sun Kyul has made big changes and after 2 years, Sun Kyul appears in front of Oh Sol! But the man who Oh Sol knew is not the same anymore. Can Sun Kyul and Oh Sol heal eachother's wounds and find happiness again?" I'm not really good in translating something into polished English but I hope the point comes across.
  16. They really finished filming. I'm so glad - despite all the preemptions - the cast and crew were able to film without losing sleep and having fun while filming.
  17. @thoattm @cantbreathe Yes, I think we need for Oh Sol to make her dream come true as well. I don't want her to be a solely plot device for Sun Kyul's happiness. If in the end they're happy together then I'm happy as well. But each of them needs to make their own dreams come true. And Oh Sol always wanted to have a job she loves. And I hope we see her happy after 2 years. @faithinme lara We need all the humor to survive until monday and for the last episode to air. I won't accept a 5 minute reunion. We need at least 10 minutes of them making out to heal OUR broken hearts.
  18. I think when Oh Sol and Sun Kyul come together in the end, they will hopefully have found their own path. Sun Kyul will leave the company and maybe build his own. I don't see him join AG Group. Or at least I hope so. As for Oh Sol, yes she was happy with Sun Kyul but she needs to find her own happiness as well, jobwise and so on. I think she is able to. And when they meet, no matter how long it takes, they will find happiness in each other again.
  19. Somebody needs to tell Oh Sol that you can't make out with someone for 3 minutes or longer and then shake hands to say goodbye for good.
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