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  1. 2 hours ago, Mapleoaks5 said:

    No, they gave the line to BK. Originally at the end NJ was supposed to confess to YDJ in front of everyone, but instead BK confessed to everyone saying Dan Oh is the only one for him. 

    Was there a preview? If anyone can link it that would be great!


    also, I feel like BK has to be aware or at least on his way there. He’s getting way too affected by Haru and Dan Oh. He’s changing his very behavior based on their actions in the shadow. He’s not supposed to “remember” but he sure acts like he does!


    I can translates some scenes if there were any requests. I don’t know where to find the video clips of it, so if you wanted to load them ill translate it! 

    Thank you! :D I haven't watched the episode yet... I can't wait to see what you all have seen already. But I'm glad Ha Ru didn't get those cheesy lines because that's just not him. :wub:


    I think Kyung started to become aware but he still deep in his character so far. But when they were on their school trip there was a moment he wondering where he has been before that scene (when he is seeing Dan Oh after he couldn't find her in the woods). So he - like Dan Oh and any other character got placed there and he didn't really know HOW he got there.


    2 hours ago, kaqueski said:

    So this is what happen when you do cross over of your character in manga... (I'm looking at you CLAMP - one of my favorite mangaka back in the days who produce series which crazy cross overs)

    Yes, CLAMP! :wub:

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  2. 1 hour ago, LavelyShai said:

    This is why my initial thoughts were last week, Ha Ru has been the one to change the story as he's been self aware much longer than Dan Oh. He's been subtly changing the story, but Dan Oh thinks it's her when we've seen it's not her at all. Ha Ru basically set everything in motion once he noticed her. 

    I'm rewatching the first episode again and I was keeping an eye on when and where Ha Ru showed up. Because somehow I thought Ha Ru didn't show up AT ALL in the first episode. But actually he did, even if just from behind or in shadows/light. I'm gonna post some of the screenshots later - when I'm back home. :D 


    I want to know HOW he became aware and how he noticed Dan Oh and if she was one of the reasons why he decided to change the plot. I'm pretty sure he also became sick of being a character without any lines and without any story. But every character needs an motivation aside from that. So I guess Dan Oh played a huge part in it.


    Btw... I haven't watched tonights episode, so I don't know if we got some answers to those questions already. :) 

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  3. This episode was such a sad episode for Lee Soo. He lost the one person in the palace who was genuinely siding with him and he could trust. I just hope that his eunuch will be on his side from now on despite his first betrayal.


    And then... he found out that Gae Ttong is in love with Hoon. :(


    Seo Ji Hoon really embodies the sad King and sad heartbroken man. I just hope he won't go to the dark side. I think that would too easy. I would understand his anger but I also think the drama painted him well as the genuinely good man he is inside.


    So we have no entered the angst part of each drama and I'm ready for it but also I'm not.


    On another note: I adored Gae Ttongs confession. The whole bridge scene, the wish making and then the confession was lovely.


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  4. 6 minutes ago, baby.hae said:


    Girrll preach lol. I totally agree. And this is also happened to my friend. She always tells me she is tired of because her bf is treating her like crap but she cant quit and believe that he would change. .but she is crying everyday and totally unhappy. sigh


    I'm really addicted to this drama so I searching some fanmade videos on youtube, I'm surprised there are a lot of baekyung and Dan Oh fanmade vids and a lot of people shipping this couple, I know everyone has different taste but I really dont get it? I mean until eps 4,  He is nothing but jerk and treating Dan Oh like richard simmons, hurting her phisically and emotionally, He doesn't even care if she is dying or not. I totally dont get it lol. Anyway cant wait for today eps!! I will camping here later lol

    It's definitely still a on-going issues that people ship them despite the constant bad treatment by Kyung. It's not romantic or cute. It's terrible. :( There is no reason for him to be this mean other than the comic writer making him that way.


    Like some sad... he left her behind in the woods despite Dan Oh having a chestpain. Put aside his obvious antipathy towards Dan Oh... a decent human being doesn't do that.

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  5. Just now, stroppyse said:


    Me, too. I keep thinking that BK at least suspects the truth, and wonder what he’s like when he’s not “in character”.


    I won’t be able to watch the episode until much later, so I’ll be checking here for updates. I hope DO stands firm on ending the engagement. Go self actualization! :D 

    I mean still for him... the abuse by his father is very much there. So he definitely is angry and frustrated. And as some said he is taking it out on Dan Oh which is not okay. But I also want Kyung to get a chance to become happier and redeem himself as in have a confrontation with Dan Oh and maybe apologize - even if it won't erase what he has done.


    I also agree that Dan Oh should stand up for herself and really end the engagement. I hope the preview isn't fooling us. :D


    6 minutes ago, nateko said:

    Yes, that was him. I was so happy that he not so accidentally bumped into Kyung. :D I can't wait for new episodes, I want to know since when did HAru become self aware. In the preview Dan Oh asked him this question I I'm dying to know what he'll say. 

    Ha Ru better give Dan Oh and us answers to those questions. We want to know everything he knows. :lol:

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  6. @nateko


    It's pretty safe to say they won't end up together. Because Dan Oh made it clear... Kyung isn't really her type and she HATES it when the writer pushes her on stage to swoon over him and throw cheesy lines at him. Plus they can't give us Dan Oh and Ha Ru and expect us to believe that Dan Oh and Kyung are endgame. I think that's off the table. :D


    Btw... I was rewatching the earlier episodes. And I remember how Kyung was mean to Dan Oh again and then a guy was walking past him "accidently" pushing him. I think that was Ha Ru and Ha Ru was already changing the scenes actively. :wub:

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  7. 1 minute ago, nateko said:

    Probably about why he's been such a douchebag to Dan Oh? :D He doesn't seem that bad when he's not on the Stage but... I'm kinda frustrated that I can't hate him in peace because of it. Still don't justify anything he's done to Dan Oh but I feel sorry for him. The writer is truly the villain in this story. 

    It would definitely be more interesting if he would be aware of how badly he treats Dan Oh and is torn between being in character and hating it. So there is still a chance to redeem him but for that he must become aware and him and Dan Oh having a proper talk. :)

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  8. 31 minutes ago, KittenLou said:

    Hello, i'm new in this forum. I'm not to good at english. Please take care of me. 

    I really love gong seung yeon and try to watch all of her drama. And Flower Crew is my favorite until now. 

    I think in the end Gae Ddong will have a new family with her new name. Mr. Yoon maybe will re-married with Lady Yuu. And he will accept Gae Ddong as his daughter with her new name. I cannot wait to see the next episode.. 

    Welcome to the forum and do not worry about your English skills. :D We're here to enjoy the drama together, so please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings!

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  9. I haven't watched tonight's episode yet but how sweet can you make Ma Hoon. He married Lord Yun's daughter because in illness it was her last wish to have a wedding before she dies. And even though Ma Hoon at that time doesn't believe in love he did it anyways and was willing to stand in as a fake groom. :bawling:


    Also, it was generous of Lord Yun to give his permission to give his daughter's name/identity to Gae Ttong. I would've loved it more if Lady Im and Lord Yun would've gotten married and would've adopted Gae Ttong. But still like this solution okay. 


    And Gae Ttong's joy! To finally have a time. It was lovely to see her so happy. Commoners without any parents tend to have no names. So this means the world to her.


    And Ma Hoon's "She is now the King's woman". 


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  10. 11 minutes ago, nateko said:

    I hope Dan Oh and Baek Kyung don't get engaged :grimace: Poor Haru is going to try to stop them but from the still it doesn't look good...

    Yeah I thought the preview sounded too good to be true for the engagement to be over but in the end maybe the writer wants things to set back into place. Or maybe Jinmichae got his hands in it. Because something is off about him. He is not happy with an extra becoming so important - especially getting a name and suddenly even playing a bigger role on stage. So he would do something to set things back. I'm pretty sure he got something to do with Dan Oh's mother disappearing from the story.

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  11. Wow Korean fans are even more observant. I mean I know they notice things some international viewers don't but still... The whole legend and the pendant. It's so interesting. Looking forward to see if this actually happens to be the "secret" in the drama aka manhwa. See what I did there? :P


    Also, Ha Ru definitely is aware of being in a manhwa longer than Dan Oh and he has been drawing Dan Oh before Dan Oh became aware. I think there is a short scene/cut to Ha Ru (back then mysterious guy) who keeps drawing in the library. So yeah, he drew Dan Oh longer before he actually met Dan Oh.


    Except, maybe he met Dan Oh before but she couldn't remember. :D

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:



    the way she think she clean is more funny :joy:


    * love this drama because we experience laughter, pulling hair moment, love , friendship, family , I  never disappointed :heart:

    Let's never forgot that Gae Ttong isn't really a noble lady. :lol: She butchered fish and did every dirty job to earn money. She is a woman with a good heart but a dirty body. LMAO


    And yes I can't agree more. :D A mixture in this drama.

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