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  1. kkk I'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately I will only be able to watch the final episode after work. Since I'm not home when it airs. But I hope when I come back to the thread later today that I will see a lot of happy posts for hopefully a wonderful ending for this drama and especially for this couple.
  2. @thoattm @emily00 Who did mention about Sun Kyul thinking Oh Sol does have a boyfriend and misunderstood but actually Oh Sol meant him?
  3. Even Popeye Ent saying goodbye to CWPFN. I'm NOT ready! @thoattm Aigoo~~~~ my heart can take those fan-edits. They're beautiful and also giving me so many feels. Like you, I think they always feel different: passionate, loving, gentle, soft. To me they're the most honest drama couple of 2018. And I feel you when it comes to this drama ending. But also they better don't give us a open ending or I will riot.
  4. Welcome to the thread, @stroppyse-chingu! Tentative airdate is April 26th. It will replace Fiery Priest on the Friday/Saturday slot.
  5. Aigoooo~~ you have good eyes! He is finding his way back home to Oh Sol. Also, these must be the cakes that Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang received after they finished filming.
  6. Many actors saying goodbye to this drama. Uri Jae Min who was always so lovey-dovey with uri Oh Sol, making Sun Kyul jealous. kkk And uri Oh Sol herself. Answering questions in regards of the drama. And here some photos from one of the child actors - a scene with Sun Kyul from the last episode?
  7. @emily00 I can't wait for tonight's episode. They better not give us just a 2 minute reunion. They need to break that 3 minute make out scene. @mushforbrains You noticed, huh? How I sped up the scene slightly. kkkk And Son Byung Ho who played Mae Hwa's fiance left a message on IG about our drama and the last episode.
  8. Well it worked out beautifully! And I'm sure they noticed. How could they not. 2M are hardly not to notice. kkk
  9. Here my little present to hopefully prepare for another make out scene, @faithinme lara.
  10. @faithinme lara I'm not ready for this weekly fluff to be over. What can we do to stop time and just live forever in Cleaning Fairy World?
  11. So I wonder.... why did Sun Kyul go after Oh Sol in episode 13? Did he hope she would be still there? Did he want to stop her? But... but... @faithinme lara!
  12. Our Soft Couple being soft and cute and you know... perfect! Credit: I made these gifs
  13. This is probably a unreleased OST for this drama. Maybe take a look at the drama thread. The members there will post sooner or later when the OST is released.
  14. OMG! I just realised that tomorrow is really D-Day. The last episode will air tomorrow. I'm ready but at the same time I'm not ready.
  15. OMG! I'm just rewatching episode 14 and the confrontation between Oh Sol and her dad is so hilarious. The BGM music from SAW and how smoothly Joo Yeon is having Oh Sol's back about sleeping over.
  16. Thank you for your translation, @stroppyse! This is probably my favorite BTS video for this drama. And I agree with you about Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang. Also I adore their little interactions and how relaxed they are despite the cold and of course all the kissing. kkk I'm very sad we won't get any more BTS videos. But hopefully we will see these two in new projects soon.
  17. I have to admit I got somewhat emotional while watching this scene and making the gifs. I cried a little. I didn't expect that. Because... these two are so beautiful and their kisses are so natural and honest. And this is probably the most honest kissing scene I've ever seen in a Korean drama. The little kisses, the hugging, the smiles, the gentle kisses turning into passionate kisses. I don't know. Suddenly this scene pulled my heartstrings even more. I just love it so much!
  18. Me while making gifs of infamous making out scene: Gifs coming tomorrow (today for those where it's already sunday) because it's super late here.
  19. This scene, my little germs! It's still so beautiful! Credit: I made these gifs
  20. Anything Oh Sol touches from then on is gold to him. Something he cherishes more than anything else. kkkk
  21. I know right?! It's these small little things I adore about this drama. They come up earlier and we think it's not important and THEN it's suddenly important again.
  22. I just love when Sun Kyul is testing out how he can touch Oh Sol without freaking out. They're just naturally made for each other. Credit: I made this gif Also, do you all remember Oh Sol's chocolate for Sun Kyul? He notices how ugly they're but in the end he tastes them and finds them delicious. It's just like when he met Oh Sol, he thought she was dirty and gross but in the end he can't get enough of her.
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