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  1. Taemin -> engaged and soon to get married Apink -> a member who's already in a relationship may go up to the next level Does this means.........?
  2. that's the most important thing of course <3 -- Did you guys notice the question when he said he wants to find true love? That makes me all giddy, taemin can be really romantic sometimes
  3. its been a long time since i visited this thread and i didn't know there's already a new thread for them i decided to check the thread since i just watched some new taeun videos from youtube! so here i am doing some quick backtracking for my two lovely lovebirds! i got pretty curious and looked up taeun on naver and kinda surprised that there are actually some korean non-fans who likes them and secretly supporting them! so i wonder now if there are actually more people that are fine with them being together rather than those loud ones that keep sending taeun hates. -- on another topic, im excited to hear that taemin is living by himself now! i hope to see his new house soon! maybe through reality shows like 'i live alone' or key come visiting taemin's house or maybe just a vlive! ((((we might see naeun's things here and there in the house ))))
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