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    tiffany's my absolute FAVORITE!!! im so glad she got a haircut, cuz wit her long hair it was so hard to distinguish her from the others, so i'd end up having to look closer. she has a myspace really? wow. ^^ im in love wit her haircut








    hyoyeon; i've been told she's had plastic surgery but her nose kinda looks the same. i noticed her nose looks different in some angles she's an awesome dancer and really want to see the BoA silhouette dance part. she's totally rockin the blonde hair.








    Jessica's pretty period. She reminds me someone but I cant rmr who at the moment. her talkin voice is much higher than i thought it'd be. when I saw her picture I kinda imagined her wit like a semi-husky voice... guess not








    Sunny's pretty, cant really tell which one she is in the mv but she's an absolute beauty!








    when I came into the thread... there were 12 pages... now im on like what... 17/18?








    awesome group, I love the song; Into the World and the chorus part dance.
























    she does remind me of alexis bledel... what with her blue eyes and brown hair. i liked her character in Almost Famous~ I thought she was sooo ADORABLE












    she's emily's sister?!?! WOW! i LOVEEE EMILY IN BONES!!!
























    all the time, in 8th grade I failed this test so instead of disecting a frog the people who failed had to write a paper. I believe it was a 23-28 research paper~ so I get to class the next day(mon)... she changed the date of the paper to FRIDAY! -_-'' i was soo pissed





  4. okay, so I used to talk to my crush sometimes all night long through aim. once, he asked me to come over and it was like 5am... and I told him that he lives too far and I wouldn't be back before my parents arrived. so then we talked of me coming over to his place the next day or night... well... the next day comes and he doesn't mention anything nor invites me over why is that?












    omgggg those MJ gold quilted shoes are ADORABLE!!! i want a pair~ only im saving money for Korea >.< how much were they???








    i buy shoes all the time b/c of work, but i try not to spend over $40 on shoes since i wear dress shoes for work... im in my shoes from like 9am to 8pm... a pain on feet. i usually go to Ross or Marshalls of MACYS... HUGE SALES ^^














    i carry cash... but i keep like all of it in my checkings acct at wamu. i just withdraw like $$$ ish for gas or whatever. i dont like c/d cards cuz i end up losing it. >.< i've lost my debit card for over a couple months now... but i checked my balance everyday. i just recently reported it as lost or stolen... hopefully ill be getting a new card soon~ ^^


































































































































































































    my digi camera
















































































































































































































































    burberry brit perfume
















































































    fossil wallet
































































































































































    2 necklaces
















































































    soon to get my SIDEKICK, C Zen, Chanel eyeglasses and Sunglasses~ ^^


























    i absolutely LOVEEE HER!!!






    yea she does look sorta like a rat at times... everyone says she's sooo skinny... shoot i said it earlier too... but her top half is rather skinny but her bottom half doesn't look as skinny as her top half.






    she looks different in some pictures then when she's on stage... dunno why but either way sooo kyute!!!






    in LOVEEE w/ WoWa and So Crazy~ tryin to find some more of her songs... anyone have a link to a english forum of hers?






















    i LOVEDD the drama only i never got to finish it.. i tried to buy the drama via ebay... but noo... the only ones listed were Meteor Garden 1 AND 2 and I only wanna pay for one, since i've already heard MG 2 SUCKS~




















    i LOVEEEED the movie!!! i've loved Mr. darcy from the start of the movie.. and fell more and more in love w/ him as the movie continued... the setting? oh don't get me started on it~ i fell in love w/ EVERY scenery and hope to one day visit that actual place as well as buy the Mr. Darcy statue~ ^^ i had first watched it at my friend's house... i didn't really want to watch it cuz 2 of my friends said the movie seemed to be too rushed. luckily for me i had a friend who was there who had read the book and analyzed the movie (i guess for class) it was so easy for me to relate to... yea im stubborn like she is and hopefully my "partner" will be just like Mr. Darcy~ ^^ after i watched it... i could only burst into little girlish giggles just thinking of Mr. darcy~ ^^ its gotta be one of my absolute FAVORITE movies of all time~ ^^








    then again i rather loved the Victorian era.. and Lady Catherine? oh my god her gown was absolutely GORGEOUS~





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