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  1. 3 hours ago, kdramagrandma said:

    Can someone just explain to me what is happening and where is this story heading? I am slowly losing my ability to understand anything because some parts are moving soooooo slowly and some parts were just rushed out of nowhere.This included both EP 9 and 10 because I was a lost cause after watching last week's episode that I don't feel like posting anything.


    First of all, how in the world that the package from 11 years ago that was supposed to be thrown away actually stowed away somewhere that it manages to resurface again NOW


    Then, how Chairman Kim managed to find Gaon with ONLY the original birth certificate which I thought should be void by now because Gaon should have been registered with new identity under Hera and her ex-husband as their son. I doubt that he knows about Hera and Yi Hyeon's connection. Even Hera ex-husband couldn't find where Gaon is and he is supposedly his father. And now it seems like EVERYONE accepting everything so easily and it really made me feel sick watching. We are talking about a child right now but even Hera doesn't seem so desperate trying to keep Gaon especially after reading what Gaon wrote in his diary and fully knowing that the Chairman is keeping him captive rather than being really concern about Gaon's wellbeing. I can understand now why it was always Gaon is the one calling Hera asking about her and not the other way around and I am just feeling really sad for Gaon.


    How is it possible for Cha Min Joon to cope so well when he just got bombed at? His identity as Yi Hyeon's brother just got exposed, learning that his sister gave birth to a child and the child biological father is Chairman Kim, and the child now is Hera's son? Get into a the earliest flight to Canada to bring back Gaon without mentioning anything to Hera. Not to mention that it took more than 12 hours flight but Hera got to the airport just in time of their arrival when the caretaker must called her right after Min Joon left. And now Min Joon tracing Yi Hyeon's movement after giving birth without taking any break. Is he that emotionally detached that he just moving along without any scene how emotionally affected he is with everything that happened to his sister that he spent YEARS trying to find/seek revenge for.


    I have more to complain about but one thing for sure, for me to be able to watch this, I can only think about drama logic and never about real life logic. My best guess the writer intention is just to move the plot along and doesn't really care about how the characters are written anymore. 

    Agree... how does a 11 yo package remains when the chairman ask for it to be disposed? And how did a recent pic of GaOn get included?  

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  2. 10 hours ago, ryanallright said:



    Compared to Park Eun-bin's previous baseball drama, this drama lack of that impact.

    ahhh yes!  i was trying very hard to recall where i saw Park Eun bin before.  

    this drama is a melo... i liked how the two leads started off as friends being so comfortable with each other.  Just wondering though, when a guy says he missed her and seeing her makes him happy.  isnt that a straight confession?

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  3. still trudging through epi 17... think the subs didnt quite do some scenes justice.  Especially the one where Jae Hoon finally cleaned up and went to look for Goong-chul.  So Goong Chul wants Jae Hoon to carry the guilt forever?


    Agree that Kyung Ja is the MVP of the show.  Happy that we finally found out what went on in that hotel room.  I knew she wouldn't have slept with that sleazy director (btw he acted really well as that sleazebag).  And she is really big-hearted.  Her love is awesome!

    also happy that Choon Bok and his wife are happy again.  She is such a simple character (i mean in a good sense as in she has no motives, not greedy etc)

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  4. 36 minutes ago, stroppyse said:


    I agree that CH lost her sense of self, or perhaps it's fairer to say that she never developed a sense of herself. I think her nature was tamed much, much earlier than her arranged marriage. The drama indicates that she started being restricted as her father started his political career from his previous journalistic career. And, being a member of the family of a politician and thus being under scrutiny, SH would have been told constantly to mind her manners and to do as she's told, by her mother and whatever handlers her mother put on her. By the time of her marriage, I think SH had been groomed to be an obedient doll and so went along with the marriage without a murmur, even going so far as to try to become a woman to her future husband's taste.


    yes, I agree with this part... she actually asked her ex-husband at first meeting what kind of woman he likes and that she will try to become that.  She was too restrained before.  And her ex-husband realised that.  What I'm getting from the show is that he actually loves her and wants her to be happy and to want to be with him willingly.  Of course I'm not supporting his choice of divorce grounds. 

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