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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE SUNG KYUNG!!! Just pass midnight at my side of the world. I'm wishing you all the best for your future life and career. Stay humble . I like you not because you are an actress but you alone as a beautiful human being inside and outside. Keep smiling becoz your beautiful smile can bright my world. Continue giving your positive vibes even deep in your heart crying. Carry on be a good person for everyone beside you.
  2. Miss mika and doha so much. Hopefully they can act together again maybe in the movie . Agree with you libera that the writer messed up this drama. Only the good acting from the casts that saved this drama.
  3. There's also sooyoung snsd in this movie. Among the girls in that group, I prefer her in terms of acting. Me too also hoping sung kyung and jang ki yong can act together. I 've watched his ongoing drama and he is really good in it. I'm not so familiar with woo jae. I need to ask mr. goggle about him. Tonight will be 15th episode of ' about time'. After tomorow...no more mika and doha. I hope tvn will give more bts about the cast. Sung kyung still wearing mika's slipper during girl cops script reading.
  4. I' m laughing out loud watching these three friends acting funny and goofy behind the scenes. Seems im se mi practice her next character as NIS agent on lsy. And sung kyung looked so cute imitating jun ji hyun style in my boyfriend from the star. Sung kyung already started filming 'Girl cops'? So soon? I expected some pics from her holiday time. This girl does not waste her time anymore. At this rate...can we hope she can be in any drama by the end of this year?
  5. Thanks libera for the above bts clips. So love seeing all the casts in happy and enegertic mood eventhough the drama itself is sad and depressing. I love everything about this drama and the feelings of withdrawal keep coming these days. With all four episodes left.. it is so hard to let go mika and doha and about time. I' m already feeling the emptiness. Anyway....i feel proud that sung kyung proved her acting ability in this drama. She just not have beautiful face but versitile acting as well. She can yell like a maniac as baek in ha , she also can cry effortlessly as mika. I hope she try and learn thousand ways to become a good actress in the future.
  6. ^^^Miss Lee Sung Kyung the model. Must probably she goes on hiatus these days. It's okay...just take some time to relax. Wish her cherish the 'me time'. And come back to us with new spirit and new face.
  7. Oh...pity on her. I really hope she's get well soon. She is still in korea , right? I 'm pretty sure she is in holiday mood after about time just ended. Hope she can update her progress after this.
  8. At last....something's flattering after some emotional draining season in a couple episode of About Time. My take on the above pictures... the kisses are still considered dead fish kisses. I need to watch the scene first....seeing is believing ...hihihi. I wonder the pdnim applied the parental guidance rating for this drama maybe up to pg 13 according to their three kisses so far. Knowing LSY...he is a good kisser in his drama before. So I feel strange to see his behaved and proper kissing with sung kyung in this drama.
  9. Loving so much their classic black and white collection in vogue pictorial photoshoot. Her baby face beauty compliments LSY manly feature. I think this is the first time sung kyung having couple photoshoot with her male lead after drama.
  10. I think about time is going into the route of makjang drama since it's already turned into melodramatic, main actress in dying stage becoz of running out time to live instead of terminal disease , main actor chronic anxiety disorder, smart and beautiful with brain but evil villain and maybe amnesia part is on the way. Not forgetting about the rich and poor living their daily routines according to their standard of living. Still I'm okay with this fantasy romance drama since it can be my escapade place after watching serious legal or action drama like miss hamurabi and skecth. Some of the romantic and sweet scenes between mika and doha just made my heart flutter. Since this drama plotstory is on the romance relationship between mika and doha in solving the mystery around mika lifespan clock ...I think 80% of the drama time frame will focus on that subject matter. Anything else is just a side story just like some garnishing to the foods presentation. I do not think the writer will write mika as a weak character here. Live just for to have a man is just so harsh for me as a long time korean drama lovers. I' m not a feminist but I 'm still rooting for strong mentally and phisically fit lead female in any drama I watched so far. I will stop watching this drama if the writer goes to make mika character is just a doormat and damsel in distress. That is why I said at my above post about 'love is not blind' to mika. Mika does not have to wait for doha . Let him setlle his problem himself first since mika herself is not so deep in loving him. Mika should focus on her future training musical actress with the cute director jae yu. At least if she died when the time's up....she will not regret her life.
  11. The first gif is sooo mr.bean. Doha assistant is always hilarious. Wonder ever his loyalty and sincerity towards doha will be change in the future and join beth's camp in the coming episodes. Maybe me among the minority who prefer beth stay until the end of this drama. I like an antagonist character who is not dumb, clingy and annoying. Beth is one hell of character that can kill a person with just a smile. I cannot wait to see how mika survives from beth evil plan and how she fight back.
  12. Actually I reserved the yellow beanie just for kim bok joo. Isn't it the same beanie that bok joo wore in weightlifting fairy? So it's exlusive right for bok joo only...mika cannot be a clone for her...hihihi I'm glad sung kyung can deliver in this drama. We can see her transition from boyish and spunky bok joo to feminine and lovely mika.
  13. Actually...me too still do not understand the logic of mika time clock. How it is work and stop when doha stay beside her. I agree with the latest formula in 'about time' soompi korean drama thread that said mika feeling should be at the same par with doha. Mutual feeling is needed to make mika time clock increase instead of remain . Honestly...this is the second time I watched the musical series of korean drama. Just to support sung kyung becoz I like her singing and she is my bias. And love her teamwork with lee sang yun. They said the writer is a rookie...for sure he/she has an old soul to apply such old kind of makjang story to this drama. Hopefully...the new character of doha girlfriend will not as villain as beth. I bet she is also the victim here. Hopefully the rating increase. I love this light romance drama(so far) and I 'm looking forward to see how this drama turn to melo. But I ' m rooting for happy ending.
  14. Now I realised the huge pants....country style look after you mention it. Yes...the pant is a bit off actually. I think they want to market the fashion back in trend so they let our model sung kyung style it. I think the real show in 'about time' is about to start.... just like one poster said in about time drama thread soompi forum. All the roots for the doha miserable life including his anxiety disorder wil be revealed bit by bit. I thought his first girlfriend is dead. I think beth got involved in doha's relationship with his girlfriend before this. Maybe she was the one who ruined them. She just proved it to us....the way she presurred mika to leave doha. Mika should be afraid of beth...she is not like any typical villain so far. She is smart and calculative in all her moves. About doha....I think he is in a confuse stage. If you notice by the episode 7 preview....the way he walked with his girlfriend from behind...the style he walk not the same as before as if he was in denial and confuse. For now....I 'm looking forward to see mika doing her singing with the young director. I love to hear any song that mika sing in this drama. Her voice is so soothing.
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