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  1. @mademoisellesia that explains why he was in Thailand. Shooting for a commercial, maybe? Credits: JKY’s instagram juanxkui
  2. New official stills of Jang Ki Yong’s character, Park Mo Gun ❤️ Credits: tvndrama.official
  3. @RPM I feel like they didn’t explain that part clearly too. Seul Gi’s storyline is not very clear in the drama. Like what is her relationship to the grandpa (can’t remember his name) and Min Hyuk? Also, was the bad guy in the beginning really her uncle when he tried to kidnap her into the car? He never showed up again after that.
  4. Jang Ki Yong deserves it. He did an amazing performance in the drama portraying Namoo/CDJ. I was a bit sadden that Jin Ki Joo didn’t win any awards for her role.
  5. Thanks @paolaadl for the video teasers. I’m definitely looking forward to this drama. After the sad ending to Kill It, I need a happy and bubbly drama of Jang Ki Yong. Plus, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched a drama with Im Soo Jung. The last drama I’ve watched of her’s was I’m Sorry, I Love You and the last movie I watched of her’s was Come Rain, Come Shine.
  6. Yes, it’s fake. Maybe he learned to train himself to help animals Also, does anyone know when they’ll release the instrumental soundtrack?
  7. Im glad a thread has been created for him. I’m so proud of him for winning best new actor award for Come And Hug Me at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards. He did an awesome job and perfect the psycho/dark side of him. I’m glad Nam Joo Hyuk declined the lead role and JKY accepted the role instead. Hopefully in the future, he’ll start winning best actor awards.
  8. The storyline reminds me a bit of Please Come Back Mister when the two male leads reincarnated into Rain and Oh Yeon Seo’s body and also the American tv show Drop Dead Diva.. not exactly but just giving me those vibes.
  9. Phillip- I remember from the beginning I was upset at his character for revealing KSH’s hide out to Karimov and his gangs. Then I got more annoyed towards the middle of the episodes when he was being very secretive with KSH. At first I wanted his character to die when he was tied to the ship because he has brought trouble and danger towards KSH & SG and he still does. But ep 11 & 12 definitely made me think differently of him. He finally started to show that he cared for SG when she was in danger. He also became useless and wanted to run away with KSH to a different country and tell KSH to abandon his mission but when KSH told him to take care of himself as KSH’s on his way to DJH’s house to assasinate him.. Phillip had the chance to escape but instead he fought along side KSH and taking down the bad guys. At that point I was hoping that Phillip will survive and live well like he wish to but when he protected KSH and was shot multiple times by PTS and when he finally said he was sorry and ask if they’re still friends proves that he has cared for KSH all along even when he was being useless. My heart broke a little when he died and when KSH told him to stay with him because he wanted Phillip to also look after SG.. my heart broke again when DHJ saw Phillip dead. Phillip was definitely a true friend. Seul Gi- I was crying my heart out when she had her last and final conversation with KSH and told him that she’ll wait for him to return home safely even though she knew that it’s impossible.. she wanted to believe that he’ll return and they can go back to how things used to be.. him lecturing her and telling her to go upstairs and the two of them eating soleongtang together. She’s left alone again.. no Phillip.. no KSH.. no one to protect her. When she begged DHJ to give KSH a chance and forgive him for his wrong doings made me cry even more. She really loved him as he took care of her like a father taking care of his daughter. When they both hugged each other made me so sad because they both knew that chances of KSH staying alive and returning is 0%. But I’m glad that DHJ is now SG’s guardian as she’s very special and is the youngest survivor of the Hansol Orphanage. Now it’s DHJ’s job to protect her. Do Hyun Jin- I feel so bad for her. Losing both her loved ones twice is not easy. It’s traumatizing. I think losing KSH, she was more devastated and heart broken. I cried so much when they both held hands for the first and last time when KSH took his last breath. They both love each other but they know that they can’t be together which is even more sad. The last scene of DHJ watching SG playing with Gray, you can tell that she’s finally at piece but is missing someone special in her heart. At least she has Gray to remind her of KSH. Nana did such an amazing job during her crying scene. It felt so real and I can feel her pain. I just cried with her too. Kim Soo Hyun- He was a savage person but he fought for justice till the very end. He may be cruel but he has a good heart. He loved the people around him, especially SG and DHJ. Even though seeking revenge was wrong but that’s all he knows. He has to complete the mission. I wished that Pavel was still alive to help him take down DJH’s gangs and PTS. The scene in the beginning of ep 12 when he called DHJ on the phone to take care of the numbered kids and SG and watching her from afar with tears in his eyes also broke my heart. He knows that this will be the end of them. Their reunion and confrontation at the end was so intense, sad, heartbreaking, and devastating. I cried really hard when the SWAT Team killed him. The look on DHJ’s face was just dead.. he didn’t even get to tell her that he loves her. I have to applaud JKY’s performance in the last scene. He gave it his all and he perfect the scene so well. It was so hard to watch and it’s still a shock for me. He improved a lot from Come And Hug Me. The last episode was making my heart beat so fast. Every scene was so intense especially the last scene at DJH’s house. It was like a show down, shoot out, massacre.. brutal scene. I didn’t expect this drama to be that brutal. The ending was not what I wanted but we all know that it’s KSH’s fate. I think it was expected that he’s not gonna have a happy ending with his loved ones. But I’m glad we got to see him smile and hold hands with the person he loves by his side. At least that’s the kind of ending that KSH dreamed of. To live a normal life. Also, even though KHW is in jail, at least he got some closure. He wanted justice for what DJH did to his family and to the numbered childrens. Even though he probably won’t see the light, at least he knows that DJH’s evil deeds have come to an end. No more kids have to die. In conclusion, the storyline still lack a lot of plot holes though. For example, it never really explained who are SG’s parents, it’s still never very clear why KSH has blue eyes, wish the drama showed how KSH was made, the death of Hong Jung Hee and Yoon Ji Hye, there a lot of mysteries that were not clearly solved. Also, can we also talk about prosecutor Yoon Jae Hyun aka actor Ji Il Woo. I can’t believe he was in Hotel King. I think it’s time he fights for a leading role. Anyways, overall I love this drama despite the plot holes and even with no romantic scenes between the two leads, I loved and enjoy every scenes of them.
  10. This drama definitely has potential in developing the storyline if the episodes were a bit longer. I honestly like the storyline but because there’s only 12 episodes, I feel like not a lot of the mystery are covered. I also think the storyline would of definitely have a stronger build up with the main leads if the episodes were longer. I’m also still confused if DJH is really KSH’s dad and they never explain why he has blue eyes. With only 2 episodes left, I’m not sure how it’s going to end. I love the interaction between KSH and DHJ. Even if there isn’t a love story line going on, the why they always stare at each other shows that they long for one another or care for one another. Their past connects them which is why they want to protect each other. I also feel like the writer is trying to create a love triangle along with the prosecutor Yoon Jae Hyun. If that were the case, they should of done that from the beginning. Overall, I still enjoyed this drama and its action. I just wish that the episodes were longer to really enjoy the whole plot altogether from start to end. Hopefully the ending won’t disappoint me.
  11. From Seul Gi’s instagram. Shooting for the upcoming episodes. Credits to: jeongeuiyam
  12. I agreed. The OST are just too sad. I’m currently listening to Jang Hee Young’s Unspeakable Secrets.. and the emotions and sadness in her voice is just heartbreaking.
  13. I was confused on that part too. I’m gonna have to rewatch that scene again to fully understand.
  14. New OST song by Jung Dong Ha, Take Out My Heart
  15. Some things never changed. I find these two scenes similar. [2018] Come And Hug Me, Soo Jin's arm was hurt so Chae Do Jin helped placed a piece of fish or meat on her spoon with rice. [2019] Kill It, Seul Gi's arm was badly injured so Kim Soo Hyun helped by placing a piece of bulgogi on her spoon with rice on it. Jang Ki Yong played a tough character in both dramas but also have a soft spot when it comes to helping the precious girls in his life.
  16. Ep. 4, we get to see a bit more of Kim Soo Hyun’s soft side and it seems that he’s confused on how to feel or cope with people’s love and caring for one another. He was really quiet throughout the whole episode. I think that he already knew who Seul Gi is and maybe he feel bad that he killed her family, so he took her under his wing and took care of her or protect her as is she was his little sister to make up for what he did. I’m still unsure if whether Seul Gi already know who KSH really is or not.. or maybe she knows because she was crying when she looked at her grandpa’s photo and said, “I’m sorry grandpa”. As for DHJ, I think he’s starting to feel something for her but is unsure as she is still his target and at the same time, he is starting feel comfortable around her. I have a feeling she might be the first to confess her feelings for him. From the preview of ep. 5, it looks like KSH and DHJ are investigating on each other. Looks like KSH is probably the first one to find out DHJ’s true identity.
  17. I don’t watch a lot of Korean dramas so I could be wrong but I feel like when it comes to dramas, the action/thriller/dark/gory theme never really satisfy me but I guess because it can be too violent so they don’t go that extreme. I still think the first IRIS drama is probably the most satisfying action drama I’ve watched. Kill It has potential.. was hoping for at least 16 episodes. I think 12 is too short to cover their storyline and including their past but overall, I actually enjoy watching this drama.
  18. My theory is that I have a feeling KSH is probably the real son and the girl in the picture is his real sister but I’m not sure where his blue eyes came from. Maybe it’s a rare disease that he’s born with it.. idk.. The dad (Do Jae Hwan) which is not DHJ’s real dad as she’s adopted to replace the real daughter (which is why she understands Seul Gi’s pain) wanted to kill KSH for whatever reasons as Pavel said, “your father tried to kill you” or something along that line.. so I’m thinking DHJ’s adoptive dad is KSH’s real dad which is why he have to kill DHJ in order to find out about his past. In the preview of ep. 3 the dad said “I did my part, now you do your part.” Meaning he probably have something to do with KSH’s past. As I mentioned from my previous comment, KSH and DHJ’s past may connect somehow..
  19. Finally watched both episodes and I think the words “serial killer” is not really the best way to describe Kim Soo Hyun’s character. I feel like he’s more of an assassin than a serial killer. The word serial killer is a bit misleading to his character but that’s just my opinion. Watching the first episode, I’m really impressed at JKY’s English lines. His pronunciation was really good and I can understand him very clearly. Whenever I watch a kdrama and the actors/actresses attempt to speak English, I couldn’t hardly understand at what they were saying (nothing wrong with that. I know English is hard) but when I heard him speaking English, I was really surprised. But anyways, I was a bit disappointed that David McInnis’ character died so fast. I was really hoping that he’ll stay a bit longer. I loved him in DOTS so I was really hoping that he’ll play a bigger role guiding Kim Soo Hyun through his assassination. Everything is moving very quickly, I mean his next target is already Do Hyun Jin. I have a feeling their past may connect to each other. Episode 2 was a more slower paste with all the flashback scenes but I really enjoyed it because it’s also starting to show more of DHJ’s past as well and how Seul Gi is the key to her past. It’ll be very interesting to watch. Though it was less action in ep. 2, I was also enjoying KSH and DHJ’s relationship development. They are starting to get along and getting to know each other better. I think which is why KSH is hesitant about killing her because when he was on the phone with Phillip, he asked him, “Can you fight for someone you don’t know?” and “Why do people fight for people they don’t know?” I feel like those sentences was him referring to DHJ because at the end of ep. 2 he saved her even though he knew that she was his next target.
  20. English subs are out. Finally, I’ve been waiting and spoiled myself a bit.
  21. I love how Nana answered the questions. She is such a professionalist. That 5min teaser looks so good. I can see their chemistry already
  22. Thank you for the teaser. I can see their chemistry already. Love the action scenes in this drama. I’m so excited and looking forward to it
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