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    the person had brown hair & we all know Katherine's a redhead. I'd be surprised if he didn't marry Susan.
























    i can't believe they're keeping that weird guy... who in their right mind even voted for him? why couldn't they keep the good-looking blonde who thought Bones was hitting on him? he's PERFECT! of course, Booth won't die.




















    i'd say that person was a girl... how can the dr be a guy?? dr totally looked like a girl.








    oh those outfits in the restaurant were sooo cute! =)








    i hope that wendell stays.








    who do you hope will "replace" zach addy?




















    i was sad to see edie leave. i love how she comments about susan near her death. lol








    i'm going to miss her. i never understood why her face wasn't shown in the opening credits, she's a major character in my opinion... and eventually she starts going to those "poker nights" or whatever.




















    did anyone see the chicken freeze experiment? hilarious. and of course the "angie forever"








    they're coming on next week on monday... or so thats what my dv-r said.




















    i just started watching this on Lifetime channel and am addicted!! when i started watching, it was about midseason (near the hurricane episode)... then they started off at the beginning again. I'm dying to know when Kyle MacLachlan comes on the scene and what is Mike Delfino's reason for moving to Wisteria Lane. I cant wait to find out. My favorite is Teri Hatcher's character & Gabrielle (I love her extravagance). =)




























    to.ChocoCat. & Lauryn
















    i love the way you decorated the doors. it's so creative. did you glue the pictures on, or did you tape it up?
























    princess and the pear? random. i'm sure it'll make sense.












    i absolutely LOVE wendall (guy who played hockey with booth) i think he's the most normal & he fits in well with the group. i'm kind of surprised that the gravedigger episode didn't have any intern-people.












    the first grave digger episode in season 2. =)
























    I freaking HATE fox, they move the timeslot of this show around all the freaking time. i hate american idol, i wish that show would end so BONES can actually play on proper time slots.












    i mean bones was on mon, wed, thur & i think tues also. so annoying












    cant wait for the next episode.












    favorite episode:
























    -keys, dogs, bomb in bone's apt












    -Christopher Columbus coin episode




































    i started watching this show, cause I saw on E! News that Kim(KwtK) & Kendra (GND) were going to be on the show. Well, it wasn't that nights episode but I LOVE this show!! I like how they were insulting each other's flaws and the whole apples oranges etc was a memorable episode. the glass shattering after they realize it was so funny!!! i love the naked man episode.
























    too lazy to post a picture












    G1 phone












    coach wristlet- mascara, tweezers, bobbi brown oil blotting sheets & lip balm












    fossil wallet
























    fiji water bottle












    ray ban sunglasses












    hello kitty contact case




























































    memo pad












    nintendo ds lite












    book - Mr. Maybe by Jane Green












    cd booklet












    mp3 player












    NYT newspaper





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