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    I wish Jane would give up on Grayson, obviously they're not going to be together, but I understand that it's hard to give someone up. It was much easier when Jane was with her boyfriend, Tony. I wonder if he'll ever show up again. I liked him :wub: haha






    I don't know how I feel about Kim & Parker yet.






    I'm definitely liking Grayson with his new girlfriend, they compliment each other really well (in terms of looks). I hope she sticks around. She looks vaguely familiar... -_-






    yay!!! Leelee sobieski I love her~ =) If only rainbow polish really existed, that'd be awesome. I hope LS & Deb's mom will show up more. I really like them.



  2. I do agree that if Go Ara wants to have more roles as an actress or just on her way to becoming a better one, that she should change agencies. Well, her & LeeYeonHee. I always forget that SM even has an acting dept since one so rarely hear of actors. Sung Yuri, a favorite of mine used to be with DSP, when she started work as an actress. She changed companies to SIDUS HQ (an acting company), and she appears in more serious dramas/movies. I wish that LYH & GAra could move to Sidus HQ as well or strictly just a company that deals with actors. >< I honestly don't think SM Ent will help, but they do meet a lot of people their ages. =/
















    was browsing the korean newspaper and saw an advertisement.






    i absolutely loveee this show. im sad that Tony's gone for now >< I hope that he'll be back.



  4. she's like a mix of Boa & KimSungHee.

    anyways, i've come to adore her more recently. this girl is mad talented and she dances in HEELS! :w00t: so jealous >< but yeah, I came into this thread b/c i found a video of her with this gorgeous hairstyle, but it's mostly the bangs I'd like to imitate -_-








    before I sleep, I set my phone to silent. My boyfriend texts me good morning and while he's at work, he'll text me randomly. When I wake up, I turn up the volume so I can hear when I receive messages. After I go to my boyfriend's place, I turn my phone on silent or if it's battery is low and am expecting no calls, I'll turn it off. My phone is almost always on silent. This may be because I'm used to working and leaving my phone on silent. I am screwed whenever I lose my phone. I usually find it, but it takes awhile. ><












    age: 23.






    I do mind, only because I'm sure when he and his gf lost their virginity to each other, they probably made the night more special. I lost my virginity, but I didn't think there was really anything special/romantic about the occasion. I've always pictured candlelit rooms blush.gif There is a voice in my head that thinks, "did he learn this from her? What idiot told him that feels good?" phew.gif I've told him before that I don't like that he wasn't a virgin. I also told him, I wish he had gotten new sheets, I know they had sex in his room, and i'm sure they did it on the same sheets too. crazy.gif






















    What was deb like?












    there was one example that was listed @ her own funeral.












    girl 1: she drove me when I went to go get surgery












    girl 2: that was b/c she thought your doctor was hot












    girl 1: oh...












    I can't wait until the new season premieres, I hate that it's going to air only during the summer session >< I've been re-watching old episodes. hehe. I love everything about this show. Margaret Cho is hilarious in this role! I love Rosie as a judge as I did for Paula (who I believe is in 2nd season) dvd came out on June 1st. I can't understand why it took a year for them to produce it -.-''




































































































































































    acc to wiki...
































































































































































































    "The seventh season is expected to premiere on Sunday, September 26, 2010"
































































































    There is the question of whether or not Desperate Housewives will end after eight seasons
































































































    can't wait!! ^^
































































































































































































    yea i totally agree the kid could be MJ
































































































    i can't believe that Paul Young is back, I wonder why.
































































































    Angie kicked butt!!! she's awesome! good for her. she's smart~ im going to miss her character a lot, she's like my favorite! it sucks that the parents and son had to be separated ><
































































































    i'm curious to find out what's going to happen to the new song & Bree's family. or the friendship btw Bree & Gabrielle.








































































    wow, i didn't expect that @ all, so pissed my DVR cut off before the last minute ><
















































    it's hard to say where I stand about the whole "Eddie" situation, im just dying for someone to realize what's going on and it seems like Lynette will be the one to realize it. can't wait for the next episode~








































































































































































    ^ she shot herself. was blackmailed through a nosy busybody. "i know what you did, it makes me sick, i'm going to tell"
































































































































































































    I love this show, but ever since it went away for the winter session, I haven't caught up with any of the episodes >< totally love this series more than friends. =)
































































































































































































    wth is KAIST? never heard of it. damn I wish the entire article was up on there, I'm interested in reading the whole thing ><
































































































































































































































































    oh i'm going to research this thread more. is there a list of places one can go?
































































































































































































































































    ohhh i wonder which artists are going to be there
































































































































































































































































































































    ^ oh if only, I wish it were Robin as well.
































































































































































































































































































































    i agree. i hope the spoilers are wrong but i highly doubt it

































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