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  1. @liltash85 Please update the first post according to the forum rules. Have a look at other drama threads to see how a proper first post looks like. -Jillia
  2. @DreamCatcher2011 Keep in mind to check the k-drama schedule and directory BEFORE creating a new drama thread. -Jillia
  3. Finally the drama has a timeslot. It will air: On SBS and will replace Big Issue on the Wednesday/Thursday slot on May 15th, 2019.
  4. Sorry everyone I completely missed the press conference but will now catch up by watching the long trailer. :D I'm super excited for this since I'm in a drama slump so to speak.
  5. I can't wait! Two more weeks and this drama will finally premiere! I can't wait for Kim Jae Wook to hit my small screen in a romcom AS A LEAD! OMG!
  6. Friendly reminder: Please keep your posts on-topic, meaning drama-related. Any discussions about the recent scandal in the k-ent industry belong in other threads. -Jillia
  7. @Yana Mujay I find the first post sufficient enough for the informations out there about this drama and the cast at this particular point. I'm sure @marykarmelina will update it with the months to come. If you look at the rules in regards of what a first post requires you will see that it meets the conditions. Let's focus on the drama itself and the first post will come around for sure the more casting news and so on are coming out. -Jillia
  8. From what I read in Korean news both actors are still in the midst of reviewing this drama and no official confirmation has been released yet. Therefore I will lock this thread. Please PM me as soon as one or both are confirmed for this drama. -Jillia
  9. Okay, so I watched the first 4 aka 6 episodes and my thoughts while watching it were: Like everyone on this show has serious issues. Kang In Wook (kudos to Ryu Soo Young for taking on such a dark character) who is obsessed with Yoon Ma Ri to a point where his love turns into something twisted and dark. Yoon Ma Ri who is living in hell and her only way to get away is to stage her own death and change her face. And then Seo Jung Won who changes Ma Ri's face into his passed wife's face. Like what the actual? I don't know what to think yet - just that this drama is meeting all the drama clichés in k-dramaland. But I'm so fascinated I want to keep watching and see where this drama will take this.
  10. Informations on when the drama will air and how many episodes. Premieres on April 26th and will have 48 episodes (2 back to back episodes) And filming of the drama has been spotted.
  11. I think because it's like this with every news drama because we want it to look promising and good. On another note: a person posted on IG that she/he saw Kim Jae Wook filming today. He looked very handsome and was apparently wearing a navy blue suit with white pinstripes.
  12. Yes they're filming today. EDIT: I've read in Korean sources that the teaser will be released this upcoming week.
  13. I checked Korean sources and there are no news at all for a 2nd season. The title quoted in the source "동백꽃 필 무렵" doesn't have anything to do with Secret Forest but is the Korean title for a upcoming KBS2 drama. I think we should wait and see and rely on Korean news outlets for a season 2 confirmation. Bae Doona is busy filming Kingdom season 2 right now and this will take up a couple of months for sure.
  14. This drama will premiere tonight! For all the melodrama addicts out there.
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