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  1. Yah, Do Hwa... You want to be friends with Ha Ru then stay out of this. The way Ha Ru's "male lead eyes" just stopped him. Credit: liveasbutterflies
  2. Btw I loved the interactions between Ha Ru and Do Hwa as well. Especially when Do Hwa was questioning whether anything would change when/if Joo Da becomes self-aware or if everything would just be the same. Also, I think he was a bit thoughtless - without meaning it - telling Ha Ru basically he is lucky because he has no story and role to fullfill in the story while Do Hwa has to watch Joo Da from afar. And I feel like Ha Ru was just thinking that his role isn't so far off from Do Hwa's role - at least so far.
  3. But then this happened, @leeminhosny! @stargazer187 The drama just creates the bittersweet balance between sweet moments and angst. Like how... we're not even half-way through with this drama and we don't even know half of what's going on. But they give these moments and I'm not ready when the real angst kicks in. I can't take Ha Ru ignoring Dan Oh... probably on stage and maybe when the scene is over he regrets it. Or worse the writer just erases his memories.
  4. You may be right about that. Like that these two complement each other so well that they actually can change the story. The question is just if it's always good and if it actually does help, e.g. Do Hwa. It's the same as with timetravelling. Just because you know the past doesn't meant you can change it without having any consequences. So maybe in the end things are set the way they're planned to happen. Just like Do Hwa may never get the girl - at least not in this drama. No it's not from a bts. I think it's actually for some of the posters or pre-drama stills. Ha Ru is always looking so softly at Dan Oh. Hahahaha... I had to laugh so hard. I mean Lee Jae Wook and everyone else is handsome as they are. But that hair. Please let him have his half bangs back.
  5. Eeeeek... can we have this as a scene, please!? Credit: MBC And.... what the heck is with Baek Kyung's aka Lee Jae Wook's hair. Is this really from this drama? In the future episodes...? Credit: DC Gall
  6. @stargazer187 Yeah, Dan Oh is mostly unnerved by how the writer is putting her on stage. She is like this damsel-in-distress with a heart disease who is swooning over a jerk. But still she is determined that she can change her fate and hope that'll be the case. I think it would be so unfair if again she would die. On the other hand, maybe then the writer would give her and Ha Ru a happy ending as leads in a new manhwa. Who knows, right?
  7. I'm wondering though... why is it that Dan Oh is getting those storyboard flashbacks? Is this planned by the writer or a glitch. Is somebody else getting those flashbacks? What's the secret? Also, no post without these two.
  8. This scene was so beautiful. I loved how Dan Oh wondered whether Haru remembers her or not and we get the answer again. Yes, he does.
  9. @stargazer187 Well I hope you'll stay with us beyond Extraordinary You. But: Laser glare Haru demands for you to stay.
  10. No matter how crappy your home situation is you don't talk to people like Kyung does. And Ha Ru knows. Credit: mufalo Welcome to the thread! @stargazer187 and @Mayiya
  11. @angelbeast90 Yes, I want a kiss. Like we need Dan Oh on her toes and Ha Ru bending down. A sweet kiss. Yes I want that!
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