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  1. @LyraYoo @Ameera Ali That's just the struggle of my life... because then they gave us this, SO early in the drama. And I'm like "WHERE do you want to take this?" and "HOW are you going to resolve that whole cliffhanger?". Credit: DC Gall
  2. The struggle, chingu, the STRUGGLE! Me seeing Nokdu in female hanbok for the first time: But then unwrapping those abs... like:
  3. Welcome, @naori87! Yes I'm curious about that as well. As many say like @Peach that the webtoon is very different from the drama adaptation. On another note: I wonder if Ha Ru was somewhat teasing Dan Oh in the move theatre. Like not to be mean but what if he read those scenes and a) knew Kyung wouldn't be there but b) also read about Sae Mi's "advice" about touching and indirect kissing. Like that would be somewhat funny. LMAO
  4. The first time, Ha Ru heard and used his own voice... *clutching my pearls* First time Dan Oh trying to convince Ha Ru to help her and imitating him speaking because she believes he can't talk. And the sweetest smile... just for Dan Oh...
  5. I'm catching up on the episodes right now and I'm barely active in this thread because so many drama watching right now. But... BUT... like: OH DEAR LORD! ++ Credit: DC Gall Me:
  6. This scene! It was weirdly beautiful, lonely, sad... everything... Also: kudos to the cast and crew because they have done a great job filming this. It's so difficult to film underwater scenes but actually film beautifully - A+ job! Weirdy... I needed this gif to see that Ha Ru's arms is actually around Dan Oh... Also: PRETTY! Credit: DC Gall
  7. I agree, @chubbz! I would even say that Kyung became slowly aware something is off a little earlier. Even before he actually met Ha Ru. When the class went on the summer trip it was apparent that after Kyung was looking for Dan Oh in the woods, he got moved to the temple site so suddenly he couldn't even remember how he got there. So this was already an indicator that he isn't dumb and notices little things. Then when he met Ha Ru - Ha Ru repeately told him: you won't remember my name or any of this anyway so what does it matter if you know my name. Plus Ha Ru is pretty much connected with Dan Oh and always putting himself between Kyung and Dan Oh. So his subconscious remembered this annoying guy who are was a) stronger than him (I noticed each time he put his hand on Dan Oh or Ha Ru, Ha Ru effortlessly was able to remove his hand), b) everytime when the scene ends Dan Oh is turning to this guy whose freaking name he can't remember and c)Dan Oh and Ha Ru telling him all the time about character purpose and "the stage is over". So in the regard I'm really curious to see HOW aware Kyung is. And if he is reponsible for Ha Ru disappearing. And about the episode again: I think it was good portrayal of how different Ha Ru and Kyung react to Dan Oh, to jealousy and anger. We got jealous Ha Ru but instead of becoming violent he was only throwing looks at Do Hwa and interrupting Dan Oh and Do Hwa by punching the piano keys. Meanwhile Kyung is violent, he grabs Dan Oh and not too gently and kicks things. Meanwhile Ha Ru gentle puts Dan Oh behind him in order to protect her. Yes, he grabs her as well in order to remove her from Kyung's and terrible female extras' present but he immediately lets her go as soon as they outside. So there is that. Kyung is certainly a interesting character but there are things which are barely forgivable. And he himself needs to realize what he Also, let's remember he only became jealous when Dan Oh stopped swooning over him. I'm pretty sure when she wasn't aware she was just moving through the world and even without a scene would swoon over Kyung. Now that she has a mind on her own, she stopped that behavior which frustrates Kyung. And suddenly he becomes obsessive and possessive, telling Dan Oh she needs to stop playing tricks and that she is his fiancé. I hope with him becoming aware he is realizing that the more important thing for him is to change who he is and to change his behavior. Also, I wouldn't mind him and Dan Oh becoming friends. I think they need a good talk about how they were both so unfitting for eachother were pushed together by that dreadful writer.
  8. @leeminhosny @celebrianna I mean it in the overall sense. It's not a one to one copy/parody. But as @stroppyse said that first scene with the A3 is basically a parody on the entrance scene of the flower boys squad which is called F4. So a clear parody. And overall the drama (probably the webtoon as well) plays on all the drama clichés like dragging the girl by the arm. The bad boys who treat the female leads terrible but then they still get the girl (aka Joo Da is still somewhat smitten by Nam Joo due to her role as the female lead). It's just fun to see a drama using those clichés and have Dan Oh, Do Hwa and Ha Ru rebel against themm. Just the fact that as extras they try to become more important than that is just a nice twist.
  9. Credit: chaeunwoo I think the show is really a parody of all the clichés, tropes and cheesy lines found in k-dramas, namely Boy Over Flower etc. Like the fact that on stage the bad guy gets the girl - aka Nam Joo getting Joo Da. So it's safe to say: Kyung won't get the girl. They're giving us all the shippy scenes with Ha Ru and Dan Oh's heart is already going dokie dokie. She is still fighting it, also because her main goal is to change the story and to do whatever she wants. She is basically rebelling against what the female characters are supposed to do. Hence why it's always so funny to have her internal monologue everytime she has to act in "Baek Kyung's Time".
  10. Yah, Do Hwa... You want to be friends with Ha Ru then stay out of this. The way Ha Ru's "male lead eyes" just stopped him. Credit: liveasbutterflies
  11. Btw I loved the interactions between Ha Ru and Do Hwa as well. Especially when Do Hwa was questioning whether anything would change when/if Joo Da becomes self-aware or if everything would just be the same. Also, I think he was a bit thoughtless - without meaning it - telling Ha Ru basically he is lucky because he has no story and role to fullfill in the story while Do Hwa has to watch Joo Da from afar. And I feel like Ha Ru was just thinking that his role isn't so far off from Do Hwa's role - at least so far.
  12. But then this happened, @leeminhosny! @stargazer187 The drama just creates the bittersweet balance between sweet moments and angst. Like how... we're not even half-way through with this drama and we don't even know half of what's going on. But they give these moments and I'm not ready when the real angst kicks in. I can't take Ha Ru ignoring Dan Oh... probably on stage and maybe when the scene is over he regrets it. Or worse the writer just erases his memories.
  13. You may be right about that. Like that these two complement each other so well that they actually can change the story. The question is just if it's always good and if it actually does help, e.g. Do Hwa. It's the same as with timetravelling. Just because you know the past doesn't meant you can change it without having any consequences. So maybe in the end things are set the way they're planned to happen. Just like Do Hwa may never get the girl - at least not in this drama. No it's not from a bts. I think it's actually for some of the posters or pre-drama stills. Ha Ru is always looking so softly at Dan Oh. Hahahaha... I had to laugh so hard. I mean Lee Jae Wook and everyone else is handsome as they are. But that hair. Please let him have his half bangs back.
  14. Eeeeek... can we have this as a scene, please!? Credit: MBC And.... what the heck is with Baek Kyung's aka Lee Jae Wook's hair. Is this really from this drama? In the future episodes...? Credit: DC Gall
  15. @stargazer187 Yeah, Dan Oh is mostly unnerved by how the writer is putting her on stage. She is like this damsel-in-distress with a heart disease who is swooning over a jerk. But still she is determined that she can change her fate and hope that'll be the case. I think it would be so unfair if again she would die. On the other hand, maybe then the writer would give her and Ha Ru a happy ending as leads in a new manhwa. Who knows, right?
  16. I'm wondering though... why is it that Dan Oh is getting those storyboard flashbacks? Is this planned by the writer or a glitch. Is somebody else getting those flashbacks? What's the secret? Also, no post without these two.
  17. This scene was so beautiful. I loved how Dan Oh wondered whether Haru remembers her or not and we get the answer again. Yes, he does.
  18. @stargazer187 Well I hope you'll stay with us beyond Extraordinary You. But: Laser glare Haru demands for you to stay.
  19. No matter how crappy your home situation is you don't talk to people like Kyung does. And Ha Ru knows. Credit: mufalo Welcome to the thread! @stargazer187 and @Mayiya
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