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    ^ ah yes, but now you have something to look forward to.
































































































































































































































    @ miika. season 3? really? hmm... time to go rewatch =)
































































































































































































































































































































    i know who died. i read a spoiler on a blog. wouldn't dare post it here though.
































































































































































































































    it's been said in the news that orson's character does not die... that leaves bree or karl.
































































































































































































































    i'm dying to find out who killed the coffee house girl & attempted to murder Julie. it's a guy, who chews gum and is taller than Julie. my bets are on the dad...
































































































































































































































































































































    slapsgiving was an awesome episode. the "games" lily father's invented was insane.
































































































































































































































    i don't rmr how i got into this series, but it's freaking awesome!! i love it.
































































































































































































































    yeah, i found out recently that nph is gay in real-life, who knew? he's an awesome womanizer.
































































































































































































































    dying to know who the wife is. perhaps she's not even been introduced. it was cruel for them to pretend it was the blonde girl... sarah chalke i believe? maybe it's slutty pumpkin? wished it was joanna garcia though
































































































































































































































































































































    full house- overrated, i felt it dragged and i wish it had less episodes. i fastforwarded through this drama esp scenes that didn't deal with hyekyo & bi but even then i dont understand how people think they're a good couple. really?
































































































































































































































    underrated? hard to say, i don't watch a ton of kdramas
































































































































































































































    18 v 29. loved the concept. i like the two main characters when they were younger, but my god, couldn't they have chosen a better looking main actor? ugh. anyways, i loved the scenes with choisiwon.
































































































































































































































    sangdoo, let's go to school - this was the one drama that i absolutely loved. i felt that Bi really showed his skills as an actor and I was very impressed. after this, i wanted to see more of him in dramas.
































































































































































































































    no mention of sung yuri's dramas anywhere =)
































































































































































































































    reading this thread, i'm interested in checking out Resurrection/BooHwal. never watched it when it came out.
































































































































































































































    4 Women. best drama ever. it's the story of 4 sisters. i don't think it gained a lot of recognition since it's not really a love story.
































































































































































































































































































































    when I first watched this show, my favorite was Susan in that she's so clumsy and yet adorable. Her daughter have the gilmore-girlesque of relationships. now, I really like Gabrielle. I'm just intrigued by her and the relationship with Carlos. oh and who did Katherine's daughter marry??? i got into Desperate housewives around the hurricane episode and then it started from the beginning and i've been keeping up to date with season 6 but i haven't finished season 5 yet.
















































































































































































    white or asian
















































































































































































































































































































































    no druggies/alcoholics
















































































































































































    i really suck at math. once, we were reviewing for a test in govt/hist/eco or whatever. anytime someone got the right answer, they'd gain a point and there were bonus but if you missed point would be deducted. god, I sucked. I didn't even want to be scorekeeper, but they assigned it to me. I couldn't keep track of the score and the next day, my teacher was like okay, whoever's good at math, please come up to the board. I was humiliated. >.< i could have died right there. while we're on the topic of math, I didn't get to attend my hs graduation bc I failed algebra 2. the irony? i ended up in summer school and would get a lot of the questions right, the one girl's like "are you here for fun?" i was like no, i failed this class and I have to re-take it. she was completely shocked.
































































































































    -my mother won't let me become a doctor bc she doesn't wanna pay for medical school. she'd rather have me become a nurse.
































































































































    -I don't know much korean. my pronounciation, understanding, and speaking are all eh.
































































































































    -i use chopsticks the improper way
































































































































































    where can I get these?? i wanna try. it's worth a shot, I've got nothing to lose.




































    if you know the answer PLEASE PM me












    so i was watching this show of snsd. the only ones who were on the show is sunny/sunkyu, tiffany/miyong, jessia, sooyoung & hyoyeon. the 4 members of SNSD are behind this white screen with a "random" guy and sunny's in front. Sunny's with some other people sitting in a row in front of the audience, and she's trying to guess of the 5 numbers, which one is the guy. well, she guesses Tiffany easily bc of her voice. and she guesses that SooYoung was the guy, but then SooYoung says, "check it out sunkyu" anyone know the name of this video? i saw it on youtube the other day and am having the HARDEST time trying to find it again. thanks in advance.
























    ^ i agree. i wonder why he's really gone from the show. i am glad that they brought him back for a lil bit, but then he's off and gone again. hopefully, we will continue to see him throughout the show. =)












    i KNEW there was a thread on this show. finally, i've found t!! yay! dyinggg to know what happens today. i wonder when this show will air its 2nd season... hopefully in a month? =)
























    wait, i thought this show's premiere came on, why is there no posting of who the bride really is? sooo upset, i recorded a re-run instead of the actual SEASON PREMIERE... ugh! >.<
























    i like this spin on the whole vampire story, this makes it seem realistic. i just started watching this show, unfortunately no HBO so I rely on saturday (when its plays reruns) at work. im very interested in getting my hands on season 1, the opening scene is very intriguing. im in love with this show. i cant believe that his worker bit the girl.





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