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  1. He look so cute at the fan signing. I’m so glad he’s getting more and more recognized as an actor. His popularity is also rising through the Search: WWW drama. I haven’t seen the Bad Guys series yet so I’m curious to what kind of role JKY will play. Hopefully, he’ll get a chance to star in his first lead role in a movie soon.

  2. On 7/11/2019 at 9:13 AM, mademoisellesia said:

    @stroppyse @elizabeth Both of your detailed explanation sends me to the gutter once more... *blushing*:flushed:

    You're welcome with the kissing clip. I feel the same, and more. My ear feels naughty even coz it felt like I just listen to an ASMR version of the kiss (you can clearly hear the kissing sound)! i-do-not-want-to-see.gif




    Now that you mentioned it, it does sound like a kissing ASMR.:blush:



    I'm actually starting to like SGG and JW’s relationship. I guess getting the divorce is bringing them more closer. He’s finally doing things for her that he didn’t do before. Over the past 10 years, they didn’t even do anything romantic because it was only an arrange marriage but it looks like they are starting over again even though things are still tough, he’s finally able to understand where she’s coming from. I only hope that things will start to heal going forward.


    I loved how BTM climbed on PMG’s back while he’s vacuuming. It was cute. Im Soo Jung is definitely a cute petite size. I always thought her height was around 5’4 or shorter like Song Hye Kyo because she looks way shorter than her actual height, 5’6. Or maybe because she acts with tall actors so her height appears shorter. Also, she has a much younger face. Even Lee Da Hee looks much older than her. I’m shocked that she just turned 40. Im Soo Jung definitely brings out BTM’s character to life. I’m going to be sad and will miss BTM when the drama ends. 


    Things just keeps getting more complicated for the two love birds but I don’t think PMG has any sort of attraction towards Da In. It looks more like he went to her recital to support her as they’re both classmates. I mean he’s head over heels for BTM so I think he only see Da In as a friend. BTM is his soulmate. Even though they have different values, in the real world, couples like that won’t last. It’s hard when one don’t want marriage but the other wants marriage.. it’ll take a lot of sacrifices but will those sacrifices make you happy in the end? I understand where both of them are coming from. BTM is happy at the moment where things are at right now with their relationship. Marriage is not on her mind but that doesn’t mean she’ll love PMG any less. On the other hand, PMG is more traditional. He comes from a broken past and abandoned so he wants a marriage where he can build a family so that it doesn’t end up like his past. Both are not wrong in their values/views on marriage. 


    Anyways, I thought it was funny how they actually used Vast Entertainment as SJH’s company because it is his company that he’s under in real life. I was feeling all giddy when he mentioned Hyun Bin. I hope tvn will make Hyun Bin appeared as a cameo but I doubt it.. but at the same time I still want it to happen. Lol

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  3. 3 hours ago, snitchdream08 said:

    Hooked with this drama because Tami's story so relatable for me about have a relationship with the younger than me and about marriage issue lol. Forget it.


    I love this drama because its so different with the other dramas, we didn't see the weak female lead which is so mainstrean in a korean dramas :thumbsup:

    About their romance story, the writer and pdnim are genius to bring the different story for each of them. But I am more interested with love triangle's story between TM-CH-GG :sweatingbullets: I know they are straight but I love their relationship, we can sense a different vibe (kudos for pdnim and the casts; especially for Scarlett's character) I don't know but I just feel something different when she argue with TM or when CH-GG's interaction, i really love it. And she always called TM is cute, aww that's really cute. My special scenes so far: when CH pulled TM's hand in eps 11's ending :wub:


    Deep down inside of me I wish they made Cha Hyun/Scarlet a lesbian. I mean she is so gorgeous and her friendship with both BTM and SGG is on another level. I keep getting a lesbian vibe from her and I think it’s hot at the same time.. I’m having major girl crush on her. :love:

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  4. 11 hours ago, mademoisellesia said:

    These dialogues sent me to the gutter straight away... but why is that considered sexy?


    And the earrings! That's the earrings Tami bought after she slept with Morgan isn't it? Curious. What's the writer cooking up with this side-story?



    I think PMG was turned on by BTM’s quick response when he said he’ll do more than just sleep. She didn’t hesitate or hold back and responded “isn’t that a given?” Meaning she’s more opened to the topic of having sex. From the beginning she’s always bothered whenever PMG bring up their one night stand and she’s always holding back from those hot sensual moments from before. I think that’s why he said “you’re so sexy” because of her quick response and meaning that his hormones are probably building up already and he can’t wait to go to bed.



    Also, those earrings that BTM gave to Da In to wear. I hope she misplaced it and didn’t lose a pair completely because  those earrings meant something meaningful to BTM as she bought it after her one night stand with PMG so it holds some memories. Or.. I’m thinking.. maybe Da In is lying.

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  5. Omg what a great twist at the end of ep. 11. I did not see that coming. Kdramas are always good at adding a twist to the storyline. I thought the twist was gonna be around BTM and PMG’s storyline with the pianist lady... Da In. But the ending still got me shooked and swear out loud. I’m definitely looking forward to what will happen between the three of them and their connection in the past. I mean we already know about SGK and CH/Scarlet but now I’m even more excited to know what BTM was like in the past. Will they team up at the end?


    I’m also starting to like the cute friendship between BTM and CH/Scarlet. It was cute when Scarlet said BTM was cute when BTM was asking Scarlet what her expression was like when she was venting to her about PMG going to his school reunion. Womance!!


    I’m also glad to see the jealousy side of BTM. I find it cute. It used to be PMG being jealous but now that BTM has let her walls down and has allowed PMG in her everyday life, she is starting to be more cautious and protective of PMG. Even towards that YouTuber/foodie girl Dong Joo. Their relationship is still on fire. I find the scene of BTM reenacting her her jealousy to PMG cute and when he hugged her was so sweet. Ahhhh!~ the back hug!!! I’m also looking forward to their relationship progress and how BTM will feel when she finds out that Da In’s first love is PMG. Hopefully, she won’t push PMG away.


    Scarlet and SJH has a cute but awkward relationship. He is being very straight forward towards her and is giving her hints that he likes her but she seems confused. I think she’s confusing her feelings with being a fan and enjoying spending time with him. The way I see is that, she has helped him with his career and only see herself as his manager/fan but the more they spend time together.. she is unsure if they’re more than just a fan/celebrity kind of relationship. So maybe that’s why she could be confuse and unsure on how to go from there.. because there could be more.. which is why she’s probably holding back.


    The progress between SGK and Jin Woo is looking better and she’s finally opening up to him a bit more. From the beginning, it was just business talk and him seeing other women. I’m glad to see that he’s finally coming around more as he didn’t do that from the beginning which was why she felt lonely. I feel bad for her as well from all the bulls*** her MIL has put her through but she’s a strong lady and is finally standing up against her MIL. 




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  6. Forgot that there’s a thread about her. I’m so glad she’s back with Search: WWW. The drama is so good. Hopefully she’ll be nominated for an award. This drama deserves it and her portrayal of a strong female worker is phenomenal. 

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  7. @jelly yeah Come And Hug Me was very slow paste and lots of flashbacks from the beginning but I was really intrigued by the storyline so I was ok with it. Lol. But have you seen him in My Mister yet? I think it’s one of his best performance. He doesn’t have a lot of screen time and he plays the bad guy. His role was controversial but he also did a really good job and received an award for best new actor too.



    @mademoisellesia that picture of JKY is so cute.

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  8. @jelly he reminds me of Hyun Bin when Hyun Bin was still in his 20’s. Like My Name Is Kim Sam Soon days. I can’t really explain it but I see similarities in their expressions. Lol. 


    I love Come And Hug Me and it was my first drama of Jang Ki Yong. So I’m also one of his newest fan. I heard about him before and clips of his drama, The Boy Next Door keeps popping up on my YouTube feed so I clicked on one of the clips and thought it was funny and I find him to be cute. So when I recognized his name when he was cast as the lead for Come And Hug Me, I decided to check out the drama. I’m glad I did because the drama is so good and he did a great job where he won best new actor awards. 


    Its weird seeing him as a model. I looked up clips of his modeling days with Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk. He is so funny and has a lot of characteristics.


    Agreed!! I love his hair slick back to the side. It’s so hot.

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  9. 18 hours ago, jelly said:

    I'm curious to know more about this actor, and he seems to be on the rise up and up! So far he seems to be highly versatile and has a unique look that will take him far. I'm very curious if he can be the next Hyun Bin or Gong Yoo,  as in someone to keep a look out for. To be honest, I see some So Ji Sub-ness to him but he's more refined/elegant looking. 


    Anywho, glad to see a thread for him and am loving his turn of Search: WWW and ignore Tami and wear those low cut shirts/slicked back hair Mo-gun!! (*heart eyes galore).


    I don’t know why but in certain angles I see a little bit of Hyun Bin in him. He seems to be doing really well in his acting career path. I hope that his career will go just as far as like Hyun Bin and Gong Yoo. Hopefully we’ll see him do more movies once he’s nearing his 30’s. Can’t believe in the next few years he’ll have to serve his military duties. :tears:

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  10. On 6/30/2019 at 9:20 PM, sharluvsenergy said:

    Cool! I like her! I hope she further spices up the romance between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. But hopefully, she is not too mean. :P Also concidentally, she was in Rampant with Hyun Bin as well so it's their 2nd time in the same project (I can't remember if they had any scenes together though xP).


    I don’t think they had any scenes together. Not even a conversation in the movie. But I’m definitely looking forward to the love triangle between the three of them. 

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  11. How to turn BTM on is when PMG slick back his hair to the side. Maybe that was probably why she find him attractive when they first met. She said it makes him look older. He should do that to his hair more often. I find myself falling in love with him whenever he slick his hair to the side. :wub:


    I agreed with everyone’s opinions on BTM and PMG’s opinion on marriage. Both are not wrong and both knows what they want. I won’t say too much as everyone already covered on some things that I wanted to say. But I don’t think BTM is playing hard to get or playing with PMG’s heart. Sure, it may seem like she leads him on at times but I don’t think that’s her intention. I think she pushes him away because she probably feels that she is not the one for him and that maybe he deserves better which is why she keeps saying that they’re too different. In reality, a driven career woman like BTM, does not have the time to think about marriage. Ok, I’ll leave it here before I go on any further. :)


    I’m actually glad to see SKK standing up for her mother in law or should I say monster in law. It’s about time she takes control of Unicon and wants to do the things that should be handled correctly in the workplace. Looks like BTM’s name is back on the top search keyword in ep 9 preview and I have a feeling someone close to SKK is probably behind it again. I hope to see SKK teams up with BTM soon. 


    Ok, CH/Scarlet’s love storyline is actually quite cute but weird at the same time. I still enjoy it though. I also wouldn’t mind if they made her character a lesbian. It seems like she has a special feeling for SKK but overall, she just really respect and admired SKK... but in my head.. I think she could be Bi.. hehehe.. 


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  12. I was hoping to see Lee Dong Wook’s character a bit longer. I mean does he even have a name or did I missed it? I think his character in the drama showed us what Bae Ta Mi was like when they dated years ago. He believes in marriage and wants a future.. maybe wants kids too but she doesn’t. She cannot commit which was why things probably didn’t work out with her and LDW’s character. It’s obvious that work matters more to BTM more than love which was why she keeps pushing PMG away. She is a woman with goals, very ambitious, determined, and believes in her own beliefs. I think when it comes to love, it’s probably only for the moment but quickly dies down. I don’t think she believes in ever lasting love which was why in ep 3, she told PMG to give up on her before anything begins. But now her walls are starting to crumble down when she confess that PMG means something to her but at the same time she is struggling with this new found feelings she has for PMG and I don’t think she can handle it because she still have her beliefs. Which is why in ep 8 preview, she might push PMG away again. 



    Also, it’s about time Scarlet and Marco met. I can’t remember his name in the drama. Oh wait, Seol Ji Hwan (had to google it). Hopefully, there’ll be more romantic scenes of the two. 


    I still don’t like SKK. I’m sure she has her reasons for doing what she wants but I really hope she comes to her senses soon. 

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  13. 9 hours ago, rainy12 said:

    Hi, this drama is my new addiction since Encounter ended, I think it also has quite the same tone colour as Encounter. Btw to me this drama is like a whole package, great and interesting characters, nice cinematography, interesting stories, its not boring and predictable, the romance also always heart fluttering (romance between adults who are in the age for getting married) I really love that they take it slow with the romance but the guy's so passionate to the female), all the casts seems to have good chemistry. and also, ahjussi lee sun kyun's wife is so pretty, I dont know her so I googled, turns out she is lee sun kyun's wife, at first I thought she looks like gong hyo jin. and isn't brian is the dream boss? and barro is the dream office (maybe a bit similar with google's office)?

    I also love the ost, the jazzy korean song and the instrumental song


    I thought the same too. Jin Hye Jin does look a bit like Gong Hyo Jin but with a more deeper voice and edgy look. Also, JKY was in My Mister with Lee Sun Kyun. That fight scene between the two on the staircase was intense. I wonder what does Jin Hye Sun think about that scene? 

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  14. 3 hours ago, Auntie Mame said:

    Also,  the OST and background music is totally wonderful.  I actually replay scenes just to listen to the background music.:rolleyes:



    Me too. I’ve been replaying the ending to ep 6 not just for their hot tensions (well maybe that too) but because I like the song playing during that scene. Hopefully the OST song comes out next week because I’ll for sure abuse my replay button. 

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  15. Ep. 6– It’s good to see BTM finally coming to realize that PMG has some meaning to her and that PMG is willing to wait for her to sincerely confess her feelings to him. I’m sure they’re heading for a kiss scene soon but for now I really enjoy the way they hold hands, the way they look into each other’s eyes, their conversations, their flirtationess, their body language.. I find it really romantic and hot. It’s nice to see BTM finally letting her wall come down and slowly opening up to PMG. 


    I’m starting to feel bad for SKK. Looks like she’s never good enough for her mother in law or I should say monster in law. She’s a horrible person.. she’s so mean. I agreed with BTM that ever since marrying into the KU family, it has changed SKK. I hope that she stands up for her mother in law and go back to the way she used to be. Also it’s about time her husband shows that he cares for her. But I’m still curious if SKK is still trying to bring BTM down. She’s probably going to use PMG more as he’s her weakness. What does she want to gain in all of this?


    Anyways, onto ep 7 preview, I literally screamed when I heard LDW’s voice and when it showed him walking out the elevator. I wonder what his role will be and if he’s going to be a good or bad guy. Who is he to BTM? I sense some competition going to happen between him and PMG. I hope it happens because I would love to see that. I want to see them enter act with each other. 


    — off topic but with the recent controversies with YG Ent. maybe it’s a sign that JKY should sign under King Kong by Starship since LSJ is also in that company along with LDW. I’m sure it’s a tough situation right now with all the actors/actresses but I really wish him the best. 



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  16. This episode was so so satisfying. I love how Jenny and Scarlet is helping out BTM seek justice for something she didn’t do. Made me have a girl crush moment on Jenny when she went out of her way to hack the system. She’s the least character that I expected to do these kinds of things. When BTM got egg thrown at her, I love how she didn’t hold back or show fear in her eyes and egged the girl for throwing eggs at her back. I was screaming, “you go girl!!” I also love the ending to this episode when they smashed SKK’s husband’s car. Scarlet was full of excitement smashing the car even when she doesn’t even know who’s car it was except that it’s the jerk who put BTM’s name on the search keyword.


    The part that I love the most in this episode was when BTM apologized to the team for causing trouble and when Scarlet said to not apologize because it’s not her fault has showed us that they are putting their differences aside and fighting together to resolve this incident. That scene showed that even though Scarlet always disagrees with BTM but at the end she really cares about BTM. That scene made me suddenly have a girl crush on Scarlet.


    The other part that I love about this episode was when BTM was sitting alone at her secret place and feeling so alone or empty inside and no one to rely on.. showing her weakness... and suddenly receiving a call from PMG when there’s no reception in that area.. just hearing his voice made everything better for BTM when she’s going through so much. I love that scene.. the most beautiful raining scene I’ve seen in kdramas. And when he held her hand to reassure her that everything is going to be ok. :wub:


    I really don’t know where SKK stand. It seems like she’s being controlled by the people around her causing her to hurt BTM and the reason why their friendship is going down hill. Based from the next episode, it looks like she’s probably using PMG to get back at BTM. I just hope PMG knows what he’s getting himself into and that he doesn’t hurt BTM in the end. 

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