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  1. Ep. 6– It’s good to see BTM finally coming to realize that PMG has some meaning to her and that PMG is willing to wait for her to sincerely confess her feelings to him. I’m sure they’re heading for a kiss scene soon but for now I really enjoy the way they hold hands, the way they look into each other’s eyes, their conversations, their flirtationess, their body language.. I find it really romantic and hot. It’s nice to see BTM finally letting her wall come down and slowly opening up to PMG. I’m starting to feel bad for SKK. Looks like she’s never good enough for her mother in law or I should say monster in law. She’s a horrible person.. she’s so mean. I agreed with BTM that ever since marrying into the KU family, it has changed SKK. I hope that she stands up for her mother in law and go back to the way she used to be. Also it’s about time her husband shows that he cares for her. But I’m still curious if SKK is still trying to bring BTM down. She’s probably going to use PMG more as he’s her weakness. What does she want to gain in all of this? Anyways, onto ep 7 preview, I literally screamed when I heard LDW’s voice and when it showed him walking out the elevator. I wonder what his role will be and if he’s going to be a good or bad guy. Who is he to BTM? I sense some competition going to happen between him and PMG. I hope it happens because I would love to see that. I want to see them enter act with each other. — off topic but with the recent controversies with YG Ent. maybe it’s a sign that JKY should sign under King Kong by Starship since LSJ is also in that company along with LDW. I’m sure it’s a tough situation right now with all the actors/actresses but I really wish him the best.
  2. This episode was so so satisfying. I love how Jenny and Scarlet is helping out BTM seek justice for something she didn’t do. Made me have a girl crush moment on Jenny when she went out of her way to hack the system. She’s the least character that I expected to do these kinds of things. When BTM got egg thrown at her, I love how she didn’t hold back or show fear in her eyes and egged the girl for throwing eggs at her back. I was screaming, “you go girl!!” I also love the ending to this episode when they smashed SKK’s husband’s car. Scarlet was full of excitement smashing the car even when she doesn’t even know who’s car it was except that it’s the jerk who put BTM’s name on the search keyword. The part that I love the most in this episode was when BTM apologized to the team for causing trouble and when Scarlet said to not apologize because it’s not her fault has showed us that they are putting their differences aside and fighting together to resolve this incident. That scene showed that even though Scarlet always disagrees with BTM but at the end she really cares about BTM. That scene made me suddenly have a girl crush on Scarlet. The other part that I love about this episode was when BTM was sitting alone at her secret place and feeling so alone or empty inside and no one to rely on.. showing her weakness... and suddenly receiving a call from PMG when there’s no reception in that area.. just hearing his voice made everything better for BTM when she’s going through so much. I love that scene.. the most beautiful raining scene I’ve seen in kdramas. And when he held her hand to reassure her that everything is going to be ok. I really don’t know where SKK stand. It seems like she’s being controlled by the people around her causing her to hurt BTM and the reason why their friendship is going down hill. Based from the next episode, it looks like she’s probably using PMG to get back at BTM. I just hope PMG knows what he’s getting himself into and that he doesn’t hurt BTM in the end.
  3. Maybe the song is not out yet but I love the song already when it was playing in some scenes in the drama.
  4. It’s his cheeky dialogue that’s melting everyone’s hearts. Honestly, it was the same for me too. Plus, who couldn’t resist that smile? He’s definitely an actor to look out for.
  5. From the BTS, I’m not surprised that he placed all his darts on the board. I agreed with ISJ’s comment. JKY is really good at playing darts. If you watch the video clip above from a few years ago, he won against his sunbae. I couldn’t find the English subs.. not sure if it got removed from YouTube but enjoy this fun clip.
  6. I’m so proud that his drama is doing so well. Search: WWW is on fire. I love how he’s being flirty with Im Soo Jung’s character. He has a good eye of choosing his projects. Hopefully the next one will be just as great. With all the scandals/controversies surrounding YG Ent. I really hope that this doesn’t effect his activities. I know he’s suppose to have a fan meeting soon but with all the fan petition going on and trying to ban artists from future activities (which is ridiculous).. I just really hope that this won’t effect his work. Wishing him the best of luck and in everything that he does.
  7. I have a feeling it could be BTM’s ex boyfriend who manipulated the search to her name because PMG declined to work with his team and because PMG walked out, he feels scared and that BTM may tell CH/Scarlet about his cheating affairs with other womans. This is just my opinion because based on ep 5 preview, it looks like BTM and CH/Scarlet are teaming up to take down the person who did this and it may so be the ex boyfriend. Anyways, I just loved how PMG drew dots on BTM’s stocking to cover up the small whole. My imagination says that he was probably rough with her when they had their one night stand. Lol (I also do the same too.. I used a black permanent marker to draw on my stockings if there’s a small whole or if there’s some white spots that needs to be covered up. Lol) He’s such a sweet guy. I also love how he came to BTM’s rescue at the end of ep 4 and when he hold her hand and told her to not let go. I’m also starting to like CH/Scarlet’s character. She appears pretty/beautiful/sexy on the outside but has a tough/tomboyish/fierce attitude on the inside. I hope to see more of her storyline. This is my first time watching a drama with Lee Da Hee. I’ve heard of her before but never got into her dramas and because I sometimes mixed her name with Lee Da Hae. Also, is Scarlet and GK more than just friends? I was feeling a lesbian vibe going on when Scarlet saves GK from the biker and the scene went into a slow-mo. I somehow find that scene romantic in a way. Nothing wrong being lesbian but I would totally ship if they are. I’m also happy that this drama is doing really well. Can’t wait for next week’s episode
  8. O3ohn- The Milky Way Between Us I have been listening to this song non stop. Plus, the lyrics goes so well with Park Mo Gun and Bae Ta Mi’s relationship
  9. Yaaahh! Filming is going to start in July. Can’t wait to see some BTS photos of them. Hopefully they’ll release more info on the storyline soon and hopefully the drama will be good since I did enjoyed My Love From Another Star.
  10. I love watching the BTS scenes. They look comfortable with each other. I love how ISJ reference JKY’s character in Kill It. Such a good drama yet so underrated. Still missing that drama but now I’m warming up to Park Mo Gun. @evok I love your theory of Park Mo Gun. I can’t see the picture though but I’m also looking forward to his storyline as well. Hopefully his intentions approaching BTM is not bad and that his feelings are real.
  11. I love that scene too. Her walk of shame moment turned boss like.. as if nothing happened. I’m really impressed with Im Soo Jung’s acting in this drama and her portrayal of Bae Ta Mi. Her character description seemed a bit boring so I thought she was going to be like those boring boss-like characters in other kdramas that I’ve seen but she proved me wrong. I’m enjoying her character a lot. I agreed with everyone. JKY’s character seemed more like a supporting than a main character. I think his character will bring a lot of fun and joy to BTM’s workaholic life. He’s really funny and charming. Also, hopefully we’ll also get to see more of Cha Hyun’s storyline.
  12. Just finished the first two episodes and I am hooked. I love the cast and how the three main women show their work dedication into this drama. I can find myself related in some ways with their work passion. Though I love the love story and cute scenes between PMG and BTM, I feel that it went too fast because based on BTM’s character discription, she chooses work and success over love so I was hoping that it’ll showcase her work life for the beginning of the series then blossom to love mid-end of the series... so I was surprised she gave in quickly with PMG. But at the same time I’m looking forward with BTM’s character as she tries to balance work and love at the same time with PMG. Can’t wait for the next week to come.
  13. Anyone know where I can watch this drama with English subtitles? I read that on some sites, subtitles are a bit off or a few seconds too fast.. very screwed. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon. Anyways, I’m glad ratings are doing super great. Looking forward to watch both episodes really soon.
  14. Based on the new trailer, looks like Park Mo Gun and Bae Ta Mi is gonna have a steaming scene. So it’s obviously that the lipstick on PMG’s shirt belongs to BTM. I have a feeling I’m going to like Lee Da Hee’s character.
  15. From Jin Ki Joo’s instagram post of her next to the food truck. @fitzsimmons I agreed. I’m glad both remain good friends after the drama ended. Credits: jinkijoo Instagram
  16. Does that mean we’ll see a lot of laughter on the show? It’s nice that he’s taking a break from all the dark/intense genre. I mean he played 3 dark characters in a row and can still laugh and smile off set. He’s definitely a great actor. I’m still trying to move on from Kill It so I’m really looking forward to this drama.
  17. JKY sent JKJ a coffee truck to support her on the set of The Secret Life Of My Secretary. So sweet of him. I’m suddenly missing Namoo and Nak Won. Hopefully they can work together again as a couple in the near future.   Credits: leehansolution
  18. JKY sent JKJ a coffee truck to support her on the set of The Secret Life Of My Secretary. So sweet of him. I’m suddenly missing Namoo and Nak Won. Hopefully they can work together again as a couple in the near future. Credits: leehansolution
  19. I remembered that interview. Their wish came true. I’m excited for this drama and I hope the storyline will show their great chemistry on screen.
  20. I love JKY’s personality. He definitely has a lot of characteristics in him. He is always bringing laughter to the set. I hope that when he reaches his 30’s or coming back from the military (I don’t even want to think about his military duty) that he never change. I hope he continues to be this bubbly person.
  21. I wonder if he’s gonna have that player attitude? But either way I’m excited and can’t wait for it to air.
  22. Looks like he’s having fun filming the commercial. Can’t wait till the commercial is released. Also, this thread is too quiet, we need more JKY fans in here.
  23. tvn just released a new poster for the drama and the setting looks so romantic and promising. Credits: tvndrama.official
  24. Same here. Every time he combed his hair to the side like that, it always reminds me of his character Nam Gil. I love it. He’s so handsome.
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