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  1. Korean fans uploading fanart for sageuk part... Dan Oh with them bangs and Ha Ru with his Ha Ru bangs. Credit: DC Gall Me:
  2. I just checked Korean news and from what I understand KBS won't postpone tonight's episodes but will delay them until after the game is over.
  3. I think so as well. Dramas like Answer Me 1988, Sky Castle etc. have a nice mix of young and older generations, so those type of dramas appeal to many people. School dramas rarely have very high ratings.
  4. Ratings for dramas these day are low anyways. But I can say the buzz is pretty big. Like people talk a lot about this drama in Korea. I wonder though if the ratings come from the timeslot.
  5. It's so cute how Rowoon and Lee Jae Wook are always making fun of how tall they are and how smol Kim Hye Yoon is.
  6. I think whoever translated Gae Ttong's brother's "name" as Kang misunderstood his description. The brother is only described as the house slave of the Kang Household which is the family name of Ji Hwa and Kang Mong Goo. He like many slaves has no proper name, yet. Stills for episode 11.
  7. These two... let them be BFFs forever! Also they way they both cringe at Do Hwa's older brother's fashion taste. Credit: okashiratsuki
  8. @-Cherry Blossom- I think he will get more lines as the story progresses but also he says a lot even without many lines. So all is good!
  9. That scene was something. My heart went off like I'm Dan Oh myself. Like Ha Ru being so tall just standing there and Dan Oh wondering whether he remembers her or not. I just can't... Credit: DC Gall
  10. I also love so much that even without Dan Oh, Ha Ru decided to change the story in episode 2 (aka 3-4) when the whole stairways scene happened. In the storyboard, Dan Oh didn't see Ha Ru in the scene but then he walked passed her and her heart started pounding. She was also suddenly able to move. Which made me at first wonder since the stage was still on whether the writer DID plan this to happen or was at least playing with that in her mind. But I want to believe that actually it was Ha Ru's choice to do something about the fall because he most likely read about it in the manhwa as well.
  11. I think what I adore about this drama, Dan Oh and Ha Ru is that they're playing with drama clichés and even adress them. They make fun of them. But ultimately the message is that each character wants a life on their own. They want to decide what they want to do and whom they fall in love with. A life that is solely theirs. And I loved when Ha Ru tried to ignore Dan Oh but when he decided he would do whatever he wants and he follow his heart she told him right away she thought he would just ignore her to be cool. Like many bad boy characters would do. Credit: DC Gall
  12. @leeminhosny I think they call Ha Ru that in the context of how smooth he was in the movie theatre. And then he is like super innocent again: Credit: belsmultifandommess
  13. But seeing those tiny spoilers just make me really happy because so far they have been mostly filming in school - which is mostly indoor set with greenscreen (for everything outside), a couple outside scenes when on the school grounds and I'm pretty sure everything else (Dan Oh's home, Kyung's home and so on) are indoor sets as well. So to see them actually being outside (and outside school) is a nice change.
  14. @Sanju98 I would more say that both are very different types of handsome. But when we say the actor who plays Nam Joo is handsome as well and so is Do Hwa. We're stuck in a drama full of beautiful men and women. Credit: belsmultifandommess
  15. Ha Ru's flirting skills... going from innocent "I can't even talk, don't move any closer on that bench" to being super smooth movie theatre cuddler:
  16. Oh, I thought the hair in the Secret manhwa looks more Goryeo than Joseon. Now that's gonna be interesting. Plus... I see beautifuly scenery coming at us and I'm not ready.
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