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  1. @vangsweetie637 @gracebkk I think there is really no easy solution for what's happening between Joon Young, Hyun Ho and Jung Kyung. I hope we will get some sort of solution from today's conflict/confrontation between them. I agree that maybe the reason for Joon Young not to mention the kiss to Hyun Ho is because he might think it would hurt him more to know it. No matter if it meant something or not. To find out Jung Kyung kissed his best friend would probably hurt Hyun Ho. But I always go back to what Song Ah said to Joon Young: sometimes it's better to know and to hurt than not to know and be the idiot. And right now Hyun Ho must feel like an idiot because the 2 people who meant the most to him lied to him and still keep on lying. @rukizie Like @vangsweetie637, @sal2 and @gracebkk I think we have to live with the fact that we will get some more angsty moments but in the end Song Ah and Joon Young will figure things out in their own pace. And Song Ah isn't blind. So it's not like she doesn't know about Joon Young's complicated relationship with Jung Kyung. But since Joon Young himself knows how it feels to never know whether the feelings are reciprocated, I don't see him doing the same with Song Ah what Jung Kyung did to him. I think he will be honest with her and I think we will like that more.
  2. @MY15 Here: I know how stressful shipper threads can be. So please relax here! 408
  3. Hi, @MY15! So lovely to see you here again. 410
  4. Voted! For my special category. 414
  5. 416 Hi everyone! It's Do You Like Brahms? Day for me!
  6. @tulip06 @memory magnet I would actually hope that Ji Min isn't clueless until late in the drama. He was sold as a good journalist and he might not suspect anything to happen in his private life but I don't want him to be clueless about what's going on. Not sure if he will find out next week but could very well be the case. It would be actually more mature if he finds out and confronts Eun Soo about it. Or him starting to investigate again, remembering the letter he put away 10 years ago when he got his new position. So it's gonna be interesting.
  7. Thank you so much for the event, @partyon and @Lmangla! 1. Who is your favorite second lead? Watching Empress Ki for the first time, so I gotta choose Togon Temur. Even though he is actually getting on my nerves right at this moment. And OF COURSE! Kim Yoon Sung from Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Almost as tragic as Prince Yang Myung in Moon Embracing the Sun. Loved the portrayal of Jinyoung despite him being an idol actor. 2. Best kiss in a sageuk? Well that's certainly a tough one... I chose 100 Days My Prince and Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. Honorable mention: Moonlight Drawn By Clouds... protect Kim Yoo Jung's first drama kiss at all costs. 3. Who is the most annoying character? Yeom Byung Soo aka The Plague from Empress Ki... all the way.
  8. Welcome to the thread, @Just_Me! I hope you will enjoy your stay in this drama thread and will share your thoughts and opinions. @vangsweetie637 As for couple name: I don't know if Brahms Couple would be a good name because it's connected with Jung Kyung. On the other hand the title is a play on names when we think Brahms is Joon Young. Pinky Swear Couple is definitely super cute. @gracebkk @vangsweetie637 It would be actually so much fun because it would be like a new start for Joon Young and Song Ah as well. To graduate from school and possibly moving on to graduate school (together?). I still believe by the end of the drama Joon Young will make a final decision on what his future will look like and I kind of hope both will choose their own way of happiness. As for Jung Kyung, Hyun Ho and Joon Young and respectively Song Ah, Min Sung and Dong Yoon: like you both said there is massive miscommunication or lack of communication. I mean Joon Young was pretty clear when he rejected Jung Kyung. He told her to endure [the unrequited love] like he did. Basically until it's over and she is over it. But she decided that she knows Joon Young better and that he must still love her. Hyun Ho is kind of sidelined. But yes, there is definitely fault in Joon Young for not telling Hyun Ho what happened back in New York. I think we will... hopefully... see a big confrontation coming our way. and yes it's questionable whether their friendship can be mended or not. With Min Sung, Dong Yoon and Song Ah... it almost feels less drastic but in reality there are many unspoken things between the 3. And I could see Min Sung breaking first because she also broke the "news" about her night with Dong Yoon to Song Ah despite him asking her not to do it. So in way he is the coward. But at the same time Min Sung... I can't really read her. She is not well-developed as a character but I find it weird she was so oblivious to Song Ah's feelings for Dong Yoon. But I guess sometimes it's not easy to see other people's feelings when the own feelings are so strong. But I think Song Ah is the one who is distancing herself and I'm not sure if Dong Yoon will let it go. So it's definitely going to be interesting how things will develope in their friendship.
  9. @gracebkk I thought that's what her former professor offered her? The graduate school I mean. And I also thought that Cha Young In at one point said that Song Ah graduated from that university. But she probably meant the business degree. It would make sense for Song Ah to graduate now and have her last semester with Joon Young, since they're also same age. And then go to graduate school. I think that wasn't really made clear because her professor offered her this opportunity. So I probably mixed it up. @gracebkk @rukizie @vangsweetie637 I have to admit it bothers me so much that Jung Kyung is causing such a rift between Joon Young and Hyun Ho. And Hyun Ho himself seems unable to talk things out and to clarify things. I hope the drama resolved it all in a satisfying way. I don't need a happy ending for these 3 but it would be nice to see their friendship isn't completely over because Jung Kyung was unable to know what/who she wants. @vangsweetie637 Even knetz only call them "SongJoon Couple". I hope we can find a better name.
  10. @gracebkk kkk The way Joon Young starts talking and Song Ah is like "Who are you?". Like THESE TWO! @vangsweetie637 @gracebkk I just rewatched the earlier episodes and in the restaurant Cha Young In mentions that because Joon Young travelled so much for his competitions and concerts he was unable to finish his last semester which is why he will do so while on his sabbatical. And Song Ah is starting graduate school. It's really like we're watching a college drama now. And I'm here for it. Thank you so much for sharing the new stills and video clips, @gracebkk and @rukizie! My heart is full fo Song Ah and Joon Young right now! Happy Do You Like Brahms? Day!
  11. Nah, now that I know they air it prior to the actual timeslot on tv it looks like they're counting on the streaming numbers not the tv ratings. So I think that's why they released it earlier. But please, also @partyon, don't let this drag you down. You still can enjoy your oppa! 400
  12. @Sleepy Owl @partyon I'm not even planning to watch this drama but I am offended on your behalf: 398
  13. So I checked Korean news and it looks like every Saturday the Korean streaming platforms wavve and B tv will air 2 episodes exclusively and then the following Mon & Tue KBS2 will air the episodes on the regular timeslot on tv. Why was it so difficult to let people know about this?
  14. I really have no idea. I never heard about it. Maybe they wanted to get Korean viewers excited because Mon & Tue slot is occupied by Record of Youth which airs at 21:00 KST. So Zombie Detective got a hard time. But that's just me speculating. I don't think something like that ever happened before. It's definitely confusing.
  15. @partyon Apparently it will air tomorrow on tv but it aired 2 episodes on streaming platforms (Korean ones).
  16. @kdramagrandma Because according to KBS it IS premiering on September 21st. Please tell us where you watched the first 2 episodes. I'm sure @partyon and everyone waiting for their oppa to be back would love to know. EDIT: Apparently it aired on streaming platforms but I have no further info.
  17. @joccu I mean the whole infertile plot is in historical c-dramas as well... Women are dangerous! 362
  18. 366 What is with episode 13!?!?!?
  19. @partyon He burnt the letter from the Empress........................................ @Sleepy Owl Like you said... everyone will fall for Seungnyang... just wait until she is Empress. LMAO @mirmz Why are you bored? 366
  20. @sadthe1st But Do You like Brahms is GOOD! @partyon @Sleepy Owl What the heck is with Togon in episode 13?!?! Like.... what a.... 366
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