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  1. The drama is available on Viki: HERE
  2. Jillia

    Soompi love feast

    @triplem She needs better dramas in the future we both can enjoy, together with @LyraYoo. kkk
  3. The clip is still the video with the fastest growing viewer numbers. I wonder why... NOT!
  4. Jillia

    Soompi love feast

    kkk Yes, I'm on Soompi since 2006. But I would say the first 3 years I wasn't really active. And thank you for the cake.
  5. Jillia

    Soompi love feast

    Hi everyone! I'm usually not really participating in any events - unfortunately. But thought I would do so this time. Because questions I can answer. kkk I've been on Soompi for so long - more than 10 years - even though there were periods I was less active due to no drama airing I was interested in. For me, since I live in a country where Asian dramas are not known by many people it's impossible to find people to talk to about the dramas I'm watching. So to me the Soompi community is important because we share the same love for different kinds of Korean dramas. I'm able to fangirl over OTPs and sweating over hot men exposing their abs ( @triplem ). I still remember vividly the "The Innocent Man" thread where I started my real active time as a member. And it's still one of my all-time favorite melodramas. And now I'm going to share a yummy Swedish dessert I had for the first time just yesterday. It's called semla and it's a bun filled with a sweet almond paste and topped with whipped cream. So... did I do this correctly, @Lmangla?
  6. @faithinme lara This bromance really. And MaknaeCloud was so generous to translate Kim Yoo Jung goodbye interview for CWPFN.
  7. @stroppyse I agree about Kim Yoo Jung. She is super fun inbetween the filming but also a lot more serious at the same time than SJR and YKS. In the end they're like manchilds. But as you said, they ended up being so comfortable with eachother and that really made them the beautiful cast I love.
  8. @stroppyse kkk How could I forget the bromance between Sun Kyul and Choi Goon. They were amazing in front of the camera and behind. Never forget: These dorks I tell you! EDIT: I love the song as well! It surprisingly fits well the overall vibe of the beginning of the drama. kkk
  9. Hi everyone! So I was finally able to watch the final episode and I can only echo what everyone said. Luckily though despite that the experience could've been better the final episode didn't feel like many final episodes that I've watched in recent years in which the couple only had a 2 minute reunion with them standing opposite eachother. Yes, they needed to wrap up a lot and could've done much better but it is what it is. I think with Oh Sol and Sun Kyul we got a couple which is so believable. Even though in the beginning they really didn't like eachother, especially Sun Kyul who was just grossed out by Oh Sol's overall appearance and way to eat. But I thought the drama developed very well how they fell for eachother. I also liked that Sun Kyul was the one who had to convince Oh Sol and make her fall in love with him. But he never came across as a stalker or abusive. I never felt uncomfortable. Simply because Sun Kyul despite his cool personality on the outside in the beginning did turn out to be warm person on the inside who craves for love. And Oh Sol with the loss of her mother and giving up her dream as an athlete did just the same. So it makes these two perfect for eachother. Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang were rocking their characters and I thought it was a good departure for Kim Yoo Jung from her days as the child actor to finally doing leading roles. She is... in the end still young and has career ahead, so still time to do more meaty roles. But I'm glad she wasn't afraid to do all the kissing scenes and for someone like me who wasn't sure if this pairing could work, surprisingly and happily it turned out well due to the professionalism of Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang. As for the drama: when being honest CWPFN wasn't a perfect drama. But there are rarely perfect dramas out there. And for me it delivered what it wanted to deliver. A heartwarming story with lots of humor but also serious underlying tones. Those serious topics could've been developed more but in the end 16 episodes are not enough to go really deep. What the drama did well was to have likable side characters as well which never really felt like side characters. I loved the Cleaning Fairies. I adore Secretery Gwon, even though her story arc with her son could've been developed more. I like Oh Sol's father, even though he was also problematic in putting his conflict and burden on Oh Sol and even pressuring her about her job. Oh Dol I liked as well but I thought his behavior toward Joo Yeon was a bit too much - please, to all the boys out there, do not drag a girl from a date like she is a kid that's NOT romantic. Joo Yeon was so much fun and a good friend to Oh Sol, having her back after the 3-minute makeout session. Of course there were characters which I disliked or liked less. Mae Hwa was this forever young mom who in the beginning had no understanding for Sun Kyul's needs but she came around eventually and also in the end rooted for Oh Sol because she knew how good she was for her son. This was I was able to root for her as well. Grandpa though was really the character I didn't like until the end. As someone mentioned the chaebol plots are super boring and unnecessary - at least the way they're told most of the times. And then there was Song Jae Rim who did a great job as Choi Goon, Choi Daniel or whatever his name is in the end. I'm very happy they didn't drag us through a love triangle plot until the very end. That would've been so 2007. I think what I liked the most is that in the end he turned out to be a good friend and supporter for Oh Sol and Sun Kyul. Please send this signal of "the 2nd lead doesn't need to be a douchebag" to all the writers in k-industry - thanks. For me the drama stays warmly in my memory. It was my weekly dose of fluff and it made me laugh a lot. So for that alone I can say this drama was a success for me personally. And to me the cast and crew of this drama deserves a "Best Cast and Crew"-Award for 2018. We were simply blessed. On that note I also want to thank everyone in this thread for this lovely time I was able to share my thoughts and gifs about this drama. And always remember this BGM for when Sun Kyul was kissed for the first time. kkkk See you all in other threads soon! (And I'm sorry for this looooong post!)
  10. Kim Yoo Jung's manager saying goodbye to CWPFN and Oh Sol. And so does Yoon Kyun Sang. And Kim Yoo Jung is sharing some BTS photos as a goodbye.
  11. I checked Korean source and they preempted today's episode (Feb. 4th) but apparently normal schedule will continue tomorrow.
  12. @luvcostums1 They probably preempted all the episodes due to new year holidays in South Korea.
  13. OMG! I can't wait to get home and watch the final episode! Until then: Happy Lunar New Year EVERYONE!
  14. I can't take Sun Kyul wearing dark clothes. My OTP needs to be happy in the end.
  15. Literally no spoilers about what's going on and I'm now leaving for work. But hope to come back to a thread full of happy posts about a happy ending. Read you all later!
  16. @peachlover777 I agree. We didn't see much of Mae Hwa and President Jang but I think they're also made for eachother. I wouldn't want to be their assistent because they're very exhausting but also I like that they found new love in eachother. @anniev1102 That's adorable and so fitting for uri Soft Couple!
  17. @emily00 Aigoo~~~ I'm unsure wether I want a happy ending sitting on a bank. But anything is better than a open ending. Also... with these two as long as they're happy in their little world I'm happy as well. Oh yes I remember that in the webtoon Oh Sol's story is a tad different. Hence why the debt. But I can imagine that even in the drama Sun Kyul can't wait to marry Oh Sol.
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