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  1. Congratulations to uri MinShin ! 

    I am so happy to see them together again last night after Heirs ended last year :wub:

    I feel something was not right with MH last night, he was just not being himself, seems like he was being told to keep a distance with SH, something like that..

    If some of you may noticed, when they are being called for the popularity awards, MH seemed sad and helpless but still he has to go to the stage alone. That moment...I feel so sad seeing MH but not real MH.  Mostly when people won the awards, they are supposed to be happy right?  But it seems something bothering him that night.

    My feeling was kind like mixed last night. Sweet and Sour...

    MinShinners Hwaiting!!! 


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  2. @Clementine7373 & @yoeda

    First of all, i would like to apologize to you both in regards to "Off Topic" matter.

    Honestly i have no intention on doing that.

    Being a silent reader and wanted to give some comment but i can't due to some tight up schedule. Honestly, i love this forum just like i love this drama. Have no ill intention of stamping "Off Topic" on your post.

    Perhaps i was just excited of reading all your thoughts regards to the drama, can't wait for every updates from all of you.

    Once again, i sincerely apologize if i made you all upset regards to this matter.

  3. Honestly, i am fine with the ending eventhough we don't have hot kiss for the FINALE :Di only feel sad about KW and HJ, they should be together..
    Anyway, i really like this forum, you all are warm and nice, i really feel like home :)let me give you all hugs >:D<thank you for all the updates, bts, recap etc during HEIRS airing ^:)sorry can't name one by one :)
    hope to see you guys around soon, probably in SBS Drama Awards, Fan Meeting etc :)

  4. For me, all scenes sad or happy i love all of them as long as they are together in the same scenes. Can't see and hear enough about our OTP. I can predict what kind of life i would live on after Heirs ended , repeat all the episodes over and over again, keep replay the ep 16.What you two have done to me? My life becomes meaningless without Heirs, ottoke chingu ? :(( :((

  5. thank you for all the recaps and effort for tonight ep, you guys are all fantastic, really appreciate ittonight ep really heals my heart and we can see ES dressed up and KT is happy again back with ES.the last scene was like LMH (oops KT)  was waiting anxiously for his bride, PSH (oops ES)i hope the KES-shi will give us scene like wedding proposal (not necessary the wedding scene) and of course do not forget to give us the most passionate kiss ever in Kdrama land, i would like to see LMH (oops KT) gives proposal ring to PSH (oops ES).and also hope YD will re-unite with this mother, so as his family (mother and father).

  6. My thought is KT traced ES based on the SIM card or black box and found the location then he went to look for ES, finally he saw her sitting on the beach. As for YD, he also traced ES, he found the location but he doesn't know where to look for ES so he went to police station, perhaps one of the police there know ES and the police called ES to come over to the police station, there YD met ES, and ES didn't know KT was following her to the police station...tadaaaa..KT saw YD hugged his ES there when the fight happened, where we saw some bruises in KT's face.

    Anyway, this is only my guess. It could be wrong.. Well, just enjoy the show. See you guys around tonight ;)

  7. Bravo for tonight ep although quite sad to see our KT-ES scenebut i love the drunk scene and the ending scene..KT-ES (LMH-PSH) their acting is excellent, they make us feel so reeaall.
    No kiss in the party ?? well it's okay who knows we can catch some KT-ES moment tomorrow ep
    I like YD in tonight ep though, he's a good buddy and friend to KT-ES regardless he is helping out KT for ES' sake or else..

  8. DAEBAK !! today ep is superb...bravo for every cast especially our OTP..your chemistry is unbelievable ..love you two :-*uri Kim Tan skill getting better and has now learnt not to put his hand in his pocket, he took a courage to touch her face =D>Good job KT ! next scene please try to reach her waist and hold her tight but gently as if no one can take your ESand ES please kiss KT back whenever there is a chance, will you ? show your love please ...please give us a beautiful kiss ever in KDrama history.

  9. Sorry guys I post another one :D



    Just wanna share the scene in the beginning when our couple just came in and if I am not mistaken, there was a bouquet in Tanny's seat originally, but later looked like Tanny gave it to ES

    Pardon me if I am wrong.. Maybe iam too crazy with this couple ;)

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