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  1. @Jillia agree with you, this whole mess happened when the characters are being secretive. GD was afraid to tell coz her original agreement with MH is to leave the place once she found her brother.. but she is also afraid with Lady Kang's threat wanting to reveal her true identity. MH has an obligation as a matchmaker plus he was using all sorts of reasons to make GD stay longer.
  2. It is easier to blame a person when something didn't go your way and in this situation fingers are pointed at GD mostly. To me it is really unfair. If you are in her shoes, your so called husband to be suddenly disappeared on your wedding day. No trace of him or even a note to say something happened to him. Yes he was given a chance but was stopped by his 'father'. WHY? Coz they only care he is the king, what about GD? Coz she is just a nobody? And when he showed up the 2nd time he was confident she would accept him back as if nothing has changed between them... then he was gone again. Hellooo!! You expect her to feel that he is a reliable person? About the debt, the 'father' paid their neighbor for what they owed but not to Flower Crew. Ma Hoon agreed to receive the payment after the wedding is over but that didn't happen. So they still owe the agency the fees which GD agreed to pay back by working there. It is hard living in a society (in that period of time) where a person is born into a pre-set status or caste. No matter how you look at it, even changing her status from a low-born into nobility, she still has to survive on her own. It is not guaranteed her life would be better. If she is given a choice, I want her to choose happiness despite not having either man
  3. I know that the king loves 'Lady Yun' unconditionally even when she had nothing, but she never felt the same. To her being with Soo is not because of love, more like he is a family member. Soo should have known her heart when he proposed the first time, her priority was to find her lost brother. Now that she has found him, her wanting to be a noble lady still stand...that is to save her brother and not because of Soo. No matter with whom she will end up with, her life will never be peaceful. At the moment she is known as Lady Yun Soo Yeon, daughter of Yun Dong Seok. This man is quite influential in the political scene although he chose not to continue (but who knows he might get back into politics). If she chose the king, she was not raised or groom to be a queen (if they use her newly noble title) and as I've said it before, Lady Yun in a free spirited person. Palace life is too rigid and quite suffocating for a person like her. Love from the king is not enough since he is not that powerful to set rules and he can't be powerful overnight to protect her. If she end up with Ma Hoon, his dad would never sit still. Plus we know the king is beginning to retaliate saying Hoon has crossed line for desiring his fiancee. At this point I find that Soo is obsessed of having Lady Yun by his side without being up front who he really is. Love can't be forced and especially not to Lady Yun.
  4. I don't know how Soo going to stand on his own since both factions are only power driven. Neither one is to be trusted. They would rather use their own family members to keep them in that position. As we are entering the 2nd half of the drama, I feel that this drama is becoming more melo and serious. So many questions still left unanswered and I want to see a back story on GaeDddong & Soo and also Young Soo
  5. Soo was forced to be a king, a position he would never have thought be possible. No prior training and definitely no knowledge of a palace protocol. His most trusted guard (a.k.a Dad) left and he had to learn everything from zero to where he is now... and he is doing a great job despite not having any allies. He really needs a good person supporting him. But Gae Ddong is not a good choice, even she has become a noble lady, she would never like the palace life. She is free spirited in the first place... and what about her brother? I don't think she would want to be away from him again Anyway, since the drama has finished shooting, I am hoping for a decent ending. Please no open-end and I want all of them to be happy with the choices they have made
  6. I agree with @wizuwizuabout GaeDdong and Lord Yun. He is shown in the drama with her for reasons that we don't know yet. It's not wrong at all that he can adopt her or let her use his dead daughter's name and make her into a noble lady. I wonder how they can pull this off since the meeting with the noble ladies was set 15 days since her last encounter with Lady Kang. I am also liking GaeDdong getting close to Lady Im (Hoon's cousin in law). She is a good mother figure to her (even in a short period of time they've known each other) and this is what has been missing in GaeDddong's life. I wish all three of them (GaeDdong, Soo & Hoon) do not keep any secrets between them. There are too many misunderstandings already. Although I appreciate Soo's loyalty to the girl he loves, he is actually putting her in grave danger. Not to mention, she already has a change of heart and I don't think she will be happy in the palace. I am on Mahoon's Team at the moment but it would also be fine with me if GaeDdong will not end up with either one coz her priority is to get her brother first.
  7. It's good to see the flashback of the young GaeDdong & her brother...so she could recognize him right away. It breaks my heart when she said "GaeDdong is here Orabeoni, I'm alive" I wish the drama would show how GD & LS met and how they end up living in the same house. Same goes to the 3 matchmakers. Am sure Mahoon hired the other 2 but they must have the back story.
  8. Hello to All It's been awhile since I last visited soompi drama threads. I am enjoying this drama so far and hope many more fans will join in the discussion Looking forward to Episode 7 tomorrow. Hope the ratings will increase too
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