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  1. We also still don't know where Seon Ho's diary is. I think the school guard took it too, we saw him looking at it after he took the phone. He obviously couldn't include it in the cactus. Where could it be and will it tell us more?
  2. - Some time before Da Hee's birthday, Joon Seok and Seon Ho had a fallout because Seon Ho was against his old friends being mean to Dong Hee (who I think transferred to their school after being driven out of her old school by the parents of the bullies she tried to help expose), and Joon Seok took that as an offense towards him. - Joon Seok started to manipulate others to be mean to Seon Ho, and started to string Da Hee along knowing Seon Ho had a crush on Da Hee but Da Hee had a crush on Joon Seok. - The day before Da Hee's birthday, she asked Joon Seok to hang out with her, but he refused. When she ran into Seon Ho later, Seon Ho asked her to hang out on her birthday instead, and seeing that Joon Seok was listening, Da Hee agreed thinking Joon Seok would be jealous. - On Da Hee's birthday, Seon Ho was bringing her a cake and they planned to go to the movie. But Joon Seok called Da Hee to meet, and Da Hee ditched Seon Ho. So Seon Ho went home returning the cake and then to the library all day. Joon Seok also ditched Da Hee that day according to their texts. It looks like all Joon Seok wanted was to spoil Seon Ho's plan. We don't know what else might have happened to Da Hee that day. - The day after her birthday, Da Hee stopped going to school because of panic disorder. It's not clear what she told her parents why she started having panic disorder. But it could be anything, she could have said stress from school, etc. But there was no mention of any sexual assault at that point. I also want to note that Joon Seok's friends teased him a few days later, saying that the reason Da Hee stopped going to school must be because Joon Seok stood her up, to which Joon Seok didn't respond, as Dong Hee recalled. - A while later, Seon Ho saw that Da Hee didn't go to school for an extended time, knowing that it wasn't a normal sickness, he decided to visit her. When the flower shop owner teased him for bringing flowers to a girl, he just smiled and said, it's just a friend who has been sick. - That same day, Da Hee somehow told Seon Ho that the reason she stopped going to school is because of Joon Seok. - Later that day, Seon Ho fought with Joon Seok on the rooftop and fell and became unconscious. - Hearing that Seon Ho's unconscious, Da Hee now told her parents that she was assaulted, and that it was Seon Ho who did it, according to her parents. Da Hee's parents then had no reason to go after Seon Ho and his parents, because Seon Ho was already unconscious. Da Hee's mother was just gleeful that Seon Ho had to "suffer". Da Hee probably chose to accuse Seon Ho at this point knowing that her parents couldn't confront comatose Seon Ho.
  3. To your first question: yes that's what Dong Hee recalled to Seon Ho's parents. That wasn't the only thing Soon Ho did for her, as there's another flashback when he sat down to eat with her not wanting her to be left alone. To your second question: that's what Da Here's parents said to Seon Ho's parents. Da Here's mother might have confronted Seon Ho and his parents if not for the fact that at that time when they found out Seon Ho was already in a coma so they took it as karma and that Seon Ho had a conscience and committed suicide. Speaking of that, did Da Hee want her parents to think that Seon Ho committed suicide out of guilt towards her, instead of the truth that she probably knows, that Seon Ho did it to protect her against Joon Seok, because of what she accused Joon Seok of to Seon Ho?
  4. I believe this is right. It's been a while since Seon Ho got distant from the group because he didn't agree with how they were mean to Dong Hee. This upset Jeon Sook, causing Jeon Sook to turn against Seon Ho, and we know that there was "continuous bullying". One of his retaliating actions includes playing with Da Hee's crush to get Seon Ho's attention. He only agreed to meet Da Hee on her birthday after turning her down only after she used Seon Ho to provoke him (but in fact it was Jeon Sook who used Da Hee to provoke Seon Ho). Jeon Sook didn't end up meeting Da Hee though, it was just to spoil Seon Ho's "date" with her which he succeeded in doing as Seon Ho never met Da Hee that day. After that day, Da Hee stopped going to school because she was sick, but even her parents didn't know why she was sick. Some time later, maybe a month (?), Seon Ho came to visit his sick friend (what he told the flower shop guy) with flowers. She told him that day that Jeon Sook assaulted her, and so Seon Ho took the flowers back with him, being all upset, as we saw a flashback of him outside the flower shop. I suppose he didn't feel like it was appropriate at that time to hand her the flowers. He then went to confront Jeon Sook that evening on the rooftop. When Da Hee heard of Seon Ho's accident, she told her parents that Seon Ho assaulted her, causing her to have the panic disorder. So now here we are.
  5. Good point! I think you're right actually. Though but I remember the timeline and everything could still make sense. Da Hee's birthday happened a while back and she didn't go to school. But she only told her parents pointing fingers to Soon Ho the day of Soon Ho's accident, this was in the first conversation between her parents and Soon Ho's parents. They didn't know what was so wrong until then they said. If enough time had passed then there's nothing to go check and there are discreet ways to check pregnancy concerns.
  6. Love the post, @liddi. I also like how most characters aren't perfect even in Seon Ho's family. I know people don't like to see crying and yelling characters, but really they're just trying to depict a range of emotions and personalities. I personally don't love the actress' voice but that's superficial. I think I can still real life people being like her and while I may be different from her I'm also different from Moo Jin, so I can't judge them. In fact I feel that maybe In Ha isn't very tactful, but that's a much lesser "offense" because her intentions are good. I feel sorry for people who get disliked in real life simply because of not being tactful. Contrast that to primp and proper Eun Joo who lies through her teeth with her outward pleasantness, I'd take an In Ha anyday as my friend, someone I don't have to try to gauge and measure and who is what she shows me. As for Seon Ho not confiding in his family, he tried to approach Moo Jin a few times but Moo Jin didn't pick up on it. That was before the Da Hee situation, just the bullying because of protecting Dong Hee. On the day he heard Da Hee's accusation which led to the rooftop confrontation, he called Moo Jin but Moo Jin never called back. And I suppose it's hard to share such a thing about someone else (sexual assault) so he went to confront Joon Seok to find out. As for why Seon Ho didn't trust Joon Seok, you can call that his imperfection in some way especially if he was actually wrong (though it's hard not to believe the victim). But mainly Joon Seok has been mean spirited against Dong Hee and manipulated others to bully Seon Ho for it, so it was that much harder for him to put some trust in Joon Seok in that moment. His parents not trusting him though is another ordeal entirely.
  7. I think it started when Joon Seok was mean to Dong Hee, and Seon Ho didn't side with him. The fact that Seon Ho liked Da Hee didn't help either. Basically Joon Seok's insecure, and craves Seon Ho's friendship, and wants all that to himself, and he starts to feel upset to realize Seon Ho is nice to everyone and not just him, and may not always take his side if he's wrong. He says that means Seon Ho isn't "loyal", but really it's just his insecurity and how much he likes Seon Ho that drove his actions, ironically.
  8. Sexually assaulted doesn't equate rape, rape is only a sub-category. It's still horrible and traumatizing, so I fully understand if someone can suffer long-term for it, even without pregnancy concerns etc. Definition from the Justice Department:
  9. Maybe she's having panic disorders now precisely because of what she did, causing the boys to fight (maybe she could guess what happend to Seon Ho on that rooftop, the day she told him the lie about Joon Seok). Then she lied about Seon Ho to her parents so that she doesn't have to admit about her first lie. And she didn't go to school immediately after her birthday simply because she was embarrassed of the rejection. Just one lie feeds into the next... But again, things wouldn't happened this way had it not been for the adults, all in the name of their children: Eun Joo's cover-ups and attempted murders for Joon Seok, the guard's cover-up to get money to save his son, Da Hee's parents not cooperating and being nasty towards other people because of Da Hee, Jun Pyo's murder to cover... well, for himself.
  10. I think it's not that unrealistic in this case. It's not like someone getting a broken heart because of being dumped. This is a mother whose loving young son is now comatose. In dramaworld, we're used to thinking they'll wake up. But this drama is trying to depict real life, and in real life that would take a miracle.
  11. I would hope so. But it's too hard to imagine why she wouldn't bother to correct her parents: Her mother slapped Soo Ho and threw the flowers into the trash bin. She clearly looked at the flowers guiltily, going to the flower shop guiltily... How hard is it to tell her mother that Sun Ho didn't do anything bad to her?
  12. I would tend to believe the victim, but in this case, because she also accused Sun Ho to her parents, I really don't know if it was just all a kid's mistake to get back at a crush and nothing more. It's much more tragic that issues between kids get out of hand because of the adults.
  13. Is it because of the scene where she went to the flower shop and looked sadly at it? I think that'd be too twisted, the flower shop owner seems nice and a complete bystander, and it was just a shop that Sun Ho got the flowers from. She was just imagining Sun Ho getting her those flowers that got trashed, and feeling guilty over what she did to him.
  14. But the girl Da Hee isn't to be trusted if she also implicates Sun Ho to her parents. Clearly he can't be the assailant given the rooftop conversation and just how good of a kid Sun Ho is. I'm dreading the next period. I hope that Sun Ho's parents have more faith in him that Jeon Suk's parents. It'll make a world of a difference. I didn't want to doubt Da Hee either, but I have no choice now. Her parents think her nervous reaction is because of being assaulted, but it's really because of her guilt knowing what she did to everyone.
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