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  1. @triplem I'm going to check out Designated Survivor as well. I don't even watch the original but I'm interested in the Korean remake. Really looking forward to this drama though. Jung Kyung Ho is back!
  2. @sadiesmith Please have a look at the rules for Korean drama & movie threads and edit the first post according to the rules. A first post with only the trailers is NOT a proper first post. Please edit it as soon as possible. -Jillia
  3. @liltash85 Please update the first post according to the forum rules. Have a look at other drama threads to see how a proper first post looks like. -Jillia
  4. @DreamCatcher2011 Keep in mind to check the k-drama schedule and directory BEFORE creating a new drama thread. -Jillia
  5. Finally the drama has a timeslot. It will air: On SBS and will replace Big Issue on the Wednesday/Thursday slot on May 15th, 2019.
  6. Sorry everyone I completely missed the press conference but will now catch up by watching the long trailer. :D I'm super excited for this since I'm in a drama slump so to speak.
  7. I can't wait! Two more weeks and this drama will finally premiere! I can't wait for Kim Jae Wook to hit my small screen in a romcom AS A LEAD! OMG!
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