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  1. @JiMerlin @B8lle I don't think Kim Yoo Jung ever did a photoshooting with one of her co-stars. The closest we've come to post-drama promo was for MBDC where they did a signing event. Not sure how it is with Ji Chang Wook. I will definitely miss them as well. Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook. And Saet Byul and Dae Hyun. Look at them they're so alike!
  2. I also hope they're not tricking us again and that it means they actually kissed before all that. And yes, you definitely can cut through the tension.
  3. However, we're not the only ones waiting! Knetz as well are waiting for a kiss. They like us hold onto what we got until now. The Dance Scene kiss and you know the tension: Source: DCGall
  4. I really hope PDnim is just building to something big here. I hope we get a proper kiss or two. But at this point we really can only just wait and see.
  5. Listening to Sabrina Claudio a lot again.
  6. We can only hope! I've never sit through a drama that took so long for a kiss. Not even fusion sageuks take that long.
  7. Do not worry because: We will get through this last Friday and Saturday. Looking forward to what's going to happen. How much drama, how lovey-dovey, how much kissing... you know the drill!
  8. Not sure if the gif will show up but I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this confession scene. I just like how formal Dae Hyun is, even though to give us this sort of cliffhanger is a bit weird. Source: DCGall, credit as labeled
  9. @Ale _ida Yeah at times like this... these type of crowds are insane. It's also sad for JCW. But hopefully aside from that, he still enjoyed his time there. And hopefully we will be able to watch the drama finale.
  10. @Tuvi Girl Oh definitely! It was also made to promote the company (in the drama itself) that's why Kang Ji Wook did it. It was just a nice similarity that Ji Chang Wook who is an actor did a day of work in a convenience store. I like it though. Even though @cherkell the article shocked me and make realize what would've happened if Kim Yoo Jung had been there as well.
  11. Especially K-Drama Awards... those are not dictated by quality (at least no always), only by popularity. I mean it would be a big kick in the face of everyone who sent in complaints about the drama if KYJ and JCW would win an award or two for this drama. But I honestly and sadly don't see it happening. But it's okay for me.
  12. @Yuui Oh yes, PLEASE! I love that Kim Yoo Jung is hands on. So I hope PDnim will make use of it and also Ji Chang Wook's kissing talent.
  13. and @asterann It just needs to be satisfying. I won't accept a boring kiss. Yeon Joo and Seung Joon had a boring kiss and that was definitely filmed like it's meant to show they have no real feelings for eachother. So expect something different for Saet Byul and Dae Hyun. @asterann So it was you! I couldn't remember who mentioned it. But yes, I'm hopelessly hopeful. @Tuvi Girl Yes, it looks like inbetween filming.
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