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  1. @vangsweetie637 @annamchoi The written preview definitely sounds promising. I have high hopes this drama will take a different road like they usually do. I mean they both didn't buy tickets back to Seoul, so maybe they stay in Daejeon, that's where Joon Young's mom lives. (even though they could buy tickets back to Seoul there as well) By causing a wound it's meant in a emotional way. Since we know how Sung Jae is like, he will probably tell Song Ah that Joon Young needs to focus on his career and someone like her isn't on the same level. I think that's the reason why Song Ah ends up being in such depressed mood.
  2. Written preview is out for episode 11: Sung Jae who finds out Song Ah and Joon Young are dating is calling her out and causes a big wound. Meanwhile, Joon Young takes the depressed Song Ah to a place of his childhood memories and the relationship between the two becomes even closer... But also me at Sung Jae: @vangsweetie637 I mean it's nice they gave Professor Yoo a background history, so we can understand him better. I appreciate the effort but just like Jung Kyung's sad teenage years with her mother passing away isn't an excuse for her behavior. Neither are Professor Yoo's inferiority issues. I get he is human as well but he is also a teacher and a good one apparently, at least if he likes to. So I hope we will see some development in the right direction. He needs to step up his game when it comes to preparing Joon Young for the competition.
  3. Now I want a gif for that. I don't think anyone posted it on DCGall. I will look again. Because I rewatched the scene and it's really such a satisfying moment.
  4. Good morning, @vangsweetie637! Dimple Couple just makes us want to protect them at all costs. Because most of the people surrounding them are awful! Source: DCGall, credit as labeled
  5. 540 Coming back from homeoffice like: @partyon *whispers* Chingu...
  6. This is really a beautiful tweet, @Sky8lue! And I agree with @rafeusjanela and you, I can't wait either for Song Ah and Joon Young to break down. I think we all know the drama is working towards them making decisions for their own happiness but also definitely for them to grow as a couple. And I think it will be big moment for them to open up to eachother and for Joon Young to break down and just cry. He has been comforting Song Ah in episode 10 but who really comforted him since he lost his friend as well. So I think like you that we're in for a treat for sure. And should I daresay - even though I'm torn back and forth that this drama - might not go down the road of breaking up the couple temporarily? Will we see them grow together and face the conflicts together? And not go down the road of noble idiocy? I would love that honestly.
  7. Thank you for sharing the comment, @rafeusjanela! There are definitely many ways in how to interpret the apartment scene. I think it was maybe even more important than the last scene in episode 10. Because it really shows are how the characters are feeling and thinking and dealing with their problems. So in that regard, I enjoy reading all kinds of comments about this scene. On another note, here some gifs for the making of. Source: DCGall
  8. I think we all need some good feels to soothe our hearts until next episodes. Source: DCGall, credit as labeled
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