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  1. In all honesty, after they killed of Lee Hun I lost the motivation to keep watching the drama as soon as the episodes air. It reminded me that this is still a Korean drama with obvious limitations in how they tell a story for a broad viewership.


    For me, personally, they went down to boringville after deciding to kill off the "evil" king and replace him with Ha Seon who is the goody-good "pretend to be king".


    I think they could've done so much more with Lee Hun and his character and it would've been so much interesting to see Ha Seon shift from his to good to be true-type of character to a more interesting and ambivalent character.


    I haven't watched episode 11, yet, but I think they really need to address the issue that Lee Kyu lies about what happened to the real King and that he gets away with it? 


    You know on one hand I think the drama is doing a good job since we know Lee Kyu isn't a good man. He does have good intentions but his good intentions shouldn't excuse the actions he takes. 


    The only person with conscience is So Woon. I felt more for her than I felt for Ha Seon when she found out the truth. I know he was feeling conflicted in the past and he didn't know the truth about the King's death. But I'm not a big fan of dramas which suddenly turn  the person who caused the pain as well into a victim. He knew full well who he was when he fell for the queen and when he kissed her and made her fall for him. So I'm more on So Woon's side than on his.


    Anyways what I wanted to say is that I admire So Woon's decision to leave the palace. She is the person with a conscience. She just found out that not only did Lee Hun die... she fell for someone who isn't her husband and who pretends to be the king. I'm sure the drama will turn this into a happy ending but I wish it wouldn't. Action do have consequences. But I guess I'm asking for too much.


    I still watch this drama and I'm curious how they will resolve it but yeah they took away the edge of the drama for me. :( 

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  2. 5 minutes ago, stroppyse said:


    It's just that it feels as if it's been forever since KJW who seemed like such a leading role guy was even talked about for a lead role. I think it was really after he got back from the military and had the non-speaking role as the ghostly second lead in Who Are You? and still managed to steal the drama that I started wanting to see him in a proper lead role. (Btw, as cute as Taec is, KJW was non-speaking second lead to Taec? Really?) Anyway, that was a long time ago.


    And, then in Temperature of Love, I couldn't really watch it because of SLS over KJW. So, I'm very happy to see him as lead. Now, if only the plot and the dialogues would match the acting talent that they've lined up...


    I remember falling for him in Coffee Prince. He was such a brooding character back then with a man bun. :lol: But somehow it hit all the emotional buttons for me and I thought "he must become a lead someday". So when the casting news were announced, this was me:



    I don't care if it's another fluffy romcom as long as it's well-written and I'm emotionally invested. But like you I hope for a good writer. B)

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