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  1. @emily00

    Aigoo~~~ I'm unsure wether I want a happy ending sitting on a bank. But anything is better than a open ending. :D Also... with these two as long as they're happy in their little world I'm happy as well. :wub:


    Oh yes I remember that in the webtoon Oh Sol's story is a tad different. :) Hence why the debt.


    But I can imagine that even in the drama Sun Kyul can't wait to marry Oh Sol. :wub:

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  2. 3 minutes ago, emily00 said:


    I wonder if they will follow the webtoon for this part. Me too, hope to see lots of cute and happy moments for the couple.


    They are just so sweet and cute together in their little world :wub:


    Ooooh, you've read the webtoon right? :) So you know how at least that version ends.


    And yes, they're adorable! I love that they get and got along so well while filming. I'm sure they will stay in contact and maybe even have another project together in the future. :D

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  3. 2 minutes ago, emily00 said:


    Its from the webtoon, the part is quite cute its like he is jealous of himself hahaha. :lol:MaknaeCloud mentioned it in the instagram.


    kkk I'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately I will only be able to watch the final episode after work. Since I'm not home when it airs. :D But I hope when I come back to the thread later today that I will see a lot of happy posts for hopefully a wonderful ending for this drama and especially for this couple. :):wub:

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  4. Even Popeye Ent saying goodbye to CWPFN. I'm NOT ready! :(



    Aigoo~~~~ my heart can take those fan-edits. They're beautiful and also giving me so many feels. Like you, I think they always feel different: passionate, loving, gentle, soft. :wub: To me they're the most honest drama couple of 2018. :D


    And I feel you when it comes to this drama ending. :( But also they better don't give us a open ending or I will riot. :lol:

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  5. 17 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    I have to say that despite the almost-certain-to-be-a-tearjerker vibe about this drama, the three leads are all such good actors! Even though I may be peeking at it with one eye shut against the tension and emotions that are sure to be there, I have a feeling that I won't be able to help myself from at least checking it out. :)


    Anyone know even a tentative start date for this drama yet?


    Welcome to the thread, @stroppyse-chingu! :D


    Tentative airdate is April 26th. It will replace Fiery Priest on the Friday/Saturday slot. :)

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  6. 10 minutes ago, anniev1102 said:

    @Jillia we passed the 2M view like 4 hrs ago but I was still not fully awake to write a post :sweatingbullets:


    Many fans on Youtube were really determined about getting this goal b4 the last ep air as a gift for CWPN crew and KyunYoo. We did it and celebrated by giving viral hugs to our fellow shippers :wub: I hope they noticed how international fans love them. We cannot help raise the rating but we still have our way to show support. I dont think there is any drama cuts or kiss scene out there can reach over 2M view in 2 weeks B)


    Well it worked out beautifully! And I'm sure they noticed. :D How could they not. :wub: 2M are hardly not to notice. kkk

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  7. 17 minutes ago, se001 said:

    Can anyone please tell me what the song playing in the end credit scene of "Romance is a Bonus Book"? Have spent the last 2 hours trying to find out what it is :sweatingbullets:

    Thanks in advance!!! :)



    This is probably a unreleased OST for this drama. Maybe take a look at the drama thread. The members there will post sooner or later when the OST is released. :)



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  8. Thank you for your translation, @stroppyse! :D This is probably my favorite BTS video for this drama. And I agree with you about Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang. Also I adore their little interactions and how relaxed they are despite the cold and of course all the kissing. kkk


    I'm very sad we won't get any more BTS videos. But hopefully we will see these two in new projects soon. :D

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  9. I have to admit I got somewhat emotional while watching this scene and making the gifs. I cried a little. I didn't expect that. Because... these two are so beautiful and their kisses are so natural and honest. And this is probably the most honest kissing scene I've ever seen in a Korean drama. The little kisses, the hugging, the smiles, the gentle kisses turning into passionate kisses. I don't know. Suddenly this scene pulled my heartstrings even more. I just love it so much!















    Credit: I made this gif



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