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    a lot of these girls have like chubby cheeks, cute eyes and nose and small chin... they really are soo pretty!!! i loveeee Elle's eyes, they remind me of that soompi user; Mz Autumn or whatever...
































































































    i was once told "you have a pear shaped body" is that insulting? cuz i found that to be insulting...
















    i got called "you're fat" during my really skinny days... so i always found myself to be fat until I actually got fat... and regret it
















    i always believed I was stupid cuz my parents always told me that...
















    "you can't sing, so shut up" by my parents and siblings
















    "lose weight"
















    "you're worthless..."
















    "are you a boy or a girl?" wahhh









  3. used the double eyelid tape jus to see how my eyes would turn out... i rather liked the results...

    is it better to do both eyes AND nose at the same time?? yes i do realize its a double eyelid thread... jus a question.

    looking at all these reviews... i'm probably goin to print a list of these places... so i can see which i feel comfortable with... i wish i knew the exact price range... >.< but everyone's are different... ^^
















































    to x_candyyy
































    omggggg i loveee ur closet!!! i wish my closet had that split thing, be sooo much easier to find bottoms >.<
























































    omgggg they're really good!!! i esp loveee the last one~ ^^
























    Hilary Duff








    Lindsay Lohan (tho i will admit, i liked 2 of her tracks... Confessions / La Bella Vita) other than that... yuck~








    Jessica Simpson : i heard her sing live and she did this weirdddd thing w/ her voice, making it sound all nasally and crap~ yuck!!! ever since then... i dont like her voice~





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