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  1. Thank you for following me, @Tasia! :)

  2. If you have an account on MBC you watch GMB live here: http://vodmall.imbc.com/player/onair.aspx

  3. I don't really know how to follow you! D: And did you see?! Stupid new forum deleted our pics... I hate this new forum. I reply to your last PM as soon as I'm done with my exam. :D

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    2. Jillia


      I couldn't find mine either... so I just used a MCW pic! kk :D

      A mod PM'd me and said you haven't enabled the function for people to follow you. :) That's why I can't follow you.

    3. obscuresalmon


      Well, that helps I guess, except I don't really know how to do that...sooooo yeah. Anyways I'll just go unfollowed I guess. Yeah I'm just using a gif for my cover thingy and a pic of MCW cause they were easy to find in my picture files. :)

    4. Jillia


      It almost killed me when I saw your cover! :D I think I stopped breathing for second. :wub:

      Next to the followers are the "options" and I think you can edit whether you want people to follow you or not. :)

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