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  1. Actress Lee Min Jung to appear on her first fixed variety show with Shinhwa's Eric and Andy Actress Lee Min Jung will be appearing on her first fixed variety show since debut - MBC's 'The Hairdresser of Seville'! In the upcoming variety program, two of the top hairdressers of South Korea including a veteran hairdresser of 53-years as well as a renowned, top fashion hair designer will be traveling to an unfamiliar hair salon in Spain, for a whirlwind of intercultural experiences. The two hairdressers will be accompanied by a team of celebrity aids including Shinhwa's Eric, Andy, as well as actress Lee Min Jung. What do you think of the premise of 'The Hairdresser of Seville' so far? The program is expected to begin filming soon, aiming to air some time this July. (c) https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/actress-lee-min-jung-to-appear-on-her-first-fixed-variety-show-with-shinhwas-eric-and-andy
  2. Lee Jung Hyun unnie got married today! and MJ was there for her close friend Congrats Lee Jung Hyun! MJ's pics : Credits as tagged
  3. Fates and Furies ended and I hope we dont have to wait more than 2 years for a new project. Good job, MJ!
  4. MJ is the new spokesperson of Panasonic Beauty
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