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  1. Kim Yoo Jung was filming for Laneige today. The love story between her and the brand continues. They gave her her favorite flowers.
  2. In all honesty, after they killed of Lee Hun I lost the motivation to keep watching the drama as soon as the episodes air. It reminded me that this is still a Korean drama with obvious limitations in how they tell a story for a broad viewership. For me, personally, they went down to boringville after deciding to kill off the "evil" king and replace him with Ha Seon who is the goody-good "pretend to be king". I think they could've done so much more with Lee Hun and his character and it would've been so much interesting to see Ha Seon shift from his to good to be true-type of character to a more interesting and ambivalent character. I haven't watched episode 11, yet, but I think they really need to address the issue that Lee Kyu lies about what happened to the real King and that he gets away with it? You know on one hand I think the drama is doing a good job since we know Lee Kyu isn't a good man. He does have good intentions but his good intentions shouldn't excuse the actions he takes. The only person with conscience is So Woon. I felt more for her than I felt for Ha Seon when she found out the truth. I know he was feeling conflicted in the past and he didn't know the truth about the King's death. But I'm not a big fan of dramas which suddenly turn the person who caused the pain as well into a victim. He knew full well who he was when he fell for the queen and when he kissed her and made her fall for him. So I'm more on So Woon's side than on his. Anyways what I wanted to say is that I admire So Woon's decision to leave the palace. She is the person with a conscience. She just found out that not only did Lee Hun die... she fell for someone who isn't her husband and who pretends to be the king. I'm sure the drama will turn this into a happy ending but I wish it wouldn't. Action do have consequences. But I guess I'm asking for too much. I still watch this drama and I'm curious how they will resolve it but yeah they took away the edge of the drama for me.
  3. Reminder: Please do not post drama-unrelated news about the actors. News in regards of the actors belong in their respective actor threads. Also, please refrain from concealing an off-topic post by adding a drama-related comment or link. Thanks. -Jillia
  4. On the occasion of 100 years of March 3rd Movement "100 Years of Spring" Kim Yoo Jung and Jin Young will reunite to be the MCs of the KBS anniversay program to air on February 28th. Source
  5. I remember falling for him in Coffee Prince. He was such a brooding character back then with a man bun. But somehow it hit all the emotional buttons for me and I thought "he must become a lead someday". So when the casting news were announced, this was me: I don't care if it's another fluffy romcom as long as it's well-written and I'm emotionally invested. But like you I hope for a good writer.
  6. kkk @stroppyse That was the most astonished reaction in a comment I've ever seen. So glad to see you here in this thread! And yes finally Kim Jae Wook will get the girl.
  7. We can't change anyone's opinions on this drama or pairing outside this thread. But let's keep this thread beautiful and good mood-wise. Let's rewatch the 3-minute making out scene and the whole drama and let's enjoy our Soft Couple. Credit: vivere-militare-est
  8. I really adored this final kiss. Rest of the gifset HERE; Credit: vivere-militare-est
  9. Rating-wise the drama wasn't a success, so no interviews or anything afterwards. But that's the case for other dramas as well. It all depends on the broadcast station and so on.
  10. Which is mostly why we never got a making of video for the making out scene. It's one thing to film this scene and see the end result on screen. But to protect both, Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang, it's a different matter to upload a making of for this particular scene. I'm okay with that. I'm used to not getting any photos post-drama and post-promotion phase.
  11. kkk @stroppyse I know I'm super nitpicky about actors and dramas and stuff. It's a blessing and curse at the same time. I hope I'll be able to enjoy more dramas with YKS in the future. I rewatched the last episode and I definitely see the flaws in it. But I also have to admit that my love for the couple makes me look past those flaws. They're just too adorable and perfect for eachother. Can I also say that I'm SO glad I'm rooting for an actress who isn't afraid to kiss properly? Yes, Kim Yoo Jung is still young but I appreciate very much that she isn't afraid of moving into lead actress material. Even though it's difficult for many fans of hers since she was a kid to see her grow up. I think she is one of those actresses who discusses a lot with her management but also with her parents, most especially with her mother who tend to be present at filming site when she was younger. So I think no matter what decision she makes, she is certainly not an actress who does a kissing scene without having discussed its consequences and so on.
  12. To me this drama was meant to be a fun ride but not in terms of popularity. However I think it could've maintained the steady 3% viewership if it wouldn't have been for the preemptions. But again, in the end ratings don't say much about quality. Only very few drama with high ratings are actually also very good. CWPFN was a drama which warmed and still warms my heart. I feel extremely good about the couple and their love story. I didn't need the makjang party towards the end but in the end the beautiful and funny scenes with Oh Sol and Sun Kyul made it all up again. Also, this drama introduced me properly to Yoon Kyun Sang who was always praised by @stroppyse and I'm very happy he warmed my heart just like Kim Yoo Jung did.
  13. Legal High is available on Viki: HERE.
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